Some Random on a Wednesday

Coincidentally, right as I rejoined Weight Watchers, my work has started a health plan. We’ve all formed teams & set goals & been issued new pedometers. Our team is going to work on increasing our number of steps each day, and weight loss. The program officially starts June 25, but of course I’m not waiting until then to implement changes. I’ve already been walking every day & watching what I eat.

Speaking of walking – my hip does not hurt when I walk. However, my legs each weigh 400 pounds & everything else hurts (ok, really just my right calf, but I’m doing stretches to help with that). But anyway, My Hip Does Not Hurt. Hallelujah and Amen.

It’s felt like there’s been a lot of bad news lately – a friend’s mom is in critical condition with an infection, another friend’s dad has prostate cancer, another friend is going through an unknown crisis. I don’t live anywhere near these folks, so I feel helpless to do more than just pray for them. But I guess that’s something.

Dr. M & I surveyed our kingdom yesterday. Our hanging baskets are gorgeous. We have daisies, mums & lilies about to bloom. There are blossoms on the volunteer tomato plant. The yarrow is out of control. AND he bought me new gardening tools the other day – I’m planning on planting some more flowers. That way I’m adding an upper body workout to my regimen.

I am bereft of poetry lately. Every time I try to write something the words are just not there. I think that I’ll enjoy the quietness in my head & watch the world in our back yard for a while.


  1. Life happens like that sometimes, keep watching the world, your poetry will return to you:)

  2. I think your poetry efforts are pretty good so don't get me wrong when I say I'm OK with less poetry. I'm just not that into it. There are several blogs that I have basically quit reading (not yours) because they fancy themselves poets and now that's all they publish. I enjoyed them when they did posts about their lives or thoughts, the poetry...not so much.

  3. So good to hear companies are concerned enough for their employees to have a program like that. That is so great! It is so much better to do something like that with others...I think.

  4. I go through so many periods of not having anything to write, the words gone clean out of my head. In fact, I seem to write all the time about not being able to write.
    It doesn't mean you can't blog interesting stuff about what's going on in your life though, I guess.

  5. So glad about the hip! And you know your muse will return with renewed vigor.

  6. Yay for hips that don't hurt!

    Sad to hear about what your friends are going through. Prayer is a lot though. I don't know how we'd be able to do what we do, if we didn't know a LOT of people are praying for us!

    The words will return. Meanwhile, enjoy your summer of gardening.

  7. Your poetry is just cocooning. Soon the words will burst forth and take wing.

  8. That's serendipity. So great that companies are getting on this bandwagon.

  9. It's nice your company is conscious of its employees' health and best of British on the goals.

    Your garden sounds great, wish I wasn't the plant equivalent of the Angel of Death, sigh.

  10. I'm not sure how I feel about companies jumping on the health of their employee's bandwagon. In one way, it's nice to have your employer as a cheerleader, but it worries me as the larger implication is how it effects your insurability or your share of the premiums down the road. My company started screening this year. They chose diabetes, nicotine and high cholesterol as the three things they'd monitor for an insurance discount. If you're good and let your employer draw your blood, you get a discount, but part of me thinks my blood work is between me and my doctor, not me and my employer.

    Your last paragraph sounded rather poetic to me.

  11. Yeah for the hip not hurting and even though I miss your poetic words I too understand when there is a quietness in your head and heart. Those are the times I keep my pad handy and jot down phrases for future reference. Have a wonderful day.

  12. Good luck on the WW! I am easing into getting back on some kind of program. I am trying to get my knees recovered enough so I can attempt to do a bit of physical exercise.....keeping my fingers crossed that I don't hurt myself again!

    Enjoy that quiet mind and backyard garden....


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