The Monday After Vacation is VERY Monday

I had big plans for today. I was gonna get to work early & do all the stuff that happened while I was gone (which was only two business days for heaven's sake). But I didn't want to get up because my body was used to sleeping as long as it wanted to. And so I got to work NOT early (but not late - 8:26 for those keeping score). And I worked pretty steadily up until 5:00. And then I was going to come home & clean the refrigerator and straighten up the house some & read blogs & paint my toenails a more sedate color than green. It's after 9:30 & this is what I've accomplished:

I don't think I like this color either - it's TOO conservative. Just call me Goldilocks.

And instead of doing this:

Yes, there are 118 unread blogs in my reader - I'll get to them eventually!

I'm probably going to do this until Dr. M gets home:

Yes, this is a Webkins game. 

If you'd like to check out something with a little more pep, you can read Dr. M's latest post here - much more better.


  1. Stop with the games, please! A crossword or two, okay. But the rest of that stuff is bad . . obsessive . . mind-melting!

  2. 118 unread blogs? Wow! I only read about 15-20 blogs regularly. That's about all I can handle!

    I liked your pea-green toes!

  3. I'm grooving on the nail polish. Cute.

  4. well, at least you got the important thing done.

  5. Alternating the green with light purple every other toe would offer you either option, depending on your mood. Nailed it!

  6. i'm lovin' the title to your post. everyone needs time to recover after vacation. vacay after the vacay? ;)

  7. Mondays after a vacation are like Mondays on steroids. I always dread the emails the's like having to eat an elephant.

  8. I think you should consider a sassy shade of blue for your toes. It's my go-to color in the summer.

    I will be off work for nearly a month in August. On average I get 50 emails a day. I'm kind of dreading the return, but not enough to check in daily to stay on top of the email monster living in my in box.

  9. Well, at least you've got your priorities right! :)

    I've heard of Google reader but don't use it...looks nice to have it all in one place like that..hmmm....

  10. Nice color! Play away -- don't tell my family but the real reason I wanted an iPhone is so I can take my games with me. Since I spend so much time in the car waiting for my kids to finish one thing or another, it's a great diversion!

  11. It usually takes me at least three days to fully adjust back into the routine, after vacation.

    Hmmmm, I think you should go for some fancy painted nails. Like fuschia with little white or yellow daisies in the middle.


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