Sunday, April 30, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Seventeen

I know that May is tomorrow, and I know that April is EARLY spring, but what I don’t know is what the heck to wear these days. Especially because whatever the outside temp, at some point in the day my office will feel like the arctic. NO I AM NOT BEING DRAMATIC. OK, yes, a bit dramatic.
Sunday, April 23rd  
I wanted a project to keep me from chewing my fingernails off during the hockey game and a friend sent me this idea! So cute. I’ve been enjoying watching it swing back & forth while I drive.

Coming back inside from hanging my “planter” on my rear view mirror, Dr. M & I saw this hummingbird moth. Their wings go so fast that they look pretty much transparent in this photo.

Monday, April 24th            
The Dr. Van Fleet rose at Dr. M’s dad’s house is lovely as usual.

Tuesday, April 25th                  
These photos are actually on different days, but I thought it would be fun to see the evolution of my feet during the week. The first photo is “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING WOMAN” accompanied by a space heater. The second one was ok, but these are my winter feet. Is this not spring? The third photo is a dorky, but comfortable, compromise.

Wednesday, April 26th                           
While walking at the mall with my bestie, I had to stop and take a photo of the penguin art.

Thursday, April 27th                  
Dr. M made vegan chili and it was SO GOOD! Of course, by the time I added sour cream, shredded cheese, and tortilla strips, it was no longer vegan.

Friday, April 28th                  
Sue’s birthday was Thursday, but since she was celebrating with her REAL daughter, I spent time with her & Dad on Friday. We went to the American Legion fish fry (delicious!) and then came home to have a slice of the birthday cake her daughter gave her. It was extra delicious.

After I got home, Dr. M and I watched hockey and the CAROLINA HURRICANES WON THE FIRST ROUND OF THEIR POSTSEASON! There might have been some crazy dancing in our house (I have a memory of Dr. M twerking) - we were amazed and delighted. 

Saturday, April 29th          
Dr. M’s welcoming committee when he came home. I took some treats out there, but they had to have a good scritch session before thinking about treats. Roy’s such a good boy.

Remember how I said that last week was going to be crazy at work? Well, the crazy got deferred to this week. In fact, I’ve woken up in the middle of the night the past two nights worrying about it. I really (really!) hope things get resolved this week & I can tell you all about it next week. (Don’t worry – this is just annual open enrollment stuff – not life or death or “losing my job” worries.) What’s on your plate for this week?

Sunday, April 23, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Sixteen

April is almost over (what?) and then it will be my favorite month. Hopefully May will live up to its advance billing. We shall see!
Sunday, April 16th
Went to church, had lunch with the fam, and then came home & tried to wrangle my hair. I look like a samurai. Well, maybe not exactly.

Monday, April 17th            
From Dr. M on National Haiku Day:
Spring breezes whisper,
Gently chill, bring blue-sky bliss,
Assuaging the soul.

Tuesday, April 18th                  
I got an extra egg in my breakfast sandwich today! Which meant that it didn’t actually get warm in the usual amount of time in the microwave. Did I go back & nuke it a toot more? I did not. So we can all be jointly disgusted by me eating lukewarm egg & turkey sausage.

Wednesday, April 19th                           
You know it’s time to step away from the Cheetos when you start having to fish them out of your bra (WHICH AT MY AGE IS NOT AS SEXY AS IT SOUNDS). (These are the Mexican Street Corn version - yum!)

Afternoon visitation from The Roy.

Thursday, April 20th                  
I had my second shingles vaccine Wednesday on my way home from work and woke up feeling terrible. Went to work, but only stayed a few hours and came home & baked on the deck. Where I noticed life finding a way in our bee waterer (specifically maple trees, so I don’t think that’s going to work out for them). Oh – and about 1:00 a.m. I finally took my temperature (100.6) & took some Tylenol and I was fine. I don’t know why someone who is a hypochondriac doesn’t pay better attention to fever symptoms (in my defense, my forehead felt cool all day).

Friday, April 21st                   
Stopped by dad & Sue’s on my way home from work and noticed how gorgeous their orchids are. I kept asking them, “are you sure they’re real?” Ha!

Saturday, April 22nd – Earth Day         
Ms. Rita has been so happy to be out of the bathtub! She’s just going to town.

I feel like this coming week will be really crazy at work. If so, you will hear all about it next week. How’s your week looking where you are?

Saturday, April 15, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Fifteen

There are a LOT of pictures this week. That’s just how it happens sometimes, so go ahead & get a second cup of coffee (ewww) and settle in.
Sunday, April 9th - Easter    
We had a lovely early(ish) service with brunch afterward. The quilt was made by one of our new members. Gorgeous!

Stopped by Dad & Sue’s. She was still at church, but dad & I finished the latest puzzle.

I posted this on the socials: Is this one of my weird food combos? I’m no longer able to tell. (Lettuce, guacamole, hummus, egg, with Greek dressing & tortilla strips.) It was really good!

Finally, my cousin sent a photo of the puppy who had worn himself out playing with his new toy. Adorable.

Monday, April 10th            
I sent this photo to my hairdresser (who happens to be the puppy’s mom) & said that I needed cleanup on aisle 3. She got me in the next day.

Tuesday, April 11th                  
A random collage: I was wearing a knitted necklace made by one of my Ohio church friends, I still can’t park, and I got to watch the puppy while I was getting my hair trimmed.

Dr. M’s aunt came by to visit with him and his dad and she took this photo of the two of them.  

Wednesday, April 12th                           
Dr. M took a photo of the azalea “carpet” at his dad’s house. Love it!

Also, sheep!

Thursday, April 13th                  
As I said on the socials: I was today years old (59. I’m 59 years old) when it occurred to me to bring a blanket to the dentist. I usually just sit & shiver (reaction to the anxiety I feel) but no more! I had broken a tooth Monday night so I was there getting a crown. (Note the cameo by the Bobbly out the window)

Friday, April 14th                  
After the rain: azaleas, Siberian wallflowers, the bee balm army rising, peonies (!!!), day lilies rising, and our little sweet bubby (Carolina Allspice) bush!

Saturday, April 15th         
Did some deck sitting, remembering when Pinky was just a seedling in a can (16 years ago!).

It’s Saturday night, and I’m already looking forward to family lunch tomorrow (a repeat of the Texacado Toast I had the other week). But between now & then I have to make the beds, pick out what I’m going to wear, and remember to go to church (I’m lector). What’s on your plate (literally & figuratively) this weekend?

Sunday, April 9, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Fourteen

Here we are on Sunday afternoon when any normal person would be taking a nap, but no, I have to work on this post & do we think I’ll be coherent? The odds do not look to be in my favor.
Sunday, April 2nd     
I made these gifts and took the photos on Friday & Saturday, but they weren’t going to their recipients until Easter, so I decided to not post them until now. Even though I’m about 99% sure neither of the recipients would ever see my post. ANYWAY, I made the little Monstera coaster set by request and had some yarn left over so I made her sister a dog toy for her new fur baby. The dog toy has a very crinkly water bottle inside – and is probably bigger than the puppy. I think it’s pretty homely, but I don’t think the dog will care.

Monday, April 3rd           
I was rootling around looking for a silver necklace to wear today & found this old locket. Look at these babies! A photo of my parents is on the other side. I’m including a better copy of the wedding photo so you can fully appreciate the rueful look on Dr. M’s face as he is already wondering what the heck he’s gotten into.

Meanwhile, Dr. M had a lovely chef’s salad for lunch. Pretty!

Tuesday, April 4th                  
I am not at all sure about this outfit. But I’m also not sure that I care at this point in my life. It was comfortable. (Note: I'm standing like that because when I stood like a normal person it looked like I was wearing a long skirt.)

Wednesday, April 5th                           
I was wearing a yellow shirt & thought I had just the socks to match!

Our Carolina Allspice “Sweet Bubby” bush is blooming! My aunt Emily gave us this bush a few years ago & this is the first year that it’s bloomed. I feel like a proud mom even though I didn’t help plant it or care for it in any way.

Thursday, April 6th                  
Our azaleas are also blooming, as well as our Blue Moon Phlox. Things are getting pretty out there!

Friday, April 7th                  
I had the day off & did a whole lot of diddly squat. Oof. And the only photo I took was this one of my lunch that I texted to Dr. M. They look pretty pitiful, but the chicken strips were actually really tasty.  

Saturday, April 8th         
We went to Dr. M’s dad’s for lunch (bbq – yum!) and then did some chores in the afternoon while we watched our teams lose (hockey and baseball). One bright note is the volunteer impatiens in one of our indoor pots is blooming again. Makes us smile.

You know, I’m almost finished with this post and it’s not even 3:00. That’s not too late for a nap is it? Or would I rather read? My current mystery involves someone being beheaded in a locked and secure room. Fun! Are you reading anything interesting?

Sunday, April 2, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Thirteen

In case you were wondering, my knee still hurts. I did decide to mostly take it easy this week & increased my use of ice on it. I know you are excited to have this update.
Sunday, March 26th               
This is an unattractive photo of a DELICIOUS lunch. I had half of a Hardee’s Frisco burger from the day before & I put some guacamole on it & turned it into the best thing ever (ß hyperbole, but still…).

Monday, March 27th          
I regret to inform you that I’ve corrupted Dr. M. And he even took it a step further: fried egg on oatmeal with raisins!

Later, he wondered around the yard looking for beauty.

Tuesday, March 28th                 
I had an unexpected trip home during lunch & spent my own time rambling in the yard. Not pictured: a completely zonked bumblebee. I swear I could almost hear it snoring. 

Wednesday, March 29th                           
Sometimes, on a random Wednesday, you have to spend your lunch hour in your car taking a bajillion selfies because what is even going on in the world.

Meanwhile, Dr. M in his happy place.

Went by Dad & Sue’s on the way home and finished the latest puzzle! It had a lot of really interestingly shaped pieces. Fun!

Thursday, March 30th                  
Things Dr. M saw at his dad’s house.

Friday, March 31st                 
Dr. M got our spring hanging basket – verbena! 

Saturday, April 1st        
I started the week with food and I’m ending it with food. This time it’s half of a Jason’s Deli Texacado Toast: fresh avocados, roasted corn and black bean mix, cheddar, jalapeño ranch, on toasted Mexican-style bread with salsa. I added the fried egg. Yum! Also half of a Smores Crumbl Cookie. It was a good food day.

This week was full of tragedy and also some good things, which I guess isn’t that unusual. But it’s still hard to go from one to the other back to back to back. I’m going to spend some time today reading uncontroversial and life-giving things (one of which is a Christian romance bodice ripper that was included in a set with a J.D. Robb novella and I’ve just got to see how they pull that off – or rather DON’T pull it off because I hope to heaven that the plot doesn’t include actual bodice ripping). How are you spending your Sunday?

2024 Project 365 – Week Sixteen

It’s “cold” (53 degrees) and rainy and I am in my sheep pajamas with a warm laptop on my lap. I’m not mad about that. Sunday, April 14 th  ...