Sunday, July 30, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Thirty

After the festivities last week, it was a pretty quiet week around here. Nice!
Sunday, July 23rd     
Here are some more pictures of the reception. That cake was SO GOOD ya’ll. Daddy & Sue brought me a big chunk of it later in the week. Would you believe that I ate some of it & then put the rest in the freezer for later?

Monday, July 24th                
The morning glory that my dad gave us is totally taking over the petunia baskets. And we’re pretty much ok with that.

Tuesday, July 25th                                
Penguins against the sunset.

Wednesday, July 26th                          
Our porch skink!

Thursday, July 27th                       
As it was in Ohio, our North Carolina back yard is mostly a Mom & Pop operation.

Thursday night, tragedy struck! I had to use some random floss that my dentist gave me. Very sad.  

Friday, July 28th             
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail!

Saturday, July 29th                 
We were sitting out on the deck (SUCH a lovely day!) and had a visit from Mr. Roy.

The moon!

The weeks seem to be speeding up as we approach my surgery date. I’m very excited, but I’m also remembering how annoying it was after my last surgery. Not to wish time away or anything, but I’m going to wish some time away: I would like for it to be December.

What are you looking forward to this August?

Thursday, July 27, 2017

In Which I Toast the Bride & Groom with a Bad Poem

Daddy & Sue had a reception on Sunday to celebrate their marriage. The food was great, and it was nice to meet some of Sue's family, and to see some of my family. 

As promised, I made a toast to the happy couple:

Here's to the man who'd never marry again, and here's to the woman who said, "we'll see."

Here's to the woman who waited a while, and here's to the man who declared he'd be free.

Here's to the man who thought he'd go solo, but was lonesome and missed her.

And here's to the woman who brought him such joy he could no longer resist her.

Surprised, as they say, by that joy,
Because love has its own plan.
Here's to this woman!
And here's to this man!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Twenty-nine

There are lots of pictures this week because I had Decision Making Disorder. The theme for the week is pink. And flowers – since I can’t wander around the yard, Dr. M brings their images to me. No weird sandwiches this time. I probably shouldn’t tell you about the time I ate a bologna & cheese & mayo & banana & peanut butter & jelly sandwich. It was pretty tasty, but messy.
Sunday, July 16th    
I LOVE all the crepe myrtle trees in my home town! There are so many different colors – I want one of each for my yard. This one in front of the nursing home happened to match what I was wearing, so I had to take a selfie with it.

Monday, July 17th                
I had an early morning appointment and wore actual shoes for the second day in a row. Woo hoo!

Heather is still a sheep, and her impatiens are looking lovely.

The monkey grass is blooming!

And the bougainvillea is still going strong.

Tuesday, July 18th                                
Roy! Such a good boy.

Dr. M thinks this is a black morph female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. I think it’s lovely!

Wednesday, July 19th                          
The only picture of the day – I was fiddling around with the Facebook Messenger app’s camera filters & got this cute picture of Samuel Spaniel, the ancient stuffed dog my brother gave me while I was in college. He’s almost 35 years old now!

Thursday, July 20th                       
Today my nephew came home from his tour of duty as a medic in Afghanistan. So glad to have him back in the states now!

Temperature scarf update (average temp each day, from March 1, 2017 – February 28, 2018). It’s going to be huge (well, we knew that, didn’t we?). I’m 40% done & it’s almost 3 ½ feet long. I like the cool weather colors better than the warm ones – good thing those will be the colors on each end of the scarf.

Friday, July 21st            
My lunch on Friday – strawberries, bananas, apples, blueberries, peaches. It was too hot for real food. Well, for full disclosure I must admit that I had a tuna sandwich later as an afternoon “snack.”

Update on the blanket I’m making for a gift. I sewed the four panels together & now I need to do a border. I really don’t like sewing; therefore, I’m not very good at it. I fear this blanket will be rather lumpy. Maybe I’ll end up keeping it after all!

Saturday, July 22nd                
More flowers from the yard – the vinca my dad gave us is thriving. And the ancestral phlox has decided to start blooming again.

Today we’re going to a reception to celebrate Daddy & Sue’s marriage. I have written a wedding toast. It’s a (bad) poem. I know you can’t wait, but I’m not posting it until later in the week. Ha! Anything special happening in your life this week?

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Honeymooners

As you guys know, my dad got married on the 4th of July, in Hawaii. They were gone for 10 days, spending some time on a cruise ship & some time on the islands. They had a great time! When I looked at the pictures they took, of course I loved the wedding day photos (you can see the one I posted here), but this set really tickled me. You have to click on the first one & then quickly click through the rest - it's like stop motion photography :) They're so cute together. It's a little bit annoying. Ha!

Love you, Daddy & Sue!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Twenty-eight

We had a mostly quiet week (me being under house arrest & all), so these are perhaps not the most exciting pictures. Um, but they’re the same kind of pictures I post every week. Hmmm – maybe after my hip surgery we need to start doing more interesting things!
Sunday, July 9th    
This is perhaps the most pathetic picture of all – my dinner Sunday night: a boiled egg, broiled green beans, & cucumber tomato salad. But ya’ll, it was QUITE tasty.

Monday, July 10th                
I was walking through the living room & saw my current crochet project. I noticed now well it matches our curtains and the table that my cousin the potter made. Maybe I’m supposed to keep this & give the bride something different?

Tuesday, July 11th                                
My view while I was working.

Wednesday, July 12th                          
A turkey & mayo & peanut butter & jelly sandwich. My version of a Monte Cristo? This concoction got a number of negative reviews on Facebook, but it was so good that I had it for three days in a row!

Thursday, July 13th                       

Friday, July 14th           
I went from the soft squishy acrylic yarn project to the much smaller wool yarn project. A bit of textural culture shock for my fingers!

Saturday, July 15th               
Today three very exciting things happened. First, my cousin loaned us a teenager to cut our grass! This enabled Dr. M to spend his energy on weedeating. The yard looks great!

Next, my ramp came & I was set free! We went to Bojangles – ha! It’s what Free Range Bugs do. (Note: I can't even with the bang situation. I look like a teenage boy in this picture.)

Finally, we knew that a wren had built a nest in one of our petunia baskets, but we weren’t sure if anything was happening in there. You can barely tell in the bottom left picture, but that’s a large baby bird maw waiting on dinner! Dr. M saw several in the nest. Very exciting!

36 days until surgery – we’re getting there people! Did anything exciting happen in your life last week?

Sunday, July 9, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Twenty-seven

Dr. M took my “suggestion” and did a post of daylilies. We have some pictured below for this week, but you should check out his post here.
Sunday, July 2nd   
I was aggressively patriotic today. Ha!

Monday, July 3rd               
I applied for a temporary “disability placard” & my doctor approved me for the 5 year one! This will make life much easier. Dr. M wanted to name it Jean Luc Placard, but I said that it looked more like Professor X from the X-Men. So we compromised & named it Patrick Stewart.

Tuesday, July 4th                                
I had the growing out my bangs blues today. Also, today I figured out that I really can’t navigate the steps into our house (there are only three!). That split second where all my weight is on my bad hip is just too much – I can practically feel the bones crunching. And I’m not coordinated enough to hop up them – and I’m not going to try to sit down & scoot up them because I would then have to somehow get back up off the ground once I got to the top. So, Dr. M is getting a ramp for me to use, and I’m staying in the house until it’s done!

We did have a really nice day - took lunch to Dr. M's dad & then my brother and sister-in-law brought dinner to us that night. 

While all that drama was going on, my father was marrying his Sue – in Hawaii! They’ve been on a honeymoon cruise and get back tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear all about their trip!

Wednesday, July 5th                          
Seen around the yard.

And just because, here’s another picture of the Full Roy.

Thursday, July 6th                       
Nothing makes my heart go pitty pat more than getting new yarn. Well, maybe chocolate…

More daylilies…

Friday, July 7th           
Panel one of four. The toes are for scale - ha!

Saturday, July 8th               
Today I had the fabulous idea to put some of my dad’s fresh green beans on my egg salad & potato chip sandwich. But, you know, it was not at all tasty. I was surprised! I took the beans off. Next time I try I think I’ll cook them first.

The moon!!

I’m thankful that our house is big and airy, and I have all of you people to entertain me during my “confinement.” (And said confinement will be pretty short, actually.) What are you thankful for this week?

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