Don't Look Now - It's a Meme!

I have been tagged for a meme by Rita at Meemaw Moments. I might be typecasting here, but she’s not very Meemawish to me – with all her running & biking & teaching Spanish & such. She’s definitely got more going on than I do! She has given me the following 7 questions to answer...

1. Do you have a "bucket list"? Not an official one. I’m not very good at lists – I get all annoyed that someone (me!) is telling me what to do & I ignore it.

2. If so, what is at the top? If I had a list I think that travelling “out west” somewhere might be on top. Mount Rushmore, Grand Canyon, the Redwood forest…

3. What news story stood out from those you heard today? The story that grabbed me was the one in our local paper about how the Board of Elections was staying open later for early voting. I’m going tonight! I’m really thankful that our local republican committee sent a postcard listing all their candidates. I can take it with me & then vote for the other people. Heh.

4. What are you most thankful for this year? That Dr. M & I have jobs. That we’re (relatively) healthy.

5. What small thing always makes you happy? Using our back scratcher when I have an itch on my back. Ahhhh…

6. What is your favorite old movie? This is tough! But right now, with mid-term elections next week, I’m going with Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

7. Was there a surprise in your day? I tackled a dreaded task & not only did I complete it, it ended up not being as hard as I thought it would be. I was taking a complicated spreadsheet of information and making a streamlined powerpoint presentation from the data. Blech. But I think it turned out just fine.

Now I am supposed to come up with seven different questions and tag seven people, which I always hate doing. And you are not obligated to participate - & if you want to just answer the questions & not pass it along that’s fine too. And if I don't tag you, you can grab the questions and play along, or answer them in the comments! [Note: I mostly copied this straight from Rita’s blog because she said what I thought!]

OK, here are my questions for you:

1. What do you consider your hometown to be?

2. What’s the hardest part of your average day?

3. The easiest? Why?

4. What beverage do you reach for to quench your thirst?

5. What is one not-so-secret goal you have for your life? I’ll let you keep your secret ones to yourself.

6. What physical pain do you fear most? For example, I’m trying to decide how bad my jaw pain needs to get before I risk a potential needle from my dentist. So, for me, throbbing is preferable to jabbing.

7. Where do you find solace?

I’m tagging the following folks:

Carolina Linthead at Child of a Frosty Morning

Bella Rum at Cul-de-sac Chronicles


  1. I enjoyed reading this.
    Glad I played.
    Glad I tagged you!

    Backscratcher--good one!

    I might feel compelled to answer yours now ;)

    Enjoy the early voting opportunity.

  2. Thanks for tagging me Dana... I've posted my answers!

  3. I'll play tomorrow! I've been sick for the last two days and didn't post or even read posts. Blech! But I'm better now, and thanks for thinking of me!

  4. Dang Bug...not sure how I missed this! I'll have some fun with it this week! Enjoyed your answers.


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