Sunday, July 24, 2016

All Yarn, All the Time

It's been a while since I shared what I've had on my hook. Basically, it's been blanket city around here. I did make a couple of scrubby things for someone at work, but I haven't taken pictures of those yet.

First up, the Temperature Monster. Not pictured: the red row I got to make yesterday. Please note that red is for temps over 88 degrees (at 7 p.m.). Only two of those so far this year. Otherwise, it's been a REALLY ORANGE summer. In more ways than one, obviously.

Here are the Moogly 2016 Crochet Along squares you haven't seen yet - numbers 10 - 14.

Funny story about the last set you see there. I had ordered some of my yarn online and when I pulled it out I was all irate about how the color of the teal yarn was extremely off. I grumbled but went ahead & used it. Then I realized that I had accidentally pulled out the sapphire blue yarn (that I use for the middle blanket there). No wonder the color was off! I shall make you guess which square has the wrong yarn. I think you can tell if you click on the picture. I'll reveal the answer on my next post.

Happy Monday everyone - hope you have a fabulous week!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Howling at the Moon...

The Moon Man strikes again. We weren't actually howling at the moon. Maybe by next month, or the month after... For now, it's enough to know that it waxes and wanes and moves water to and fro no matter what we here below think we control.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday Twaddle

Dr. M and I are emerging from our shock, and we've started making plans for moving forward. We really appreciate all the kind things you guys said on my last post! And meanwhile, life continues to move along. 

On Saturday I got most of my hair chopped off. I'm So Glad to have all that hair off of my neck!

When I first started making Hello Fresh meals I was using a 10" x 8" cutting board. Entirely inadequate! Then Dr. M remembered that we had a really nice cutting board that we'd been using as a base for our table-top Christmas tree. So we brought that sucker in from the garage, cleaned & oiled it, and it's just the best thing ever.

The other day I was mowing and G-Man had a bit of an accident. He was supposed to be guarding the sunflowers so that I didn't accidentally mow them. As I said on Facebook, "G-Man was valiant in his effort to protect his charges from the evil lawn mower. Although he fell, the sunflowers still stand; a testament to his bravery." And then two days later we had a bloom! Great job G-Man!

In her last post, Nance from The Dept. thereof, was talking about how she has too many tables in her house. I mentioned that we only have one table that I think of as superfluous, but that I didn't want to part with it because it was a manicure table from my grandmother's beauty shop. Plus, my sister-in-law refinished it so that it looks great. Right now it's in our bedroom with the plant from Dr. M's office on it (he had brought it home for the summer). It's kind of in the way, but I think it might just have to live there. It's Pinky's table in the winter, and after all, you do have to make sacrifices for your children. 

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, some gratuitous pictures of our girl that clearly show why we call her Miss Pinky Two Tone.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Life is Hard and Hopeful

Yesterday, Dr. M lost his job during the latest round of downsizing at his university.

We are having all the feelings there possibly are (except maybe surprise): anger, joy, trepidation, anticipation, grief, hope...

And our personal drama seems to be playing out on the world stage.

Nearly every day something happens that calls forth these same emotions. It's exhausting. It really is.

But we are choosing to focus, here locally in the Bug Household, on the opportunity this presents.

It's scary, as opportunity often is. But whatever happens, I plan for both of us to thrive.

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