Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Fifty-one

This is the “Christmas is over but even after I’ve posted this I still haven’t gotten to Christmas” edition. Enjoy!
Sunday, December 17th           
It took an embarrassing amount of time for me to figure out why my yarn kept slipping out of my needle.

Christmas cards done!

Monday, December 18th                       
Poppy & Branch getting ready to head to their new home.

Tuesday, December 19th                                        
Found treasure in my purse!

Modeling potential interview outfits. I lurved the one on the right, but the consensus was to be conservative so I went with the black jacket. I was going to buck the system & wear the one I loved, but it was raining on Wednesday & I thought it would probably show raindrops more. (Thanks so much to my dad's wife Sue for the loan of the jackets!)

Wednesday, December 20th                                
On my way home from my interview, which as you already know went well. I start on January 2nd! My job is technically office manager, but I’ve been telling people that I’m going to be the Office Queen. Ha!

Thursday, December 21st                              
Throwback Thursday. Oh man, look at that hair (specifically my hair on the far right – now that is a perm that has gone terribly awry).

Love this yarn!

Friday, December 22nd                      
Another day, another beanie. This is what happens when I go rogue. Plus, my model is maniacal.  #didntfollowthepattern

We got one of those Christmas spotlight dealios so we could be like all the other cool kids.

Saturday, December 23rd                          
Our 34th gathering of this crew of friends. I don’t understand how that’s possible when we’re all around 33. Some sort of wonky Christmas math I suppose.

I came home from that celebration & put on my Chilly Willy long johns because it’s Christmas and I can look ridiculous if I want to!

Christmas is over now, and I’m looking toward my new job. What will my days look like? What will I pack for lunch? What will I wear! These things are yet mysteries…

If you celebrate, how was your holiday? If you don’t celebrate, did you enjoy the quiet?


  1. Christmas is over??? Christmas is NOT over. Christmas isn't over until January 6. Today is only the second day of Christmas. *Stomps foot* I'm leaving my tree up until January 6, and I'm playing Christmas music until then!

    We had a very nice, relaxing Christmas Day, and luckily the owners of the place where I work gave us today as a paid holiday, too. We got one of those laser light thingies last year. My husband calls it the "lazy light" instead of "laser light," since it really is lazy decorating.

  2. Love your long johms!!!
    So what will yoi be doing at your job? & will you get to work from home? Or you back in an office?

  3. oh yes, enjoyed my very quiet day. a great pic of you on Wednesday.

  4. You still send out lots of Christmas cards. We've cut back considerably.

  5. Um...don't you have a lot of Professional Clothes shopping to do? (I liked that jacket on the right, too!)

    1. They're actually pretty casual - most folks wear jeans. I will probably start out Business Casual (with slacks instead of jeans), mostly because I don't have very many jeans that fit me right now. I've been losing weight! I'm wearing the jacket on the right to my nephew's wedding this weekend :)

  6. Glad someone else posted a Christmas-is-over-but-not-included-yet post.
    I noticed the weight loss. How's it happening?

  7. Hooray for you, on the weight loss. I'm trying. Good gosh, I'm trying. But not very hard. I'm about to get serious, though. In fact, I've already given away all the goodies that were around here. It's too serious to wait for January 1.

    Next year, I'm going to be organized for Christmas. I may do my cards next week, just so I can be on time. :-)

  8. You look great in all of those interview outfits. So glad you got the job, but of course, you would! They'd be crazy not to snap you up. I'm so behind on blogging. I will have to catch up. All the best in the New Year!

    1. That's me. Bella. I haven't started a new blog yet. Soon.

  9. I like the right-hand jacket, too! Glad you're going to get to wear it somewhere. I'm so glad your period of unemployment turned out to be mercifully brief! (In fact, did you have any time off at all?Or are you going straight from one job to the other?) Lots of yarn activity here! :)

    1. Well, I wasn't getting any time off, but they unexpectedly cut off my work access a day early, so I'm getting most of today off. Ha!


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