Sunday, July 29, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Thirty

As soon as I finish writing this post I'm going to clean the house. So I shall type v e r y   s l o w l y...
Sunday, July 22nd                       
As I mentioned last week, I joined my church today. I was tickled to get a comma pin - because God is still speaking!

Monday, July 23rd                                 
The only picture from today is a recipe. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds pretty yummy.

Tuesday, July 24th                                                   
More “interesting” furniture from work.

Block #14 in my first colorway.

Wednesday, July 25th    
I had to laugh when I saw this on a friend’s Facebook wall – I took that picture of the sky after I read it. Should I be worried?

One of the neighborhood dogs got loose. Such a menace galoot. Ha!

Thursday, July 26th         
I was trying to decide if I liked my hair pulled back like this. I guess it’s ok; however, when my hair gets long enough to pull back I start mostly wearing it pulled back because it annoys me. Might be time for a trim!

Oh that Morning Glory…

Friday, July 27th                                
All day I’d been telling people at work that I was going to go home & mow. And then I came home & Dr. M had mowed. Winning! Isn’t he the best?

Block 14 in my second colorway.

Saturday, July 28th                                       
Today we went on a ramble. Here we are at lunch at the Copper Penny Grille in Forest City – they had pennies as part of their décor (you can see some behind my head). The food was great – I had the fish tacos.

We drove through Lake Lure – where some of Dirty Dancing was filmed. We spent part of our honeymoon there 27 ½ years ago. It looked just a bit different in December. Ha!

Once again I wrote this while watching Braves baseball. After losing two games to the Dodgers it looks like they might win this one. We shall see. Also, Chipper Jones gets inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame today. So far it looks like a good day to be a Braves fan. Is anything making your day special?

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Recent Google Searches

Offered with minimal commentary.

Potato salad with raisins: I keep seeing this bouncing around & decided to find out if it's really a thing because that sounds disgusting. It's a Saturday Night Live thing and that explains everything.

Golden moneywort: I saw some ground cover that I thought might work in our back yard - turns out that it's (probably) Creeping Jenny & maybe that would be a bad idea? The jury is still out!

How to use Nads facial wax strips: I decided that I needed to move to the next level of mustache management. Heavy sigh.

Emperor Zhark: Character in a book I was reading - I wanted to know if there really are books out there where he is a character. I'm thinking not? Anyone else know?

Jayson Werth: I could NOT remember the name of the Nationals player that recently retired - thanks Google!

Angus Lennie: Actor in The Great Escape. I was trying to see if I'd seen him in any other movies. Nope.

Can you substitute cooking spray for parchment paper: Yes, yes you can

Can you substitute wax paper for parchment paper: DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO BURN DOWN THE HOUSE!

Doobie Brothers: I couldn't remember the name of the lead singer that I don't like (Michael McDonald - sorry Michael!).

Top Spin Lob: We were laughing at how a character in one of Dick Francis' books called a horse Topsy Blob instead of Top Spin Lob, and I had to just confirm that my facts were straight.

How many strikeouts does CC Sabathia have: Well, wouldn't you want to know too? 

Sunday, July 22, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Twenty-nine

I had a much better week last week. I’m getting used to working again – ha!
Sunday, July 15th                       
I’ve been taking monthly pictures of the big tree in our back yard. I’ve been planning to wait and do one post with twelve photos. But this is the only picture we took today, so I edited it to be all moody so it will look different when I do The Tree Post.

Monday, July 16th                                 
Dr. M was monitoring our rain situation & discovered that the Grinch had come to town!


Tuesday, July 17th                                                   
Another piece of furniture from work. It was a crazy busy week – we had a huge order that went out on Friday & everyone worked really hard to make it happen.

Wednesday, July 18th    
Morning glories still going strong.

Another sofa just because I think it’s really cool. However, it’s HUGE. I sat on it & my feet basically stuck straight out in front of me I probably looked like Edith Ann. Ha!

Thursday, July 19th         
The goldfinches on our wildflowers just makes my day. Dr. M is the one who gets the pictures, but I’ve actually seen them myself a few times.

Mr. Roy has taken to sitting in a chair in his back yard, just like a real person. Ha!

Square number 13 in all four of my colorways.

Friday, July 20th                                
I decided to join the church I’ve been attending. The pastor and his wife like to have new members over for dessert & we did s’mores! They were fabulous. We also played corn hole, which was not so fabulous. As I announced on Facebook, I super suck at corn hole.

Saturday, July 21st                                       
Monday is the 29th anniversary of our first kiss, so we went out to eat. Well, actually, we were going to go get groceries, but decided to have dinner first & came up with a reason to celebrate. I told Dr. M that it was a good thing I was the designated driver because that margarita was as big as his head!

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. Well, I am doing laundry, and I just watched Max Scherzer get a hit against the Braves pitcher. What the heck. So how are you guys doing?

Monday, July 16, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Twenty-eight

Man, I was wiped out this past week! It’s like I forgot how to manage my energy for a week of work after being off for a week. I didn’t read any blogs, or really do anything at all except a bit of crochet & playing mindless games on my iPad. So far this week is better (yes, I know it’s just Monday- ha!)
Sunday, July 8th                       
My question is this: how many different types of bread do two people need? We’ve got yer hotdog buns, and yer hamburger buns, and rye bread, bagel thins, and regular sandwich bread. Sheesh!

Monday, July 9th                                 
Flowers! Mostly from the wildflower bed, but there’s one morning glory in there. The morning glories have lost their dang minds – I’ll have to get a picture of the two vines we’ve got.

Tuesday, July 10th                                                   
Chair from work.

I was so sleepy, but had to take a picture & post about how sleepy I was, but couldn't go to bed until I finished the row - and then I finished the row.

Wednesday, July 11th    
No picture!

Thursday, July 12th         

Friday, July 13th                                
I came home from work to find that Dr. M had mowed. Almost made me cry for the second week in a row – I wasn’t looking forward to mowing in this heat!

More daylilies – I love the variety that the neighbor has.

Look at this cosmos stalk. I think they’re plotting the takeover of the world!

Saturday, July 14th                                      
Today I went with my sister-in-law to the Raleigh airport to pick up my niece. She’s been living in Miami because she was recruited by her dream cheer team. She’s home for two weeks & that Mama is very happy!

Our impatiens are still doing very well – a calm oasis in the back yard.

I may or may not ever make it around to everyone’s blogs. I hope to eventually anyway – I miss you guys!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Twenty-seven

Ah well, vacation is over & the new work week is about to begin. In fact, Dr. M & I went to the plant today to turn the air back on so that when the workers get there at 7:00 tomorrow morning it won’t be 90 degrees in the building.
Sunday, July 1st                      
My dad always cracks me up how he dresses up for the holidays. He was so cute that I almost didn’t mind that he made this alto try to sing soprano on the Star Spangled Banner.

Blanket update – my 4th colorway.

Monday, July 2nd                               
Today we drove about an hour and a half to Beech Mountain, and into a whole new climate – bliss! These are the things we could see from the condo balcony.

Tuesday, July 3rd                                                  
Dr. M pulled a muscle in his back getting the luggage out of the car, so we spent most of our time relaxing in the condo (and who wouldn’t want to with that view?). However, we did get out a couple of times. This was just a bit further up the hill behind the condo.

This was part of the condo décor. My Instagram caption: Sometimes we’re all just pawns in the game of life. #wherestherestofthechessset #feelingsilly

Wednesday, July 4th    
Today we stayed in and it was fabulous. We had a very American meal of hotdogs & beer (for Dr. M) & listened to excellent live music on the balcony. It was so cool I had to wear a hoodie! (P.S. I remind myself of Ally Sheedy in the Breakfast Club in this picture – hilarious.) (P.P.S. we were on the balcony – the live music was down the hill somewhere.)

Thursday, July 5th         
Today we drove to Roan Mountain. It was a lovely day! And once again, I was a bit flummoxed trying to get a selfie of the two of us – I’m so short!

On the way back we stopped at a Mexican restaurant. They had excellent food, but I wasn’t too sure about the placement of the full length mirror in the bathroom. Yes, I know. I have no shame.

Friday, July 6th                                
Headed home today & my mood matched my banana. Ha!

During the drive home we drove through torrential rain & high wind – I would not have been surprised to see a cow fly by (like in Twister). Thank goodness for Dr. M’s steady hands & steely nerves! When we got home we discovered that our two neighbor ladies had teamed up to mow our yard for us! I almost cried with gratitude.

Saturday, July 7th                                      
I woke up at 4:00 in the morning & couldn’t go back to sleep. So I basically was a zombie all day. Thank goodness Dr. M was more on the ball & got pictures of our wildflowers – still going strong!

How was your week? Did you feel as conflicted as I did on the 4th? I’m not sure I felt very celebratory. However, as the columnist Connie Shultz said, “It’s our America too.”

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