Tuesday, April 24, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Sixteen

Flowers, crochet, and a dab of silliness – this week’s pictures reflect the Bug Household fairly well, I do believe.
Sunday, April 15th                 
No Sunday selfie this week – just pictures of all of our lovely flowers.

 This is the sixth crochet square pattern in my last colorway. (I guess I could have straightened the square up before its photo shoot - oops!)

Monday, April 16th                          
This lunch isn’t much to look at, but the tuna & trail mix melt was pretty darned tasty!

Dr. M decided we didn’t have enough flowers, so he got another basket of petunias. And we’ve already seen a hummingbird enjoying this basket! No picture, but hopefully we’ll be ready the next time.

Tuesday, April 17th                                              
On to the next square pattern, #7, in my first colorway.

Wednesday, April 18th
We had planned to put a black bag over this stump to discourage this type of activity, but we can’t help it: we like to see things grow. Even things that we’ll probably prune later.

Thursday, April 19th   
Second colorway in this pattern.

We’re all ready for April showers around here.

Friday, April 20th                             
Dr. M says, “New from Upcycled Awnings of Plateau, our cussed’em made “Curtains for Penguins” glider awning! Guaranteed to leave your neighbors asking ‘what the hell is that?’ Here at Upcycled Awnings of Plateau, WTF, we leave no stone unturned to insure that your out back operations are always shady!” Have I mentioned that my husband is a nut?

But he does take lovely pictures of the moon.

Saturday, April 21st                                 
I’m gonna have peony blossoms soon!

It’s the MLB edition of Birds in the Backyard – chipping (Chipper Jones) sparrows and the Boys of Summer (male goldfinches).

I was given a smart plug for Christmas & it took me four months to figure out what I wanted to use it for. I’ve really enjoyed being able to turn the fan on and off without having to get out of bed. It’s going to be the best thing ever this summer. Ha!

As I write this, we are into our second day of pouring rain. And even though the grass didn’t need mowing on Saturday or Sunday, I kind of wish I’d mowed it anyway. Might need to borrower a lawn tractor after the rain stops! But despite all this rain, my eyes have been extra dry. Allergies? Who knows. In any case, when I asked my eye doctor about it he said that I should put a warm compress over my eyes for about five minutes a couple of times a day. Which sounds pretty simple, right? But for some reason I find it hard to read, play games, or crochet with my eyes closed, so I haven’t managed to try it yet. What good-for-you thing are you too trifling to do?

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Fifteen

This week is all about selfies, crochet, and FLOWERS. While our weather has been nothing like you folks who are still getting snow (!!), we have had uneven temps. Last night it got back down into the 30s. So these glimpses of spring have been extra lovely.

P.S. Last week I spelled "impatiens" with a t - "impatients" which is basically how I've felt waiting for spring. Ha!

Sunday, April 7th                 
Sunday selfie. The “Growing out My Bangs and WHY DO I THINK I WANT HAIR ON MY NECK” edition. Almost hourly I vow to get a haircut and then change my mind.

More fun with butterfly bobbins. This pattern turned out to be fun to work up, even though there were a TON of ends to weave in.

Monday, April 9th                          
Flowers in our yard. Clockwise from top left: phlox, snapdragons with a billion wildflower shoots, more phlox, and Ms. Rita the geranium.

Tuesday, April 10th                                              
The square I was working on the previous Sunday.

“Weeds” from our yard – we mostly think they’re great.

Other people’s flowers. Our street is quite lovely now.

A couple of non-flowers. The goat lives up the street, and Ms. Phoebe is back in the nest in our carport.

Wednesday, April 11th
Getting ready to start my last “fun with butterfly bobbins” square. I used PicMonkey to design these squares since there were so many possible color combinations.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail! We’re working hard to make our yard butterfly friendly.

Thursday, April 12th   
The butterfly bobbin square didn’t really work for a solid color (especially since you’re supposed to end up with a plaid look), so for the cream colored blanket, I used a pattern from the 2015 crochet along. It’s one of my favorites.

Friday, April 13th                             
The second plaid square. If these seem to be all out of order, it’s because I always block them first before their final photo shoot, so I’ve already been working on a couple of other crochet projects before I get the pictures taken.

Dr. M never wears his hair down, so I decided to grab a photo after his shower Friday evening. So jealous of all those curls!

Saturday, April 14th                                
Saturday afternoon date. And yes, that glass of water IS bigger than my head!

The best dates end up with someone Dr. M planting more flowers in the yard (while someone else the Bug mows). We got another azalea, petunias, and a peony – all pink.

I have readers in Ohio, Texas, England, Indiana, SC, Arizona, and Florida. What’s spring looking like in your neck of the woods? (Ducks & runs from the Ohio & Indiana folks…)

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Fourteen

I have sixty-six (!!!) unread blog posts on my blog roll. I have either been too busy or too brain cloudy to do much more than crochet or play a game on my iPad. There is an end in sight (I’ll be back to only working one job soon), but I’m pretty sure the only way I’m going to catch up is to mark everything as read & start fresh at the end of April. Sheesh! And sorry!
Sunday, April 1st                
Easter Sunday morning selfie.

Dr. M saw a butterfly! The snapdragons seem to be doing well, and my wildflower garden is coming along (at least we hope all those seedlings will be wildflowers – ha!).

Male yellow-bellied sapsucker, and a grackle looking so much prettier than its name implies.

Monday, April 2nd                          
Happy little bluebirds!  I think these are my favorite pictures of the week.

Tuesday, April 3rd                                             
It was warm & sunny enough for Dr. M to put an “awning” over the swing. This is the best one yet – curtains that we brought from Ohio & ended up not using. You might recall that we’ve used bed sheets and a pirate flag in the past.

Wednesday, April 4th
Ms. Rita geranium’s first bloom of the year and a glorious sky.

Thursday, April 5th   
Dr. M planted some impatients to go with our pansies. He says, “Sunny, standing guard like a GAR statue, facing south, ever watchful lest the Rebels rise again. I tried to explain to her that West Lincoln High School (Home of the Rebels) is several miles south of here, so they rise (or ride the bus) every time they come north to play Fred T. Foard, but she would have none of it. Well, she is from Xenia...obviously an Unconditional Unionist!”

Friday, April 6th                             
It was snack o’clock – yum!

Dr. M was on a roll with his captions this week. Here’s the one for this picture: “Keeping us safe from the Russians for nearly six decades...they are a bit concerned about Alexa.”

Saturday, April 7th                                
Lunch – turkey & cheese & mayo and peanut butter & jelly. Most excellent!

I’ve been avoiding the next afghan square because it seemed extra worky. I had to learn how to use butterfly bobbins (which are basically tiny little skeins of yarn that you create so you don’t have to manage the big skeins when you’re changing yarn colors). You’ll have to wait until next week to see the end result.

Due to my cloudy brain I have nothing to say here. How about you tell me something?

Monday, April 2, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Thirteen

This is the week that I actually believed that winter might be over – it’s full of flowers & birds, Easter silliness, and the moon!
Sunday, March 25th               
Sunday morning selfie.

The aforementioned Easter silliness. Ha!

I know it was irreverent of me, but I wondered if I should be concerned that the Braves opening day game was on Maundy Thursday. Alarming!

Monday, March 26th                         
Sunny decided to plant some pansies while we wait to see if last year’s impatiens come back.

Around the yard (and sky)…

Tuesday, March 27th                                            
Dr. M got a new camera body (well, new to him – refurbished) and he had a great time with it this week.

This is a non-square work in progress. I’m taking so long to make it that the person who wanted it will probably not even remember that he asked for it!

Wednesday, March 28th
Easter basket #2 – it’s full of bugs!

Sunny can’t even… apparently gardening is hard work!

Thursday, March 29th   
I was just sitting there innocently eating chocolate eggs from my Easter basket… Dr. M posted this and the moon photo on my wall. Gee thanks dear! Heh.

Friday, March 30th                             
Dr. M expanded this new "bow-tie" flower bed so that it was even with that concrete block – to make mowing easier. We’re hoping that we have lots of daylilies here eventually.

Saturday, March 31st                               
Dr. M was surprised by this bright yellow goldfinch!

I had the best salad – avocado, tomatoes, spinach, peppers, and an “Omega 3” nut mix. Yum!

The moon!

I’m settling into my new schedule of working two jobs – although I hope to not be doing that much longer. I enjoy each job a lot, but changing hats each day is a little disconcerting. And I’m ready to enjoy spring – which might be my favorite season of all. What’s yours?

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