Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Fifty-one

This is the “Christmas is over but even after I’ve posted this I still haven’t gotten to Christmas” edition. Enjoy!
Sunday, December 17th           
It took an embarrassing amount of time for me to figure out why my yarn kept slipping out of my needle.

Christmas cards done!

Monday, December 18th                       
Poppy & Branch getting ready to head to their new home.

Tuesday, December 19th                                        
Found treasure in my purse!

Modeling potential interview outfits. I lurved the one on the right, but the consensus was to be conservative so I went with the black jacket. I was going to buck the system & wear the one I loved, but it was raining on Wednesday & I thought it would probably show raindrops more. (Thanks so much to my dad's wife Sue for the loan of the jackets!)

Wednesday, December 20th                                
On my way home from my interview, which as you already know went well. I start on January 2nd! My job is technically office manager, but I’ve been telling people that I’m going to be the Office Queen. Ha!

Thursday, December 21st                              
Throwback Thursday. Oh man, look at that hair (specifically my hair on the far right – now that is a perm that has gone terribly awry).

Love this yarn!

Friday, December 22nd                      
Another day, another beanie. This is what happens when I go rogue. Plus, my model is maniacal.  #didntfollowthepattern

We got one of those Christmas spotlight dealios so we could be like all the other cool kids.

Saturday, December 23rd                          
Our 34th gathering of this crew of friends. I don’t understand how that’s possible when we’re all around 33. Some sort of wonky Christmas math I suppose.

I came home from that celebration & put on my Chilly Willy long johns because it’s Christmas and I can look ridiculous if I want to!

Christmas is over now, and I’m looking toward my new job. What will my days look like? What will I pack for lunch? What will I wear! These things are yet mysteries…

If you celebrate, how was your holiday? If you don’t celebrate, did you enjoy the quiet?

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas!

This year the annual Christmas poem was solely in my court - Dr. M had written 13 and I had only written 12. Good grief - that's a lot of Christmases! As you might imagine, I had a little bit of trouble drumming up the wherewithal to even get started. This year was supposed to be great and instead it included a biblical plague of a move, a new hip, and another job elimination. I had a lot of non-Christmas-related feelings as I tried to write. But to appropriate a popular refrain: Nevertheless, I Persisted. Here is the result.

This poem could be about disaster
or the slamming of doors.
It could reflect on
personal sorrow,
national shame,
turning our backs,
the high dudgeon of
righteous fury.


As I am reminded every year,
the Christ Child comes.
He shows up in crèche,
and carol,
and in the stars that lead
our broken world toward hope.

He’s sitting beside me now
whispering in my ear,
“You already know what to do:
Do what is right.
Love kindness.
Walk humbly with God.”

Okay then.

Dana and Mike Rhyne
Christmas 2017

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Fifty

Last week’s pictures are pretty boring, but life has been hectic which is why I’m just now working on this post.
Sunday, December 10th           
Early morning choir practice – it was cold ya’ll!

I delivered Poppy to a very happy little girl.

I made a very weird hat. I was using up the last of a skein of yarn & the color changes look sort of odd on this small project. Also, the hat turned into a cloche instead of a beanie. Ha!

Monday, December 11th                       
Had dinner with my cousin & made her help me eat an Oh My Chocolate custard concrete. Yum!

Tuesday, December 12th                                        
For reasons unknown to me, I agreed to make some more Poppy hats. Therefore, bunches of troll ears.

Wednesday, December 13th                                
No picture!

Thursday, December 14th                             
A company called me for a job interview! I borrowed a jacket from Sue, and a pair of shoes from my sister-in-law, because I apparently gave away all my professional clothes.       

Friday, December 15th                     
Our 27th anniversary! Also, job interview day. The interview went well (full disclosure – they called for a second interview on Monday, I had the interview today, and they offered & I accepted the job! I start on January 2nd).

Saturday, December 16th                         
These trolls are taking over my life – today we had an eye assembly line going on. Also, I kind of like the hair before I brush it out. 

REPEAT FROM LAST WEEK: I’m still behind on reading blogs. I think we’re just going to have to accept that at this point I’ll probably read them (I’m too nosy to not read them) & not comment until I get caught up.

How was your week?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Forty-nine

Did you know that Christmas is in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS??? What the actual heck. All of you people who were expecting (and possibly fearing) crocheted gifts will just have to be disappointed. Or ecstatic. I know I’m both! Ah well, time waits for no procrastinator. Or something like that.

Anyway, this week has a theme – Christmas, snow, crochet. Sorry – we’ll get to more interesting things at some point!
Sunday, December 3rd          
The moon! These shots were taken after midnight – early in the morning.

I decorated our tree! The first baubles I always put on any tree are the antique ones from Dr. M’s grandmother. You can see two of them in the bottom left of this collage. And then there is our usual silliness.

And because I couldn’t decide, here are moon pictures taken in the evening.

Monday, December 4th                       
There is a meme on Facebook about these trees, so Dr. M pulled ours out. It was his mother’s.

I’m making….something. I don’t think it’s Jane Curtin. Hmmm.

Tuesday, December 5th                                        
Penguin down! We’re not sure WHAT they were getting up to out on the porch. If it involved eggnog, they didn’t offer us any.

Wednesday, December 6th                                
I stopped by to visit Daddy & Sue after choir practice.

Thursday, December 7th                             
I had another follow-up appointment with my surgeon’s office (it was fine). I was taking a picture of my glasses, but my goodness look at that hair! There’s some serious pouf going on there. Also, it might behoove me to iron my clothes every now & then.

Friday, December 8th                     
It snowed! It mostly didn’t stick to the roads – just lovely big flakes that covered the grass & trees.

So this is what I was making! For those of you (like me) who’ve never seen the movie, this is Poppy from the Troll movie. This was challenging to make, but fun.

Saturday, December 9th                         
More snow. More crochet. I think I walked outside to check the mail & that was it. Lovely day!

I’m still behind on reading blogs. I think we’re just going to have to accept that at this point I’ll probably read them (I’m too nosy to not read them) & not comment until I get caught up.

How was your week?

Friday, December 8, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Forty-eight

Obviously, last week’s news about my job has put me in a bit of a tailspin. I’m quite behind on reading blogs, and my plan to get our Christmas cards out fell by the wayside (mainly because I’m in charge of the annual poem and as you might imagine the words I’d like to write aren’t exactly family friendly). However, life does continue to move along and some fun and fabulous things happened this week.
Sunday, November 26th         
Still at the beach. I actually got out there & walked. I thought I’d be cold & didn’t actually bring anything to wear to walk on the beach, but it turned out that these shoes worked just fine.

While I was walking, Dr. M was scoping out dolphins!

Our view really was quite lovely.

Monday, November 27th                       
We meandered home today, stopping for a bit at the Caswell Beach Lighthouse, which was decorated for the season.

Tuesday, November 28th                                        
Dr. M started decorating for Christmas! (Please note, this theme continues for the rest of the week.)

Wednesday, November 29th                                
After I got my job news on this day I thought I might bail on cantata choir practice, but I decided that a change in work didn’t have to affect the rest of my life (especially since the change isn’t happening until the end of December). I was waiting for the choir to finish their Sunday music practice & was photobombed by Jesus!

Thursday, November 30th                             
I was trying to pick out a button for a crochet project. “Here’s a nice one. Oh, I like this one even better! Or maybe this one.” Yep. Far as I can tell, these are all EXACTLY ALIKE. #crochet #superobservant

Dr. M put a wreath on the door & added one of our deep purple bows (I love purple & red at Christmas).

Friday, December 1st                    
I finished a crochet project. I’m playing around with making labels – not sure this is the final design. Also, after a comment on Facebook about the care instructions, I added the addendum. Ha!

That evening I went with Daddy & Sue to see a local production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It was fabulous! One of our church members was the lead character, and one of my high school friends was the Baroness (hilarious because if you’ll recall, the Baroness hates children and my friend is a local elementary school principal).

While I was out galavanting, Dr. M finished decorating outside.

Saturday, December 2nd                        
Saturday morning I went to a Prayer Sister’s brunch at church. The food was great & the group of ladies was great! And it was especially nice to spend time with my BFF.

That evening, Dr. M started putting lights on the tree. First he just put the boxes on there, and then he just sat the bundles of lights on there. He’s a nut.

THEN he did it correctly. We love the effect in the windows.

I have applied to one job, and I know that I need to start working harder on getting a new position, but… well, hopefully I’ll get it in gear & get my resume out there to a few other places. Or maybe I’ll get the one job I’ve already applied for. Ha! What are you trying to get done this week? 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Couple of Words Wednesday

I know - I'm overdue with my Project 365 post, & I promise I'll get to it by the end of the week, but for now you are getting a pelican from our beach trip. Enjoy!


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