Sunday, July 2, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Twenty-six

I have already heard from my surgeon’s office about results of The Procedure: No Infection! When they called with the information, I asked to be put on the cancellation list, since I’ve jumped through the pre-op hoops. Feels nice to just be in a holding pattern now. I have things to do closer to surgery, but for now I’m just going to chill.  
Sunday, June 25th   
It was a nappish kind of day. I didn’t used to fall asleep in my recliner, but apparently I am now That Person.

Monday, June 26th              

Tuesday, June 27th                                
Dr. M has taken so many gorgeous picture of these daylilies. I just can’t use them all on here, so I’m going to make him do a separate post with the individual pictures. There are so many different kinds!

The moon!

Wednesday, June 28th                          
These are some non-daylily flower shots that Dr. M took.

Thursday, June 29th                       
More daylilies…

Friday, June 30th           
Another fine salad created by Dr. M, using blueberries from my dad's garden. He has been doing a fine job of getting some superfoods into me.

The moon!

Saturday, July 1st              
I skipped Weight Watchers today & spend the ENTIRE MORNING in bed playing on my iPad. I even ate breakfast in there. It was bliss. Dr. M gave me Mavis the Penguin Pillow while I was in the hospital for my last surgery. She is the perfect iPad rest.

We are daylily central here in western NC. What flowers are you seeing in your neck of the woods?


  1. We're seeing roses everywhere in Portland, but then our nickname is "Rose City."

  2. This weekend was seriously laid back at my house as well. Wife and daughter got home from their England trip on Tuesday and both are still recovering. My first intention was to head for the coast Saturday in an effort to get some breathing room from being stuck at home for the last two weekends. Cancelled that idea when my wife reminded me that this was the Fourth of July weekend, somehow my mental timeline had me thinking it was still a week away.

    As for flowers, haven't really noticed any other than azaleas.

  3. This is the goofiest Independence Day ever. Tuesday? Really threw things off, with a Must Attend Wedding on Saturday, Rick working on Monday, then off on Tuesday, and us leaving for vacation midweek. Sort of a Lost Weekend. Add the sprained ankle, and I feel like you: might as well just stay inside, propped up, lazing around.

  4. I love my pillow pet. I have the lamb & its cream so I'm afraid of getting it dirty <3
    That salad looks AMAZING!!! I love fruit on a salad

  5. gorgeous day lilies. so many I don't have. are these all in the yard of your new house? mine didn't bloom that well this year maybe because we didn't really have winter or maybe they need to be divided or maybe just fertilized. whatever. some bloomed sparsely and some didn't bloom at all. ginger is what's blooming here. ginger and plumerias.

  6. What is the cancellation list? Did I miss something? Kudos to your five-star husband for taking such good care of you and everything else.

    1. She meant waiting list in case somebody else cancels.

    2. Here's hoping the surgery will be sooner.

  7. I love taking naps in my recliner!

    I've noticed plumeria and cactus blooming. They seem so exotic, a little out of place in Florida. Plumeria just seems so Hawaiian, and cactus, really? In wet and humid Florida?

  8. So glad there's no infection, and glad that you're taking it easy. Naps are good. I'm convinced that nappers not only live longer but are more productive. That's my theory.

  9. Our day lilies are blooming too, though they're a bit overshadowed by the wildly invasive blackberry vines in our garden! Love the Roy picture!!

  10. Cool mirror pic
    Gorgeous flowers
    Roy's friendly nose
    Colorful afghan rows
    These are a few of my favorite pics . . .


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