Sunday, June 29, 2014

2014 Project 365 – Week Twenty-six

OK, there are still a lot of selfies here this week. Apparently I don’t really abide by solemn vows (at least not blog vows anyway). Ah well, if you’d rather look at my bloomers than my face, check out Dr. M’s blog. Ha!

Sunday, June 22nd        
We said goodbye to one of our parishioners today – she’s moving away. :(

My daily walk.

I love our yard!

Monday, June 23rd
My daily walk.

Tuesday, June 24th            
My daily walk.

Rainy daisies…

Wednesday, June 25th
My daily walk.

I came home from work & braided my hair – I decided that this is NOT a good look for me AND, as I mentioned on Facebook, it was like wearing earmuffs. Hot Flash City!

Thursday, June 26th
Saw this vintage Rabbit on my way to work – ha!

My daily walk.

Easter lilies!

I love robins – they’re just as pompous as cardinals, but less angry looking.

Friday, June 27th
My daily walk.

Our daylilies are so lovely right now.

Saturday, June 28th  
My daily walk. I took a picture of the glass to remind me to carry something to put it in the next time I walk that way. It’s been there for three days!

We had the cable guy come by this morning to fix our internet (we were without it for nearly FIVE DAYS! Horrors!), so Dr. M put Heather the sheep in the yard so he wouldn’t trip over her. Of course, she had to roam around a bit.

Funky sky.

Dr. M likes to pretty much set our citronella candle on fire – this picture looks like a baby dragon. Ha!

Have a great week!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

2014 Project 365 – Week Twenty-five

I have made a solemn vow that next week’s daily walk pictures will NOT contain selfies. Sheesh – I don’t know about you, but I am TIRED of my face. Ha!
Sunday, June 15th        
My daily walk.

I posted these photos on Wednesday – as you can see by the end of the week some of these promises have been fulfilled.

Monday, June 16th
My daily walk – I helped mow. Yes, that actually IS sweat on my brow. I know – I’m amazed too!

Tuesday, June 17th            
Dr. M took a picture of one of my favorite scenes – hay!

My daily walk. Someone on facebook said it looked like I was walking in the Milky Way :)

Wednesday, June 18th
Lots of pictures today. First up – my daily walk, which I took rather early at work to avoid the heat.

Look who I found! I spent my lunch hour running errands & decided to do a drive-by shooting of the Tax Time Pig. Blurry as per usual – ha!

Dr. M saw our albino squirrel – so cute…

Our neighbors asked Dr. M to take a picture of them – it was their 59th wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary Mr. Ken & Mrs. Ruth!

We had a storm roll through (it’s a regular Wednesday thing these days) – Dr. M took this pretty sinister picture.


Thursday, June 19th
My daily walk – I enjoyed walking part of it barefoot in the grass.

Dr. M saw a couple of babies on campus today – sweet!

Friday, June 20th
My daily walk – the working from home edition.

Dr. M took pictures of our volunteer tomatoes (& the bug that guards them). Also pictured: the Lavender Menace & Daisy Nation, about to explode.

Saturday, June 21st  
Bed head. My hair looks like this most mornings – it always makes me laugh.

My daily walk. As I said on facebook, today was a day that would have decided to NOT walk, except that I feel obligated to post pictures.

Daisies! The first of MANY pictures of the daisies this summer, I’m sure.

Have a great week!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Today would have been my mother's 72nd birthday. Thinking of her - great cook, ironing fool, midnight rambler, crazy, loving, wild woman. Love you mom!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

From Your Mouth

Not To Be Reproduced, 1937, Rene Magritte 

Startled, I listen to words
flung oh so casually
against the broad plain
of my back.
From your mouth
a gentle mountain creek
becomes a tidal wave
and I am submerged.

I am no water fowl,
I think, as I go under
for the third time.

This is a Magpie Tale.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Miscellany

  • I fell over trying to put my pants on this morning. Yes, that’s right, Queen Klutz is on the loose – and if I were you I’d just steer clear if you see her.
  • On the other hand, I slept until 11:00 on Saturday! This used to be a regular occurrence back in the day, but once I became so decrepit my body wouldn’t let me stay in bed that long. Nice to know that my body will let me be so slothful. It’s like I’m a teenager again! Well, maybe not quite…
  • Baseball is in full swing. I don’t know why, but I’ve felt very pessimistic about the Braves this year. And they’re first in their division! But it’s a weak first – the other National League division leaders have much better records. At least they’re not the Cubs :)
  • My friend Jenny made all of these bows for me back when I was leaving for Zambia. That was nearly 30 years ago – they’re antiques! I don’t know why I’ve kept them all these years. Sentiment? I had a drawer I wasn’t using? I’ve been tempted to wear worn some of them over the years, but now that I’m 50 I decided that I should probably pass them along to a little girl.

  • Watch out world! I am this |  | close to writing a new poem. Maybe it’s more like this|          | close – but it’s gonna happen. Soon. 

How was your Monday?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

2014 Project 365 – Week Twenty-four

This week was all about the moon & getting back into a “normal” routine. 

Sunday, June 8th        
Today was Pentecost at church. It was a lovely service. Like a lot of churches, we had people read the lesson from Acts in different languages all at the same time to demonstrate how the people heard the apostles preaching to them in their own languages. Usually I find this to be rather jarring & not very meaningful, but this year it was really powerful. The main reader (in English) used the microphone & the other readers were reading somewhat softly along with her. Very cool. I didn’t get pictures of any of that, but here is a picture that someone took that happens to have me in it. I’m sitting (in my choir robe – ha) getting ready to make the announcements.

My daily walk. Someone asked me if posting these pictures here & on Facebook is a motivator. Boy howdy is it! Hope you don’t get tired of them because it really does make me feel accountable.

Monday, June 9th
I asked all my Facebook People what they think this volunteer plant in our garden is & the consensus is watermelon. Or squash. We shall see! We also have about SEVEN volunteer tomato plants!

My daily walk. If you look closely in the picture on the lower right you can see Dr. M sitting on our swing waiting on me.

Tuesday, June 10th            
I did a 10 on 10 post today – you can check it out here. I’ll just share two of the pictures here. This is the face I made after I tried a “veggie breakfast patty.” Blech!

My daily walk.

Wednesday, June 11th
Today my bangs were making me crazy, but I didn’t have anything to use to corral them. I mentioned to a coworker that I might try to use paperclips & she dug out two blue ones that matched what I was wearing – ha!

This is my pleased with myself for problem-solving selfie.

My daily walk.

Dr. M saw a Blue Jay in our back yard.

The moon! I love how it looks like it’s being held by a crescent moon.

Thursday, June 12th
My daily walk.

Our hanging basket is outrageously pretty.

The Honey Moon! 

Friday, June 13th
Finished another puzzle. One of the pieces is missing – they did some maintenance in our office, turned all the chairs upside down & left them that way (??) & apparently knocked part of my puzzle off the desk, & one of the pieces went missing. :(

My daily walk. I took a walk at work & then came home & took Daisy out for a spin. I think that might be my next challenge – one walk & one bike ride per day.

Doves. I love how they’re always in pairs.

The moon!

Saturday, June 14th  
Today Dr. M & I went to the Fen. I walked the trail, while he took pictures of flying things (and a Bug). Gorgeous day!

Have a great week!

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