Sunday, August 27, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Thirty-four

This week Dr. M and I are slightly obsessed with our hair.
Sunday, August 20th      
We had an ice cream social at church and it was a blast! One of our members is so creative & everything was very cute. I got new glasses and matched the décor quite well. Ha!

Monday, August 21st                
Yesterday’s hair was a bit much, so I tried to tame it.

Tuesday, August 22nd                     
Dr. M says: Six months ago my labs showed that in the last 18 months my A1c had risen from 5.9 to 6.9, and I had gained a significant amount of weight. It was time to act. I started taking metformin to lower my A1c. It was effective, in that 3 months later my number was 6.7, but it was not a pleasant 3 months for my digestive system. Also, I only managed to lose 7 pounds…less than half my goal. On May 15, my PCP handed me a free month supply of low dose Jardiance. After a month I felt a lot better and had lost 5 pounds or more. So I bit the substantive bullet and bought another month’s worth, and then another after that. As of today I am down 19 pounds from what I weighed on May 15 [Note from the Bug – that’s a total of 26 pounds!]! And my A1c is 6.5! So I’m having some Utz honey barbecue potato chips.

Wednesday, August 23rd                               
No photo.
Thursday, August 24th                        
Dr. M never wears his hair down so it’s easy to forget how much he’s got. I’m pretty jealous of the curls. Also, aren’t his dimples adorable?

Friday, August 25th                         
I was working on the border & started feeling like someone was watching me. Ha!

Saturday, August 26th               
Dr. M found a happy little field in his Saturday travels.

Our church was canceled today because the AC wasn’t working – it was 91 degrees in the sanctuary last night. So I’m hanging out at home this morning before I leave to pick up Sunday lunch for the fam. When I get back I’m finishing that blanket! So there! Anything you’re looking forward to finishing?

Sunday, August 20, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Thirty-three

I would like to apologize in advance for all the blanket content. I’m not as far along as I expected to be, but I worked on it almost every day. See? I can follow through on things! Eventually.
Sunday, August 13th      
I am HERE for waffles made by my dad. I will always say yes.

Monday, August 14th               
I started joining the squares on Sunday, and spent my lunch hour on Monday working on it.

Tuesday, August 15th                    
While fixing dinner, I noticed bread in the toaster. Dr. M looked at it & said, “that’s YESTERDAY’S toast!” He forgot to eat it, & neither of us noticed. I laughed like a loon. Just another day in the life of an absent minded professor.

Wednesday, August 16th                              
Went to see Dad & Sue at lunch, but (I thought) they weren’t there, so I just sat under this tree with the windows rolled down and read my book. Bliss! (As has happened one other time, it turns out that Dad & Sue are, in fact, NOT joined at the hip. She was gone, but he was in the house. Oops.)

Thursday, August 17th                        
Shared with no commentary.

Squares are joined! On to the border!

Friday, August 18th                         
Propped my feet up & did border things during my lunch hour.

Saturday, August 11th               
Had a pool party with a couple of my oldest friends yesterday (we missed you Sherri!) & had a blast. Showed off the 15 extra pounds I’ve put on this year, got sunburned (forgot to put any sunscreen on my legs 😳), crocheted, ate charcuterie & cookies. It was a good day! (Bonus content – a photo of me wearing the same swimsuit in 2004. Suffice it to say that I don’t swim very often.)

Meanwhile, Dr. M did some porch sitting with Pop. 

Speaking of waffles, I had a FB friend pose the question as to which was superior, waffles or pancakes, and here was my answer: They are two different things. Sometimes you need the cakey cake of the pancake. Sometimes you need the crunchy squish of the waffle. The only thing that’s always true: a quart of butter & syrup on whichever tasty treat you eat. What say you?

Sunday, August 13, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Thirty-two

This has been quite a summer around here. I usually like summer pretty well, but for the first time in a while I think I’m ready for fall. (Note: in light of what happened in Maui, our troubles are but a trifle – Lord help those folks.)
Sunday, August 6th      
Dr. M’s brunch. I went by Dad & Sue’s after church & ate ham biscuits.

Monday, August 7th               
Went to get into my car to go to work & was greeted by this ginormous web that was attached to my car. I took a photo of what I thought was the culprit – note the giant hairy leg. Later, Dr. M went out to check on it & saw the leg in the same position. He poked at it & it was a twig. Ha!

We had a powerful thunderstorm blow through with wind gusts of up to 80 mph, and about 4:30 our power went out. I went to pick up some takeout for dinner & had some issues getting home.

Later, we drove around trying to get a cell signal & chasing the sunset.

Tuesday, August 8th                    
Still no power. Fortunately we still had hot water for my morning shower. I brought home some cold things to eat for dinner.

We thought the power was going to come back on by 11:00 that night, but found out at 9:00 pm that we were being bumped to the next day. We were afraid that we would lose everything in our deep freeze so I checked with Dad & Sue & they said they had plenty of room. We headed over at 9:30 and got our stuff stashed. Whew! (Note: Dad & Dr. M put the stuff in the freezer – I worked the puzzle).

Wednesday, August 9th                              
Still no power in the morning – but miraculously there was still enough hot water for my shower. The power came on around 11:30. Dr. M did a little tribute post of all the battery powered lighting we had used – ha! I think they look like some sort of steampunk army heading to our rescue.

Thursday, August 9th                        
Gave in & got my gray covered.

Friday, August 10th                         
I took the day off from work to clean out our fridge (since it was a lot emptier after Dr. M got rid of spoiled food). I finally finished the last of the bobble squares for Elliott’s blanket! The ones that needed blocking are even now sitting (damply, pinned to blocking squares) on the dining room table.

Saturday, August 11th               
Dr. M says tis the season of cornfields and crepe myrtle, of green soybean fields and sunflowers, here in beautiful Lincoln County.

Remember how I was frustrated with the Braves last week? Yesterday they played a double header & won the first game 21-3, and the second game 6-0. I think they’re all right. For this coming week I’m going to wish for boring. Nothing dramatic. Nothing out of the ordinary. Ho hum. What are you hoping for? 

Sunday, August 6, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Thirty-one

Pickins are slim around here, for undetermined reasons. I’ve been reading a lot? We’ve been in a funk? Summer has just beaten us down into a gooey paste?
Sunday, July 30th      
No photo today – just a mini sermon from me at church.

Monday, July 31st              
It’s Monday & I am taking umbrage at my hair (what in the world) & the giant zit that’s too gross to reveal in this photo. I am almost 60 years old and I DO NOT APPROVE.

Tuesday, August 1st                    
No photo.
Wednesday, August 2nd                               
I thought this photo of me walking at work was pretty cool. No?

Thursday, August 3rd                       
Tender vittles moment in my audiobook. Sob!

Friday, August 4th                         
Here I am trying to drink coffee again. My dad gave me some Miracle Berries which are supposed to make sour & bitter things taste sweet, & my coworker made me a fancy cup of coffee with cream. I *think* I could drink it if someone made me. Maybe. But since I’m the boss of me I’ll just say no thank you. Blech. Note: the Miracle Berries are very tasty – I could just eat those instead of all those sour/bitter foods.

Saturday, August 5th               
We’re having a school supply drive at church for our local Title I elementary school. Dr. M took his mission very seriously – he got a list of supplies for 3rd graders and got All The Things. This is for two students – a lot of stuff & a fair amount of money. It’s no wonder that so many teachers end up spending their own money so that students can have what they need. (And isn’t that Encanto backpack the bomb? Look at the little pompoms under the pocket zipper!)

I’m currently watching baseball & getting a little frustrated with my Braves. Yes, they’re still currently leading their division by 11 games, and yes they’ve won 6 of their last 10 games, but… wait, where was I going with this? I guess I’d like them to win this particular game. Anyway, do you have anything that you feel irrational about right now?

2024 Project 365 – Week Sixteen

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