Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Sky is Full of Women

The sky is full of women.
They whisper in my dreams,
cooking pancakes,
laughing at someone
just out of view.

The sky is full of women.
Motherless, I catch
the scent of  honeysuckle
and cabbage.

The sky is full of women,
and you are weeping
as the one you love
joins the ancient chorus.

The sky is full of women,
but I am earthbound,
holding your hand,
watching for angels in the clouds.

June is a hard month in the Bug household. Last week was my mom's birthday, and this past weekend marked the one year anniversary of the loss of Dr. M's mom. As I considered my feelings on the subject, I remembered the message my cousin Kim the Hospice Chaplain gave us at my grandmother's funeral some years ago: She has joined a great cloud of witnesses.


  1. I have always loved all the clouds. Your poem was beautiful...

  2. There is something very spiritual about clouds.

  3. June 20 is when we lost Frank's mother, too. She saw Jesus and then her husband. Sometimes, from the corner of my eye, I see her. They are with us still, Bug. I firmly believe that -- with us and with God -- a mystery but true.

    Hugs to you and the doc.

  4. So beautiful, Bug. I thought of my own mother gone far too soon. Thank you.

  5. Beautiful thoughts and photographs.

  6. woww I really, really liked that one. It's very simple but packed quite a punch.

    I hope you get through June unscathed :( It's been the longest month in living memory.

  7. The title draws readers in right away. It's a great theme for a poem. I've never read anything like it; it has almost a Native American feel to it in its cadence and movement.

    Take care of each other as June wanes, even as your grief does not. I understand so well what June brings for you both.

  8. As Stephen said, there IS something about clouds...

    ... great poem, as always!

  9. So lovely. And perfect. I'm coming up on the one year anniversary of my own Mom's death, and it's quite an interesting experience. I'm not feeling anything I thought I'd feel. I have a little seed of a post planted, but I'm not sure it will come to fruition for this year. That's alright. There's always next.

  10. Poignant and evocative. Excellent, Dana.

    Clouds have so many messages. Here's a link to one of my favorite pieces in my friend's blog. She lost her 12 year old son in the flooding we had last year.


  11. I've always loved clouds and we've had some amazing cloud days lately! Lovely poems and sentiments, too!


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