Dreaming (dream dream dream)...

Winter is not even
a month old
and yet
as I drive
through the dark
to my office in the city
I imagine that the fields
are green shoots
and the barnyards
are lambs.


  1. Ugh. It's hard to believe winter isn't yet a month old!

  2. I've been thinking of spring lately. I like winter but it's been so strange this year. It can't make up it's mind here. Is it warm, is it cold, do I wear a coat or short sleeves? So strange.

  3. all I can say is I'm glad it doesn't snow here. Don't like winter butdon't want summer to come too early because when it comes it doesn't know when it has outworn it's welcome. how about extended spring?

  4. If winter is not yet a month old, then surely it is a precocious child. It seems much older. And how I love the images in that poem!

  5. And yet the moon looks cold and lonely, echoing our lament of winter...

  6. I actually got a pretty decent picture of the moon this week and posted it on my 365. I didn't actually want to use it for that, but it turned out to be the only picture I took that day.

  7. Like you, i can't wait til Spring.

  8. Oh, but winter can be so beautiful, as per your pics.
    Buffy and Snowbutt are my favs.


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