Sunday, October 28, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Forty-three

Well, fall has finally arrived here in North Carolina. I actually wore a COAT this week. I’m not super impressed by the situation. I know that I claim to love living somewhere that has four seasons, but I’m really a liar. I mostly want it to be June at all times. Ah well, I shall persevere.
Sunday, October 21st                             
I forgot to put on my wedding rings today. I do this about twice a month, and of course I said same thing I say whenever that happens: Does that make me a single lady?

Today’s mowing pattern. I mowed the front yard in a circle and I mowed the back yard in rows. All I know is that the grass looks a LOT neater than it seems like it should from this picture!

Blanket square.

Monday, October 22nd                                       
Your weekly furniture.

Tuesday, October 23rd                                            
Tree Rat Tuesday.

‘nother square.

The moon!

Wednesday, October 24th          
On Wednesdays I walk with my cousin. This was our first walk outside since spring.

The moon!

Thursday, October 25th             
Studying the NC Notary Manual. This seems extreme!

Ms. Pinky and Ms. Rita are still going strong.

Our first stoup of the season.

Friday, October 26th                                   
It was a dreary day. But our flag is pretty!

Saturday, October 27th                                          
Zinnias and our porch witch.

Something went awry with this particular square. It sort of looks like a medieval hat. I did finish it & block it – we’ll see if it’s flat once it dries!

This week was a really hard one for our country. And it seems like I could say that every week these days, but still… I’m so sad that the ugliness that has simmered in the United States since its inception has been given a public forum and the loud voice of our erstwhile commander in chief. I want to urge everyone to VOTE next week if you haven’t already. Vote early & often!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Forty-two

In my last job I was a peon, basically. A number cruncher & a (virtual) paper pusher. An organizer of electronic files & drafter of letters for my boss (not to sell myself short here – I did research the issues before drafting the letters). In my current job I am responsible for a good deal more and I’m realizing that I’m not temperamentally suited to this. Oh, I’m doing a fine job & things are mostly going ok, but Everything is Dire and Could Be Disastrous – at least in my head. Basically, I need a chill button or I’m going to give myself an ulcer. I am nothing if not a Drama Queen. Sheesh. On that note, let’s take a look at last week.
Sunday, October 14th                            
I’m “Singing Last Year’s Christmas Cantata” in the car cool. Can you beat that?

Blanket square in my 4th colorway.

Monday, October 15th                                      
Dr. M spent some time out on the deck today. He had some company. I wonder if spiders eat stink bugs?

Tuesday, October 16th                                           
Your weekly furniture, some of it still in progress.

Wednesday, October 17th          
I voted! I was a little annoyed that the person who checked me in didn’t need to see my driver’s license.

Thursday, October 18th             
Another square, in my 1st colorway. I like this one a lot!

Friday, October 19th                                   
Dr. M voted! Can you guess his party affiliation?

I used the new ruler app on my phone to measure my square! Except that to get an accurate measurement I need to stretch the square. I didn’t really have enough hands for the task. Cool idea though.

Saturday, October 20th                                          
I’m thinking about using this Celtic Lace pattern to join my squares, but man it uses a lotta yarn! Also, it takes a good bit of time to put three extra rows around each square. And as its name implies, it’s lacy - so maybe more decorative than functional. I’ve used the flat braid join in the past & I like it fine, but this is so pretty. Decisions decisions!

Today I took the radical move of deleting two game apps from my phone (a word game & a solitaire game). My bedtime habit has been to get into bed & then play these two games before turning off the light. Some nights I can barely hold my eyes open, but by golly I’m going to get through this daily solitaire challenge! Yeah, nope. If I MUST sit up in bed before turning the light off, I’m going to read something in an actual book (no screens!). Maybe that book of Mary Oliver poetry that I dipped into last year. We shall see!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Forty-one

Lots of pictures this week, including several selfies. I apparently think I’m hilarious.
Sunday, October 7th                            
Your Sunday bloomers!

I blew by my father on the way to sing at the nursing home & then we ended up at the same stoplight, which highly amused me. One of my friends on Facebook said that he was also probably a better parker than I am. That gets a big duh!

Today’s scripture from church juxtaposed with a bumper sticker I saw on my way home.

My color placement made this square look pretty odd to me, but I guess we can say those are wings?

Monday, October 8th                                      
The hound dog is still around. We don’t have a picture, but the neighbor finally got him to go into her fenced back yard & he has been having a grand time playing with her dog. She probably would still like to find him a home. She thinks he was dumped on the side of the road. So sad – he’s such a pretty boy!

I got stopped by a train, but I was entertained by the tags.

Tuesday, October 9th                                           
Balanced the petty cash box. Using that accounting degree – ha!

This is what the square is supposed to look like.

Wednesday, October 10th          
Furniture Wednesday. Some of these pieces aren’t finished yet (& you can see one is already in plastic). We were in a whirl trying to get ready for High Point Furniture Market.

Thursday, October 11th             
Hurricane Michael brought torrential rain & wind to our area. One of the neighbor’s trees blew over. Dr. M was happy to provide disaster relief to the area wildlife by refilling the bird feeder.

We’re doing low key Halloween d├ęcor this year.

Friday, October 12th                                   
My lunch – it was fabulous!

We had a hard time choosing between curling & baseball (baseball won).

To cap off our exciting Friday night, I colored my hair! As a brunette, I know that if I REALLY want hair that color I’ll have to have a professional do it. But I guess this will do.

Saturday, October 13th                                          
We’re having company for dinner on Sunday. Dr. M got a head start on the preparations.

I’m still feeling exhausted from the craziness of the world. Living in a perpetual state of anxiety can’t be healthy, so I’m going to try to do something about it. Not sure what, yet. Any ideas? (Betina – chocolate is already on the list – ha!)

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