2014 Project 365 – Week Thirty-five

Two major things happened this week. I got my hair chopped off (!!!) and we drove up to Lake Erie for the Labor Day weekend. There might be a few more pictures than usual. And even at that I didn’t include any pictures of black ducks (Dr. M you’ll just have to do your own post from our day at Kelley’s Island – ha!).

Sunday, August 24th  
Finished another prayer shawl. I think I’m ready to try something different now.

My daily walk.

Monday, August 25th  
I did it! Or, rather, Carrie at A Cut Above did it. Contrary to what one might expect, my head took about a week to get used to the lack of hair. I had headaches! Very weird. Oh, and no Locks of Love or similar program for me – my highlights were bleached & those programs won’t accept bleached hair. :(

My daily walk.

Tuesday, August 26th            
This picture is a portent of a future Wordless Wednesday. Stay tuned!

My daily walk – the accidental cul-de-sac edition. Yes, I was reading a book on my phone, and no, I wasn’t paying attention where I was going.

Wednesday, August 27th
My daily walk – a little surreal because it was dusk & my cell phone camera isn’t happy then. Ha!

Thursday, August 28th
We harvested a bunch of tomatoes today. Gave a bunch away & STILL have a table full.

My daily walk – the mowing edition.

Friday, August 29th
We drove up to Port Clinton today. Our motel is right on the water – lovely!

My daily (very brief) walk. I mostly just stretched my legs.

Saturday, August 30th    
We went to Kelley’s Island today – lots of pictures! These are from the ferry. I was fascinated with the water spray – I kept imagining that it was some sort of Chihuly instillation – The Ferry’s Passage – or some such.

Lunch! I ate one of the perch filets, but ALL of the sweet potato fries. They had brown sugar dipping sauce & it was fabulous! Dr. M had a perch basket & one of the house brews.

My daily walk – around the glacial grooves. Fascinating!


Relaxing by the lake – the water was so clear!

We stopped by the winery, but am I sharing pictures of the glass of wine I almost drank? No! I’m sharing a picture of the ducks out back. Ha!

The quarry…

On our way home we stopped for a treat – it was good ya’ll!

Seagulls going after bread in the water. It was a lovely day! And there’s more weekend to come. You’ll just have to wait until next week.

Have a great week!


  1. Love your short hair, love your ice cream cone, jealous of your tomatoes... Glad you had a nice little vacation over the long weekend. I've been so exhausted from learning the new job, I just come home and want to fold. So I've just vegged pretty much all weekend.

    1. Vegging is good for you...take care, and good luck with your job!

  2. I think your short hair looks great. The shorter cut frames your features nicely. Too bad you didn't do this sooner to keep cool during the heat. Take care.

  3. So are you enjoying the shorter hair. It's definitely gotta be cooler, although I'm sure you're headed for cooler weather faster than we are. I chopped my hair a bit too, but not quite that short cuz' I'm a bit of a chicken, LOL! It looks good.

  4. Oh, wow! Love the hair cut. It really, really looks good, and that photo of you with the black hat near the end is just great. I'd get that one printed and frame it, or something.

    Other things I liked: the sweet potato fries, the tomato harvest, that beautiful water. What a great week and weekend you had.

  5. love the haircut! and it looks like you mowed the same spot over and over and over and over...

  6. I too love your haircut, especially the back. Is that what they call shingled? It's very sporty.

    And that ice cream cone. SHAME on you. Now just tell me where I can get one!

  7. OK, so maybe Locks of Love won't accept dyed/bleached hair, but I will. Red, green, no matter. With winter approaching I'd accept any color.

    No, on second thought, that sounds like a lot of trouble. I'll just stay au naturel. :)


    Oh....nice photos. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I always love looking at your week. Glad you had such a good one.

  9. Love the colors of the prayer shawl and the pattern and how you displayed it.
    Your hair--I agree with all of the above!
    The pics of you two!
    Such a beautiful vaca spot!

  10. I love following you on your adventures, but I'm obsessed with that haircut! It is gorgeous! I never thought about a prayer shawl, but I'm doing adoration at church, and I may just have to have one for this winter.

  11. Your haircut is terrific. It looks stylish and chic! The back looks great as well. Nice choice. It is one that will grow out well, too. Love the look.


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