Saturday, September 23, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Thirty-eight

I think it might be undeniably fall now. I mean, meteorologically and calendarically (yes, I know that’s not a word). Also, it’s been cooler and the light has shifted to that special light you only get in the fall. I hate it. Gorgeous. Pleasant. DARK. OK, maybe hate is a strong word. But even though my personality type likes home and cozy, I personally prefer to sit in my house barefooted with the air conditioner running. Grump grump grump. 

Sunday, September 17th        
I mentioned last week that I stayed home and introverted. Fortunately, my dad’s good daughter (my step-mother’s daughter Cathy) and her husband took him out for his birthday. Meanwhile, I made our favorite asparagus & tomato sheet pan side dish to go with dinner. Pretty!

Monday, September 18th                 
Our asters and sedum are so lovely now. And the bees are (obviously) still happy with them.

Tuesday, September 19th                     
Last week Shoreacres asked about how my new glasses work. So here is a demonstration!

Wednesday, September 20th                              
Dr. M says, “Life, uh, finds a way.”

Thursday, September 21st                          
We had shifted the mirror in the bedroom so I couldn’t see myself when I was in bed, but then I looked up on Thursday & there I was! I’m not sure what happened (wait – I do know – I cleaned the mirror & obviously moved it without knowing it).  

Friday, September 22nd                           
Dr. M took a little Friday ramble. OK, I acknowledge that this is pretty. Maybe I don’t hate fall.

Saturday, September 23rd                  
My Enneathought email made me laugh so I posted it on Instagram. Seriously, I see nothing to work on here.

I ordered MORE toppers for my glasses this week. I seriously (might) be done for now, but I needed some that were more fall oriented. That’s my story anyway. What guilty pleasure are you indulging in these days?

Sunday, September 17, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Thirty-seven

I’m having technical difficulties today so the format of this post will (probably) be a little different. It’s entirely possible that I’m the only one who will notice or care, but just in case someone is invested in how my posts look, take heed!
Sunday, September 10th       
As I mentioned last week, we had the installation service for our pastor. It was a big deal! Lots of prominent local pastoral folks in attendance, and a beautiful service. People love our Sandi - it reinforces the good decision we made to keep her!

While I was being a church lady, Dr. M was enjoying the beautiful day.

Monday, September 11th                 
My bestie’s birthday! We met & had a pedicure together (my first one in about 10 years). I took no photos of our day, so here are my toes.

Tuesday, September 12th                     
Heather the Porch Sheep got a new mum for the fall (not that I’m conceding that it’s fall). 

Wednesday, September 13th                              
Peaches is blooming again - such a welcome sight in our yard.

Thursday, September 14th                          
Why yes, I had avocado toast AGAIN. I went to the dentist this morning because on Sunday I had developed quite a bit of tooth pain. I thought maybe I had just inflamed something, but it got worse instead of better. And now I have an appointment scheduled for a root canal (I also need a crown on another tooth, but that can wait until our benefit year starts over - I’m about to max out my dental benefit for this year). The dentist prescribed steroids & antibiotics to help with the pain & I’m feeling a LOT better.

Friday, September 15th                          
I reposted this picture of 5th grade Danabug & my niece noted how much my great-nephew looks like me from the nose down. Awww - since he’s adorable I will have to agree.

Saturday, September 16th                 
Lots of photos from today. Firstly I had brunch with friends. We had such a good time! And talked for over 2 hours. (Note: this is my nod to weird food because I had livermush with my grits & eggs.)
This series of photos of K made me laugh. I think all three of us were just this animated during our time together - but she’s the one who’s getting immortalized on my blog.
When I got home from brunch I had happy mail! Two new glasses toppers, and a sticker for my water bottle.
THEN, I met my brother & sister-in-law, & Dad & Sue at a local pizza place where we celebrated his birthday. We went to his house afterward & had his fabulous maraschino cherry brownies. Yum! Happy birthday dad!

I stayed home today - it’s rainy and I needed another people break. Currently watching the Braves who are losing their 3rd game in a row (they clinched their division title on Wednesday and are now flatter than a flitter). They’re still the best team in baseball, but they need to get it together to stay there. Ah well, it’s still been an AMAZING season. And as Dr. M is thinking as he reads this: chill out dear Bug - this is a blip, not the end! What are you being over-dramatic about this weekend?

Sunday, September 10, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Thirty-six

Food pics and glasses – that’s what I’ve got for you this week.
Sunday, September 3rd       
Our music director played Bridge Over Troubled Water during communion & for some reason that really got me in my feels.

Then I went to Dad & Sue’s & had another perfect waffle. Thanks Dad!

Monday, September 4th                 
We took hotdogs to Dr. M’s dad for lunch. Tasty!

Tuesday, September 5th                     
Dr. M’s brunch. Look! He remembered to eat his toast!

Wednesday, September 6th                              
My new glasses came in & I wore them to work. Felt super cute. Ha!

Thursday, September 7th                          
Went to Dad & Sue’s during lunch (they were out of town) and enjoyed some introvert time. (Note: it looks like I'm wearing stockings, but that's just my very white feet.)

Friday, September 8th                          
Finally set up the shadowbox calendar for September. There are two September birthdays so I got to use two of the squares Dr. M painted. The one has a penguin, a turtle, a clown, and a bear on it – it represents my group of college friends (of which my cousin bestie is one). It’s her birthday this month. My dad’s is next week. I wonder what I’ll get him?

Dr. M would like to point out that he didn’t put chocolate milk on his salad – it’s a homemade balsamic dressing that is really good!

Saturday, September 9th                 
I sent Dr. M this photo to show that we were getting some rain down in the hollow. It’s generally been a wet few days, which is good because it had gotten dry. 

We had an installation service for our pastor at church this afternoon. She’s been the interim for a couple of years, but we finally made it official. It was a great service, but I’m just about peopled out. And that includes talking to you folks. So bye!

Sunday, September 3, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Thirty-five

Not pictured: another avocado toast lunch.

Sunday, August 27th      
Ta da! I like how the back looks too – and it would be WAY easier to make a blanket of just squares. Ha!

Monday, August 28th                 
No photo.
Tuesday, August 29th                     
No photo.
Wednesday, August 30th                              
Not a fabulous photo, but I finally caught our spider in action.

Had a training at work today & worked on my new project. This will be a cardigan.

Thursday, August 31st                         
Walked into the kitchen & saw this. Dr. M staked a claim on this avocado for NC! The rest of the day was just weird – our internet was down at work for about 4 hours, so I took my avocado to my dad’s house & ate lunch with them.

Friday, September 1st (HOW IS IT ALREADY SEPTEMBER?)                       
People. My father showed this gloopy stuff to me & said that they’d had some leftover French fries and bacon from going out to eat the other day & he pureed them so he could have potato soup. He added some chili and ketchup & declared it good. And you know what? I probably would have liked it too. I said that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, but Sue said that it was really that the nut didn’t fall far… She ain’t wrong.

Saturday, September 2nd                
I was crocheting so fast during this very tense moment in the Braves game that I’m surprised the yarn didn’t burn my hands. (Note: we won. Also note: the Braves are the best team in baseball right now. This has definitely been a highlight during an otherwise not fabulous summer.) 

Well, my disbelief notwithstanding, it is now September. Days are getting shorter, and temps are...

You know what? Never mind. Anyway, how was your week?

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