Sunday, September 30, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Thirty-nine

This was a rough week, nationally. At least from where I’m sitting it was rough. And yet I feel so numb from All The Things that my outrage seems muted. I’m pretty darned tired. And yet we soldier on.
Sunday, September 23rd                           
This helps a lot – our wildflower bed is still sending out surprises for us. This week it was a zinnia to go with the blanket flowers & forget-me-nots.

Man, I just really suck at parking.

Monday, September 24th                                    
No picture today – just a screen shot of a page from the book I was reading (the latest J.D. Robb). I think she has a point. Ha!

Tuesday, September 25th                                                      
I worked on this baby blanket all week & kept asking people for advice about the border. Today’s question was: add the last row of gray, or not?

Wednesday, September 26th        
I had a low tire pressure warning on my way home from work. My sweetie checked all the tires & then pumped up the low one – in the rain! He’s the best.

Thursday, September 27th             
Your weekly furniture.

Friday, September 28th                                   
Did I mention that I suck at parking?

Dr. M went to the grocery store & was assaulted by Pumpkin Spice Everything.

I finished the blanket!

Saturday, September 29th                                          
Is there anything better than an impatiens popper?

The Roy getting some excellent attention from Dr. M.

I super-duper struggled with this square – I don’t really like how any of the colorways turned out. But they’re done. Moving on now!

The weekend is almost over & I don’t really feel ready for a new work week. I haven’t packed my lunch or picked out what I’m wearing tomorrow. I guess I’d better hop to it. What are your essential Sunday night tasks?

Sunday, September 23, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Thirty-eight

This was such a busy week that we barely remembered to take any pictures at all! As I look through the ones we do have, I note a rather pink theme. Ha!
Sunday, September 16th                          
Sunday afternoon chores – okra & green beans fresh from my dad’s garden!

Monday, September 17th                                    
Although it was still pretty soggy from the remnants of Hurricane Florence. Dr. M took a few pictures around the yard.

Tuesday, September 18th                                                      
Same as it ever was…

Our Encore Azaleas have been lovely!

Wednesday, September 19th        
We didn’t take any pictures today, so I decided to just plug in the weekly furniture pictures here. The pink chair was a special request from a little girl.

Thursday, September 20th             
Dr. M took his dad to the eye doctor. Someone mentioned on Facebook that Pop looks a little skeptical. He’s probably thinking, “what are you doing with that newfangled gadget you whippersnapper!”

Friday, September 21st                                   
Work was CRAZY today & I never got to eat my afternoon snack so I was starving when I texted Dr. M that I was on my way home. He said, “Little Caeser’s?” And I said “on it!” And yes, I did eat a slice of pizza on my way home. Ha!

Saturday, September 22nd                                         
My caption for this was “Nervously turning circles into squares while I wait to see if the #atlantabraves clinch their division. #crochet #baseball #stressful” My worry must have worked because they did it!

Work has been extra busy lately & I’ve started alarming my coworkers with Frantic Mode Bug. How do you handle stress?

Sunday, September 16, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Thirty-seven

We are about 250 miles inland from Wilmington, NC, so we escaped most of the devastating impact of Hurricane Florence. Today we just have a LOT of rain and a little wind. There is a possibility of flash flooding, but nothing like the eastern part of the state. It will be quite a while before those folks dry out & their lives get back to normal.

Sunday, September 9th                          
I worked on a baby blanket for someone at church.

I thought it would be cute to make a hat with some of the leftover yarn. Note to self: do not use floofy blanket yarn to make pom poms. Dr. M had to vacuum me off!

Monday, September 10th                                    
Your furniture fix for the week.

Tuesday, September 11th                                                      
Dr. M got some new logs to play with. These are from Roy Toy.  Not as famous as Lincoln Logs, but it’s been around since the 1930s.

Wednesday, September 12th        
Thrilled to find a paper folder at work. Less thrilled at how “well” it handled a paycheck (don’t worry - it was my direct deposit stub).

Listening to a new audio book. It’s set 2 miles below the surface of the ocean. The main character was asked if he was claustrophobic, but I believe the correct question would have been, “are YOU claustrophobic dear reader?” Because the guy is still in the bathyscaphe & I already can’t breathe. I’ll just be over here hyperventilating for the next week or so. #dramaqueen #butreallyicantbreathe (I entirely blame Ellen Abbott for this - she got me started on this series).

Thursday, September 13th             
Another building project. I love the sheep on the roof – they’re trying to make sure they’re safe from the hurricane. Ha!

This is the face of a woman who wishes she’d worn a headband while mowing.

Friday, August 14th                                  
Looking for Florence.

The mum my cousin gave us last year got put on the deck & left alone all winter – and here it is all revived this year.

Another blanket square.

Saturday, September 15th                                        
Why yes, I did thoughtlessly put this shirt on to go out running errands. Dr. M asked if I was trying to be funny and it took me a minute to get it. Sheesh.

Now that I've finished with this post I plan to spend the rest of this rainy Sunday crocheting and reading the new J.D. Robb book. What are your plans?

Sunday, September 9, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Thirty-six

It was nice to have a day off this past week, but that means that I’m going to be a little salty to have to get up & go to work tomorrow. Thank goodness I like my job!
Sunday, September 2nd                         
Another fine edition of The Bug Parking Badly.

Monday, September 3rd                                   
New square. Don’t stare at it too much – it’s a bit crazy-making!               

It was time for Martha Goose to go to school.

Tuesday, September 4th                                                      
I had my annual “female” exam today. I wasn’t too sure about the audience.

Wednesday, September 5th        
Dr. M put together a new bookcase & got my Dick Francis books shelved. Excellent!

Another spiral.

I got into bed & looked at my fitbit. Can you guess what I did next? (Also, you’d think I’d check before I get into bed – this seems to happen to me a lot!)

Thursday, September 6th             
Spiral #3. You’ll be glad to know there aren’t any more.

Friday, August 7th                                  
Your weekly look at furniture from work.

Saturday, September 8th                                        
Dr. M found a Daniel Boone log cabin kit & has been having a lot of fun. The caption for this picture is “Ol’ Dan’l appears to be vexed by sheep.”

This is what true love looks like - because I was about to just burn the whole skein of yarn!

Meanwhile, I tried to put my glasses on...while I was wearing glasses. 

It was a good bit cooler this morning when I went to church. I guess I have to face the fact that it’s pretty much fall now. I’m just not really an autumn lover. I think I’d be ok with it if it didn’t get dark so much sooner. Can we defy the rotation of the earth so I can have more daylight? I would really appreciate it. What’s your favorite season?

Sunday, September 2, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Thirty-five

I’m not sure I can express how excited I am to have the day off tomorrow. Especially because I slammed my finger in the door in the bathroom at the Ruby Tuesdays today and typing is a wee bit painful. Fortunately it’s my left hand so it doesn’t affect my crochet. Ha!
Sunday, August 26th                        
Lots of pictures today! First of all, I played hooky from church to go mall walking with my dad.

Then we swung by the house to pick up Dr. M & went back to my dad & Sue’s house whereupon they fed us (yum!). We went out to check out my dad’s garden.

Then we went to my brother’s house to pick up their old dining room table. Thanks to my brother & his wife for wanting to get rid of it & thanks to my dad for helping Dr. M get it set up in our house.

THEN Dr. M saw a wren on the front porch. We wondered if it had been born in the nest that was in the petunias last year. 

 Finally, the moon!

Monday, August 27th                                  
Block #16 in my last colorway. I don’t really like the green – I kind of wish I’d picked a different 4th color for this blanket, but 16 squares in I’m not going to be making any changes. This isn’t for me anyway – hopefully it can find a home with someone who likes the color combo. I’m thinking about selling it. We’ll see!

I thought I’d show all four squares so you can see how different color combos can completely change the look of a pattern.

Tuesday, August 28th                                                      
Last year when I couldn’t walk out to the impatiens bed, Dr. M would occasionally bring me a popper to pop (popping the seed pods is my favorite part of impatiens). He dumped the seeds in our palm plant & this year we ended up with five impatiens plants! We’ve even had some blooms. Makes us smile.

Wednesday, August 29th        
My lovely dinner. That’s edamame, not lima beans (well, I guess technically it’s mukimame – edamame is soybeans in the pod).

Thursday, August 30th             
I didn’t actually take all of them on Thursday, but I decided to group all the furniture pictures from work here.

Friday, August 31st                                  
Dr. M watered the plants and then we got a gullywasher. Ha!

Saturday, September 1st                                       
How the heck is it already September? I spent the morning trying to work on the new blanket block, but it was coming out WAY too big (like 2 inches too big), so I gave up & decided to make an alternate. This is from 2015’s crochet along. It looks complicated, and it is, a little, but so much fun!

I was getting ready to head out to clean my car windshield & saw this tiny little guy on the porch. Dr. M had to get his photo. I love the bright blue tails that these five lined skinks have when they’re young.

It feels like I had something to say here, but my mind is blank. Oh! I can mention that today at church I took such a big hunk of communion bread that my brother said I had to count it as two WW points. I got so tickled that I had to work VERY HARD not to start giggling during communion. And the look on my face apparently made the people around me also have to work hard to stop giggling. When was the last time you laughed at an inappropriate moment?

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