Monday, January 28, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Four

This week I tried to be more intentional about taking pictures – and Dr. M remembered to take some as well.
Sunday, January 20th                                 
I “made” a scarf using some loopy yarn. It was one of those “finger crochet” dealios. I’m using all those quotation marks because there really was not very much to the process – took about five minutes.

Monday, January 21st                  
Last week Pixel Peeper asked where I ate my breakfast during the week. In my car! I make a breakfast sandwich (bagel thin, egg, Canadian bacon, Laughing Cow cheese) every morning before I leave for work. I usually arrive at work hitting the ground running so I don’t like to wait to eat there – and I am NOT getting up early enough to eat at home!

Tuesday, January 22nd                                              
I finished the third of the four blankets I’m making. Now I just need to find a home for it!

Dr. M saw a goldfinch on the feeder!

The moon! (For more pictures from the big Moon Event this week, see my previous post.)

Friday, January 25th                                               
I like to eat a little stoup with my cornbread – ha!

Dr. M found llamas! He needs to go back with the big camera.

Saturday, January 26th
I made one of my favorite sandwiches – turkey & mayo & peanut butter & jelly. I added an interesting extra ingredient – banana slices! It was pretty good, but I prefer to use bologna instead of turkey.

My sister-in-law invited me to attend Drag Me to the Red Carpet – a benefit event for OUTright Youth of Catawba Valley. It was my first drag show & it was a hoot! Pictured here are “Flip Wilson” doing “Geraldine,” “Pink,” and “Brittney Spears.” So much fun!

I finally took down the Christmas tree today. I debated leaving it up longer, but it was impeding Dr. M’s view of the front bird feeder. We still have other random decorations around. I apparently feel no sense of urgency here. Ha! I assume that those of you who decorated took everything down right away, right?

Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse...

...which I slept through... But Dr. M was out there! These aren't his best shots because he couldn't find the tripod, but I think they're pretty cool anyway. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Three

Well this won’t take long – I have one video and two pictures to share this week. All righty then!
Sunday, January 13th                                 
I videoed the singing at the nursing home. Unfortunately I could only get me in the frame (sorry). Also I think I sound a little flat. But it was fun anyway.

Thursday, January 17th                 
A very red chair from work!

Saturday, January 19th                                               
We invited Daddy & Sue over for lunch (well, they brought the food – ha! We wanted them to see our Christmas decorations before we take them down). Of course, in the spirit of the total slacktitude that was this week I took no pictures of the visit. Instead, here is Christmas Bear sitting in the chair I usually use when I eat breakfast on the weekends. Rude! Although he was nice and quiet, which was good since I hadn’t had much caffeine yet.

If I keep up with not getting a picture each day I might have to abandon this weekly post, because this is ridiculous. I will try to do better next week! Anything in particular you’d like to see a picture of?

Monday, January 14, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Two

I just dumped about a quarter cup of cold water down the front of my sheep jammies, and one would think that that would make me extra alert now, but one would be wrong. Instead, I’m drowsy, cranky, and damp. However, I shall tell you about last week anyway.
Sunday, January 6th                                 
I finished the last square in this colorway and started putting the blanket together. Still not sure what I’m doing with this one.

Monday, January 7th                                            
No picture

Tuesday, January 8th                                               
Ms. Pinky is still thriving in the bathtub.

Wednesday, January 9th             
I impulse bought some new sunglasses. From the kiddie rack. Cheap & cute!

Thursday, January 10th                 
Dr. M drove by the church where we got married.

Here is the very last blanket square! I also don’t know what I’m doing with this blanket – which is fine because who knows when I’ll finish it.

Friday, January 11th                                        
No picture

Saturday, January 12th                                               
Today was the delayed brunch with my college friends. This is our 34th year – amazing! We had a great time. Every time we get together I declare that we need to do it more often. Too bad we’re all so busy. Shout out to Dr. M who worked the tail he doesn’t have off (he has no butt) – moved furniture, decorated, made the French Toast casserole and did all the things a good host does. I cleaned, but otherwise I’m kind of party illiterate. Thank goodness I have him!

Later that day I participated in that Facebook thing where you show how much you’ve aged by posting your first profile picture & your most recent one. This one is cheating a bit – I used the picture on the left as my first profile pic in 2008, but it was actually taken in the late 90s not too long after we moved to Ohio.

This was the first full week back to work after our vacation and I have to say that I was unamused. I had to get up & be presentable & act like a functioning adult for five whole days. Rude! Sadly, I have to do the same thing this week too. How long until retirement?

Friday, January 11, 2019

Krispy Kreme

On Saturday I went to the 80th birthday party for my mom's best friend. The food table had a plate of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, which made me smile & brought back a flood of memories. Mom & Sue were absolutely hilarious to hang out with – they truly were Lucy & Ethel to me. I used to go to concerts & shopping with them in Charlotte NC, about an hour from our home. Each trip was a total blast, and always ended with swinging by the doughnut shop on the way home. The fact that you couldn’t really get there without making several illegal u-turns was no impediment to my mother. I wrote this poem about the experience a while back. Sorry for those who have already read it.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

It’s midnight and I’m
sitting in the back seat
holding on for dear life.
“Hey Mom – I’m not too
sure this is a good idea!”
But Lucy & Ethel just
laugh maniacally as we
career through those
dark Charlotte streets
making illegal U-turns
in our quest for the coda
of our concert experience.
I’ll take a half dozen
chocolate covered
kreme filled please
and eat them all by myself
in that back seat cocoon,
ignoring the further
traffic law defying
antics of Lucy and Ethel.
I’m humming Islands in the Stream
and wondering if that cute
lead singer for Sawyer Brown
is really as short as he looks.

Sue and Mom

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wordless Wednesday: Day of the Dolphins

Dr. M goes to the beach with a purpose: to find a high hide from which to shoot (with his trusty Nikon) all the beachy things. So it is no surprise that we found ourselves in a third floor condo with a huge balcony overlooking the beach at Nags Head. Weather was not his friend on our first two days there, but on our last full day at the OBX, Sol came out, the seas calmed a bit, and Dr. M had the best time dolphin-watching! As you know, he was occasionally distracted by dogs and their humans (not to mention gulls, turns, pelicans, and the necessity of taking his wife to lunch), but mostly he watched for dorsal fins and air blows. We gave you a sneak peek last week, but here are some of his favorite images from that glorious December morning:

Sunday, January 6, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week One. The I’m a Creature of Habit Edition

I talked a big game about changing things up, but when it came down to it I remembered how confused I was in 2017 when I didn’t do this weekly post. I’m going to try to not post a picture every day for the heck of it – I’ll just post the days when something of interest happened. Of interest to me, anyway – you people are just along for the ride.
Sunday, December 30th                                
We drove home from the beach today, so here is an appropriately dreary picture. It was a nice drive home. I drove & made Dr. M listen to my audio book & I was in the zone – love trips like that.

Monday, December 31st                                           
Happy New Year! We went to my cousin’s annual party. However, I lost in the first round of the ping pong tournament (damn you Caroline!) so we were home again by 9:30. Well, actually we came home early because I had to go to work the next day. I’m still salty about the ping pong though.

Tuesday, January 1st                                              
This is the view that my phone had while I was trying to remember if I’d remembered to bring my phone.

Wednesday, January 2nd            
No picture

Thursday, January 3rd                
Oh my word I was in a frenzy – I looked down at my hand & only saw one of the three rings in this set. I had been to CVS, the bank, and the post office earlier, so after I didn’t see the rings in the office or parking lot or car, I retraced my steps & gave my business card to folks at each location. No dice. Then my coworker found one of the rings in the bathroom (that I had already searched), & another coworker convinced me to go through the trash again. I pulled out each individual paper towel & found the other ring. Woo hoo!

Friday, January 4th                                        
Caught a coworker in action while he got a picture of a furniture tableau.

Saturday, January 5th                                               
I’ve been elected to the church council at my new church (did I tell you?). Today we had a planning session/retreat. I’m now chairing the green committee. I’m not really sure how this keeps happening. Ha!

Since I haven’t answered questions on my last blog post, I’ll answer them here. Eye primer is supposed to make your eye shadow stay on longer & look more even. I don’t usually mess with it, but I had gotten this one as a bonus when I bought something else. I usually ignore expiration dates – if it doesn’t look or smell funky I’m game. The hydrocortisone didn’t pass the look test. Nance is RIGHT – SMH is Shake My Head. But I always thought it was Smack My Head & I like my version better. Ha!

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