Sunday, May 29, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Twenty-one

 What a horrible week – not for me personally, but nationally. This country is seriously *&#@^$ up (The word you’re imagining there is the actual word that I say out loud at least four times a day. Keep in mind that I wouldn’t even say that word in my HEAD until I was in my forties.). We’re basically going to descend into – I was going to say lawlessness, but actually these are now our laws… Maybe the anarchists have it right – shall we burn it all down & see what happens?

Anyway, on the personal front we had a soggy week which might account for a lack of photos. Never fear – for the three days that we didn’t take pictures I’m inserting more wedding photos. Ha!

Sunday, May 22nd         
This was wedding recovery day (do I sound like I’m being a drama queen? I think maybe I’m being a drama queen. It was my cousin’s daughter’s wedding – I basically helped for a few hours on one day). ANYWAY, Dr. M took some flower photos which made me smile.  

Monday, May 23rd     
And here are some very soggy flowers! Petunias always look so pitiful after they’re rained on – but they do bounce back nicely.

Tuesday, May 24th   
Dr. M took some moody sky pictures. They seemed to match the national mood too.

Wednesday, May 25th         
No picture, so here is a photo of the bride’s grandmothers acting as flower girls for the wedding. If you look to the left at the end of that row, you can see Dr. M, & me beside him about to bawl.

Thursday, May 26th       
Again with the no photos! Here are pictures of the groom and the bride walking down the aisle.

Friday, May 27th      
Final wedding picture just because they look so gorgeous.

Saturday, May 28th       
I haven’t done this in a while – I had leftover Indian food (Chicken Tikki Masala) for breakfast! I had to laugh at my naan – it reminded me of the Venus de Milo (or a frog). Ha!

It’s the return of Nude Roy! He is ADORABLE in his bandana.

I’m planning on calling my representatives this week. I would have done it last week, but I have telephone anxiety. But this should be easy – I have a script to follow (here’s a screenshot of the post where I got the script).  I often have a lot of outrage & not much action. It’s time to change that.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Twenty

This has been an absolutely lovely weekend! My cousin’s daughter got married and the wedding was gorgeous – stay tuned for lots of pictures. Of which none is a photo of the ginormous cupcake I ate – sorry Nance!
Sunday, May 15th        
Bee on the peony, lance leaved coreopsis, and Ms. Peach the heart shaped rose bush.

Monday, May 16th     
Dr. M made a very chunky vegetarian spaghetti sauce – it was delicious!

Tuesday, May 17th   
Dr. M & his dad doing some porch sitting. The Dr. Van Fleet rose is waning, but still lovely.

I voted on my way home. I forgot to get a sticker, but I did pick up this swag from a candidate I didn’t vote for. The mint was excellent.

Wednesday, May 18th         
The expected loveliness of peonies and the unexpected early arrival of a daylily.

Finally got to a warmer color on the historical temperature blanket I’m working on. This color combo reminds me of a piƱata. Ha!

Thursday, May 19th       
Sweet William.

Friday, May 20th      
I took the day off of work to help set up for the wedding. The venue was really nice. Also, I was quite taken with the tiny little boxes of tissues that they had for the mothers and grandmothers of the bride (on the groom’s side they put it on his father’s chair – ha!).

Saturday, May 21st        
I didn’t really get any good photos of the bride, but she was just radiant. Check out the flowers on that huge mantle – they were amazing! Well, all the flowers were. And I was glad to get a “non-Christmas-gathering” photo of the four friends.

I’ll leave you with these blurry pictures of the father/daughter dance – it was a hoot!

I’ve spent today recovering from all the socializing. Hopefully I’ll be ready to face people again tomorrow when I go to work! How do you feel about big parties? Personally, I dread going, enjoy myself while I’m there, and then have to spend some quality time alone to recuperate.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Nineteen

I have nothing to say here. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.
Sunday, May 8th        
I brought home a rose from church and Dr. M put it in a vase beside this picture of his mother. It’s been 11 years since she left us.

Monday, May 9th     
Seen around the yard. Pretty pretty!

Tuesday, May 10th   
No photo.
Wednesday, May 11th         
Today was the deadline for open enrollment at work. This is about 130 packets that I checked in. I’m still missing some, but we’re almost done with this part of the process.

Thursday, May 12th       
I have been parking PERFECTION lately, so you know I had to take a photo of this mess.

Friday, May 13th      
Did the squish – no issues this year. Yay!

Saturday, May 14th        
Dr. M & I decided that these San Diego uniforms look like the UPS softball team castoffs. Agreed?

I’m feeling kind of depressed about the world. The Handmaid’s Tale is coming to fruition. There was another racist mass shooting. I found this post from 2017 and can only think that nothing has changed at all. It’s actually worse, isn’t it? Does anyone have a good word to share with the group? Lift me out of my funk please!

Sunday, May 8, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Eighteen

This has been a very peopley week and I need to spend about 24 hours hiding in my house. I have double- & triple-checked my calendar & the first day I can do that is May 22nd. Oof.
Sunday, May 1st       
Dr. M put the flowers I brought home last week by the back deck – so pretty!

Monday, May 2nd    
Went to the funeral for my prayer sister. She was such a lovely lady.

Tuesday, May 3rd  
Dr. M & his dad surveying the yard. “When are we gonna mow?” “Today?” “It needs mowin’…but it’s dry” “It really is” “Let’s wait ‘til we get a shower [pronounced “share”]. And so they didn’t mow. Ha!

Meanwhile, seen around our yard. 

Wednesday, May 4th         
I really wanted to wait until the pollen had calmed down, but since the phoebe babies fledged I decided that I should clean all their “gifts” off of my car.

Thursday, May 5th       
No photo.
Friday, May 6th      
Peaches has really started showing off! I love how she still has that heart shape.

I was in a shop near the office when everyone’s phones started going off with this alert. It was kind of funny with all of us looking down at our phones – and loud. They shut the doors, but did any of us stop shopping? No we did not.

Saturday, May 7th        
I went to a luncheon at Sue’s church (which was put on by my friend Jenny of the fabulous shoes). We had a really nice time. At our table was a woman who grew up with my mom & talked about all the fights she used to get into with “those Foxes” (my mom & her cousins). For family members reading this, the lady was Evelyn, Minnie Fisher’s daughter. It was a hoot!

Since it was Mother’s Day weekend I decided to wear my mom’s birthstone ring (I’m the March stone). It’s been 17 years since we lost my mom and I don’t usually feel all those big feelings anymore (my grief tends to show up on a random Tuesday instead).

Dr. M brought home flowers for me – which was the nicest unexpected gift. Thanks Sweetie!

Today I went with Sue and my sister-in-law to see Mamma Mia at our local community theater. As usual, I was annoyed that I had agreed to go, but of course it was a lot of fun once I was there. I’ll try to remember that the next time someone asks me to do something. Are you a homebody like I am, or do you like to be out & about?

Sunday, May 1, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Seventeen

It sure is pretty around here, as you will shortly see with the eleventy billion pictures I’m going to post. Enjoy!
Sunday, April 24th      
Made it to church with my wild & wooly hair. I was trying to tame it a bit before I left the house & found a bit of netting from my shower poof. All righty then.

My dad made waffles for lunch. Note the “syrup” he put out – hahaha!

Our peonies have started their loooooong journey to blooming.

Monday, April 25th   
The Sweet William has started looking positively Seussian.

Tuesday, April 26th
Three stages of Dr. M’s dad’s Dr. Van Fleet rose – plus a very moody sky!

Meanwhile, we had the same moody sky 25 miles away at work. And boy did I stand out!

Wednesday, April 27th         
Seen around the yard. It was nice to see all this beauty since my prayer sister from church passed away in the wee hours of the morning. She’d been sick for a number of months. She was 81, but it was still too soon!

The latest two squares for my Irish wool blanket.

Thursday, April 28th       
The Sweet William looking a little less Seussian.

Friday, April 29th      
Dr. M worked hard making his world famous French Toast Casserole for a brunch that I was attending on Saturday. He is the absolute best.

Saturday, April 30th        
Brunch! This was for my best friend’s daughter who is getting married later in May. The French toast was a hit, and I came home with two pots of petunias as a thank you for Dr. M. 

Meanwhile, Dr. M grabbed this last photo of the phoebe babies – they fledged later in the day & now the nest is empty.

I spent the evening frogging this wrap. I was pretty sure I’d made some errors along the way, but it was the janky edges that made me decide to frog it. This is mohair yarn, so that was a LOT of fun. Fortunately I was able to start back crocheting around 9:00, paying a lot better attention to what the edges look like!

Our director’s last day was Friday (she retired), and it was also the last day for one of our HR generalists, so I’m a little afraid of what tomorrow will be like at work. It will be FINE. Fine. I’m almost sure. Anything you’re dreading this week?

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