Sunday, March 31, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Thirteen

As I write this, it’s 56 degrees & lovely outside. I just checked Xenia’s temp & it’s 33 degrees there. Sometimes I don’t see a huge difference in weather, but in springtime there’s often a HUGE difference. So thankful to be back in my Old Home State today!
Sunday, March 24th                                    
Dr. M brought an old swing frame from his dad’s house and set it up today. I spent a couple of blissful hours sitting in it.

Then I went to my aunt Mimi’s house to take a quick walk through her woods. She has an abundance of bloodroot this year!

Monday, March 25th               
I posted this to Facebook today.

Tuesday, March 26th                                              
This cowbird is just incensed that the bird it can see in the window is ignoring him.

Wednesday, March 27th                                              
Furniture. The one with spikes in the seat is an art piece. I asked. Ha!

Thursday, March 28th                                                    
Ms. Rita has been enjoying her winter in the bathtub.

Friday, March 29th                                                  
Need a church? We got ‘em!

Saturday, March 30th     
I guess technically I could still “win” if Duke wins the tournament, but at this point it feels like a hollow victory.

Signs of spring.

I guess I’m ready for April. It’s going to be a pretty busy month at work (furniture market), but busy is good. Do you have any April plans?

P.S. My coat is still hanging on the back of my office door.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Twelve

I’m a little bit late posting this week – which is fine because I posted so many times last week. Right? I was busy on Sunday sitting outside enjoying the day, and Monday I had stuff to do, and Tuesday I had more stuff to do, and the only reason I’m writing this now is because I’ve just decided to ignore the stuff.
Sunday, March 17th                                    
Bird shenanigans!

Monday, March 18th               
A different kind of bird…

Tuesday, March 19th                                              
Dr. M walked into the room & this yarn just flang itself at him. We don’t know why, but we’re keeping an eye on it just in case.

Wednesday, March 20th                                               
It seems hard to believe that Dr. M carried this phlox home from his dad’s house in a little Styrofoam cup two years ago. It has certainly taken off!

Thursday, March 21st                                                    
I spent some quality time crawling around the floor of my office looking for this spring (it fell off of a new time clock that I need to get installed at work). Someone on Facebook pointed out that I would have found it much more quickly if I’d just walked around barefoot. Duh!

Friday, March 22nd                                                    
I was having some issues.

We borrowed my dad’s truck to pick up a trailer last Saturday, but then Dr. M installed a trailer hitch onto the Bugly so that we can haul the trailer ourselves. He’s so handy!

Saturday, March 23rd    
And here is why we got the trailer – so we could borrow Dr. M’s dad’s mower to mow our yard. I can’t wait until he lets me try it out. Just because I once got my dad’s riding mower stuck in the corner of a barbed wire fence is no reason to not be confident that I can handle this one. Agreed?

Last week I wrote about forgetting my coat at work. Just yesterday I saw it hanging on the back of my office door – I think it’s been there since Friday. Any bets as to whether it stays there until fall?

Monday, March 18, 2019

Flower Power

The flowers we got last Sunday deserve their own post. So gorgeous, and so long lasting. We have been amazed at the day lilies - they all opened up & they're still here. They've been a healing balm for Dr. M as he navigates the new world of life without his brother.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Eleven

We have entered the season of wearing a coat in the morning only to forget to bring it home from work & then having to shiver on the way to work the next day because we refuse to take yet another coat sacrifice to the office. Or is that just me? Note: I LOVE this season because forgetting my coat means it’s warm on my way home!
Sunday, March 10th                                    
Dr. M was out & about & found some sheep. Some things never change.

Monday, March 11th               
The lady who did the altar flowers at church on Sunday sent them home with me to cheer Dr. M up. Lovely!

Tuesday, March 12th                                              

Wednesday, March 13th                                              
An exchange between Dr. M and me. The thing is, we don’t even own a cat!

Thursday, March 14th                                                   
Flowers from around the yard: forsythia, henbit, phlox, and those tiny little blue flowers that I can never remember.

Friday, March 15th                                                    
Dr. M’s post pi-day breakfast. Peach – it was good ya’ll!

Saturday, March 16th   
We borrowed my dad’s truck to run an errand. I had no idea it was so technologically advanced!

Dr. M made this Avocado Hummus for my church potluck. It was tasty!

Dr. M put olive oil on the pole of the crook where we have our front yard bird feeder. The squirrels had finally discovered it. While we’re fine with them using the back yard feeder (see an upcoming Wordless Wednesday post for evidence), we wanted this one to just be for the birds. At the beginning of the video you can hear Dr. M’s maniacal laughter. A little later you can hear me talking & it makes me a little sad how yankee I sound. Ha!

I’m looking forward to the day when I don’t even wear a coat to work, much less forget & leave it there. Shortly thereafter will be a string of posts where I complain about hot I am. And thus continues the Circle of (Bug) Life. Do you have a similar Circle in your life? Do tell!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Ten

It was cold and rainy this week – AND we had SNOW on Friday. The nasty weather seemed to suit our mood because Dr. M’s brother passed away on Wednesday morning. He had rallied earlier in the week, but in the end he left us. As I said on Facebook, he was a brilliant, complicated, Rhyne-stubborn, generous, and funny man. We will miss his irascible self.
Sunday, March 3rd                                    
My birthday! I came home early from church and we went to take Dr. M’s father to the hospital. My father-in-law has always had one or two outside cats, but he has quite a few now. Here are three of the five that I saw that day. As I said last week, they had a good visit with Dr. M’s brother. (Dr. M & his father had a good visit - not the cats!)

Monday, March 4th               
My coworkers gave me a cake for my birthday – yum!

We had a visitor – such a princess!

Tuesday, March 5th                                              
Dr. M had another good visit with his brother this day. Meanwhile. I wandered around the office looking like this for who knows how long. Sheesh.

Wednesday, March 6th                                              
We lost Dr. M’s brother today. Here is a picture of my father-in-law and his two sons.

Thursday, March 7th                                                   
No picture.

Friday, March 8th                                                    
Bird action. The goldfinches are getting brighter!

I left work early today to go do some cleaning at my father-in-law’s house. He is pretty much ready for any fly situation.

Saturday, March 9th   
Dr. M’s brother was adamant about not wanting a funeral, but the family wanted to do something, so we had a receiving line of sorts where folks could offer condolences to the family. It turned out very well.

This was a hard week. We’re on the other side now, but there is still a lot for Dr. M to do. His brother had been the primary support for his father. Dr. M has taken over many of the tasks since we moved back home, but there were still things that his brother handled. This means that Dr. M will basically be running two households and that perhaps I shall have to step up to the plate and do more things around our house. See how I turned this into something for me to complain about? It’s a special talent of mine. One good thing about this situation is that we’re not part of sandwich generation – no kids to worry about!

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