Sunday, May 8, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Eighteen

This has been a very peopley week and I need to spend about 24 hours hiding in my house. I have double- & triple-checked my calendar & the first day I can do that is May 22nd. Oof.
Sunday, May 1st       
Dr. M put the flowers I brought home last week by the back deck – so pretty!

Monday, May 2nd    
Went to the funeral for my prayer sister. She was such a lovely lady.

Tuesday, May 3rd  
Dr. M & his dad surveying the yard. “When are we gonna mow?” “Today?” “It needs mowin’…but it’s dry” “It really is” “Let’s wait ‘til we get a shower [pronounced “share”]. And so they didn’t mow. Ha!

Meanwhile, seen around our yard. 

Wednesday, May 4th         
I really wanted to wait until the pollen had calmed down, but since the phoebe babies fledged I decided that I should clean all their “gifts” off of my car.

Thursday, May 5th       
No photo.
Friday, May 6th      
Peaches has really started showing off! I love how she still has that heart shape.

I was in a shop near the office when everyone’s phones started going off with this alert. It was kind of funny with all of us looking down at our phones – and loud. They shut the doors, but did any of us stop shopping? No we did not.

Saturday, May 7th        
I went to a luncheon at Sue’s church (which was put on by my friend Jenny of the fabulous shoes). We had a really nice time. At our table was a woman who grew up with my mom & talked about all the fights she used to get into with “those Foxes” (my mom & her cousins). For family members reading this, the lady was Evelyn, Minnie Fisher’s daughter. It was a hoot!

Since it was Mother’s Day weekend I decided to wear my mom’s birthstone ring (I’m the March stone). It’s been 17 years since we lost my mom and I don’t usually feel all those big feelings anymore (my grief tends to show up on a random Tuesday instead).

Dr. M brought home flowers for me – which was the nicest unexpected gift. Thanks Sweetie!

Today I went with Sue and my sister-in-law to see Mamma Mia at our local community theater. As usual, I was annoyed that I had agreed to go, but of course it was a lot of fun once I was there. I’ll try to remember that the next time someone asks me to do something. Are you a homebody like I am, or do you like to be out & about?


  1. We have become near hermits during the past 2 (or is it 3?) years of the pandemic. BTW, you should have bought that f-i-n-e hat on the rack to the right in your tornado picture.

    1. Hats are really in right now! But since I'm a hermit I don't know where I would wear one. Ha!

  2. I have that feeling all the time -- like, WHY did I agree to do this? And then, like you, I have fun once I'm there. Love all the flowers!

  3. I know that feeling very well, but I'm determined to go and do things as often as I can. I doubt I'll ever regret not spending more time at home.

    The flowers are lovely and colourful. We're finally coming out of the cold, grey doldrums here. My patio and porch furniture came out yesterday! Temps will be in the 70s and maybe 80 by the end of the week. And sunshine! We may have turned the corner at last.

    1. Yay for sunshine & warmth! I know you are Very Ready for them!

      I've been trying to say yes more, but I do get people fatigue & then I'm not very good company for Dr. M (who happens to be people too - what the heck!).

  4. Frequently I plan to do things that require me to leave the house and yard. Frequently, I never go. Oh well. All your flowers look lovely. And, rain?? You're getting rain?? What's that??


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