A Poem for Friday

Here we are halfway through October & I'm already at a loss as to what to post today. So I'm just going to write some words & pretend they're a poem.

I am personable enough
at first glance
all hey and how are you
and hope your momma
is doing better
but given the choice
between being with people
or sitting alone with
my thoughts
or a book
or a crochet hook
well you know
how that goes

Written while sitting alone in a hotel room in Tennessee eating microwavable mashed potatoes. Dr. M is at the dinner for the conference he's attending. I could have gone, and would have enjoyed the keynote speaker (the topic is women in WWI), but he gave me the choice so here I am, pleased as punch :) Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a book to read.

P.S. Please note that I had the post put in for an implant yesterday, so my mouth is kind of tender - mashed potatoes are just my speed!


  1. ...write some words & pretend they're a poem. You are too funny! I like the poem.

    I have an implant and remember the post being screwed into the bone...mashed potatoes are a great choice! I remember having a few of those liquid meal replacements after my procedure. Well, and mashed potatoes. And ice cream. Don't forget the ice cream!

  2. No pretending Bug. It IS a poem, and a good one at that. Don't forget applesauce and yogurt for some fruit and protein.

    1. She did have some excellent organic applesauce :-)

  3. lovely POEM. I completely understand how you could enjoy sitting in the hotel room with a book. sounds pretty wonderful actually :) hope your mouth feels better soon too.

  4. If you had a post put in, mashed potatoes really are just your speed. H can relate. He's the king of implants. I, on the other hand, can relate to your poem. I'm content to spend alone time with solitary pursuits. We had a great day today with friends, but I'm glad to be home, fooling around on the computer and checking in with my blogging buddies.


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