Sunday, October 31, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Forty-four

Oof – there are a lot of pictures this week (a lot of pictures of ME – sorry!). Let’s just dive in.
Sunday, October 24th   
Dr. M & I were driving home & saw a couple of sundogs. These aren’t the best photos of them, but they still make me happy.

Monday, October 25th     
I was heading out to walk with my cousin. I struggled so mightily to put on my “sports bra” that I got 77 steps on my Fitbit. Hahaha!

Tuesday, October 26th    
This is NOT an attractive photo, but this Amy’s Organic meal is DELICIOUS (Palak Paneer).

Wednesday, October 27th    
I usually take my lunch hour in my office & it finally occurred to me to create a little nest so I’m more comfortable while I’m scrolling Instagram on my iPad. (Note: being a hermit during lunch is what this introvert needs so she can interact gracefully with employees the rest of the day.)

Thursday, October 28th      
Got my flu shot – this year’s bandage was Scooby & the Gang!

Date night – TexMex & hockey.

Friday, October 29th    
The 1970s was our team’s theme this year. I thought we did pretty well!

Saturday, October 30th    
Weird food of the week – apple with peanut butter & pomegranate seeds. Yum!

My (extremely talented) sister-in-law asked if I could help with her work’s trunk or treat. Her theme was Jurassic Park & my plan was to dress in khakis or something. But I don’t own khakis & I did NOT want to go shopping. So I chose the T-Rex costume. Because at this point in my life I pretty much have no dignity left. But you know – it was a hoot! I was a little claustrophobic to start off, but I got used to it. The kids LOVED it. I actually tried to do some dancing with one of the kids, and since I knew it looked hilarious I tried to do some running around. These first pictures are the view from inside the costume. 


Because I know you have been on pins & needles, here is a baseball update: the Braves are ONE WIN away from winning the World Series! If they win tonight they win it all & I can go back to getting an adequate amount of sleep. If they don’t win, they head to Houston for game 6 on Tuesday. This has been quite a ride, and I’m very proud of the team, but I am also ready for a baseball break. It’s time to hibernate for the winter & that involves going to bed in a timely manner! What does self-care look like for you in these shorter days?

Saturday, October 23, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Forty-three

It’s the bottom of the 6th inning of game 6 of the NLCS and if the Braves win they go to the World Series. They’re up by three runs, but that lead doesn’t seem safe. We’ve got the bases loaded with 2 outs. I’m a nervous wreck, so I’m going to work on this post!
Sunday, October 17th   
Went to the parentals to work a puzzle. I got to tear up the old one & start the new one. It was a very pleasant visit (note: I do actually talk to Daddy & Sue while I'm there). 

Monday, October 18th     
Got new Feryl Designs earrings. Someone needs to stop me. Really.

Tuesday, October 19th    
So I wore them to work the next day. I decided that my outfit had serious male flamenco dancer vibes. Ha!

Wednesday, October 20th    
For boss’s day my coworkers painted rocks for our boss. I was out of the office that day (beach!), so I got to do my own thing later. Someone said it looked like a baked potato wrapped in yarn and now I can’t unsee that.

The moon!

Thursday, October 21st      
Evidence that I had my nephew’s gift on his birthday. Too bad he’s in Oklahoma. Well, he’ll get it eventually. (His wife's gift is even later than his - her birthday was earlier in October.)

Friday, October 22nd    
Listening to a new audiobook that has me laughing and crying in the same paragraph. It is EXCELLENT, and you shall hear all about it if I ever write my book review post.

Saturday, October 23rd   
The temps this week have dipped down into the strawberry range for my temperature blanket, but I had a bit of a mess going on. I spent some quality time sorting it out & got caught up. No photo of the blanket because it gets dark so early now. Very annoying.

Well, now it’s the bottom of the 7th inning. We didn’t score in the 6th, and the score is now 4-2 Braves. I am now to the point of chewing my fingernails off if I were the kind of person to chew my fingernails. I feel like none of my readers are actually into baseball. What happens in your life to give you this same kind of delicious tension?


Sunday, October 17, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Forty-two

I was ruthless, but there are still a ridiculous number of photos this week. Sorry. Not sorry. Sorta sorry? We only go to the beach once a year, so I’m sure you will indulge me…
Sunday, October 10th   
And we’re off!

We got there around 6:00 and confirmed that yes, there is an ocean where we’re staying!

Monday, October 11th     
Monday was moody, which was fine because we had a full slate of baseball games to watch. Ha! In the collage of Dr. M watching the game you can see me on the balcony finishing up the scrappy dishcloth you see here.

Tuesday, October 12th    
Glorious day! We still didn’t leave the condo – who needs to go anywhere with the view that we had?

Wednesday, October 13th    
Dr. M helped me with a photo shoot for that shawl I’ve been working on for three months – finished, washed, and blocked – I love it!

We went out to get pizza for dinner, and then continued our expert level relaxing.

Evening scenes…

Thursday, October 14th     
We finally took a walk on the beach!

Me, working on a crochet project: “I am NOT counting every row! It’s ridiculous.” Also me: “1, 2, 3, 4…78, 79, 80.”


Friday, October 15th   
We said goodbye to the beach today.

Passed a number of cotton fields on the way home. I had just been reading the chapter about reparations in Osheta Moore’s book Dear White Peacemaker and seeing those fields made me feel some kind of way.

Saturday, October 16th  
No photo today (you are welcome). Instead please enjoy this conversation between Dr. M & me:
Dr. M: this pitcher is like a Charleville musket.
Me: what?
Dr. M: he has no idea where the ball is going.
Me: okay
Dr. M: *lectures about trade muskets in the second half of the 18th century, the Brown Bess, Pennsylvania rifle, etc., etc., etc., ugh*
Me: I gotta pee, then call my dad.
Dr. M: but you’ll miss the lecture on French seaborne artillery and the siege of Yorktown!
Me: guess I dodged a bullet…
Me: I crack myself up!
Dr. M: *sniffles, takes a drink, and returns to the game.*
We had a really really good time. Back in the day we would have been running around all over the place, eating almost every meal out, and using the hotel as a place to sleep. I like this vacation model better – we packed our food and barely left the condo. Very relaxing! I’m already looking forward to the next time!

Saturday, October 9, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Forty-one

We had another pretty quiet week. I’ve been rereading some old favorites, crocheting, and trying to get to bed at a reasonable hour. Also, twice this week I actually got up and treadmilled before work. Who am I?
Sunday, October 3rd   
Sunday stories: 1. It’s October dangit - I’m wearing a scarf! 2. I thought this said, “…deep commitment fresh new linens of faith…” 3. World Communion Sunday! Did you partake in the Eucharist today? 4. Looking like fall in the Wendy’s parking lot. 5. Looking like fall as I race home with chicken sandwiches, while listening to the @sharonsaysso podcast about the Iowa Caucuses…

Monday, October 4th     
Dr. M is ready for the playoffs! (which didn’t actually start until Friday).

Tuesday, October 5th    
Stopped by to see Daddy & Sue (and work a puzzle). Wondered around outside with my dad, got harassed by my brother’s family’s dogs, worked on the puzzle (they’d left the corner behind my head for me to work), and then saw a lovely soybean field on my way home.

Wednesday, October 6th    
The photo on the left showed up on my memories (from 4 years ago). Made me laugh because I was wearing the exact same outfit – ha! I posted this on the socials saying that I was thinking about whacking my hair off. The majority of folks said that I should leave it long, and so did Dr. M. So my hair is safe…for now!

Thursday, October 7th     
I finally blocked the shawl I’ve been working on. It was a little bit like magic – when I finished the shawl it was a good bit bigger than the other version, but still not as big as the pattern said it should be. But after I wet blocked it, it was almost exactly the right size. I am very excited to do a photo shoot once it dries. Stay tuned!

Friday, October 8th   
Here is where I am these days – taking photos of things that are almost empty so I can remember to buy them.

Saturday, October 9th  
I made a banana & peanut butter & mayo sandwich today & was a little optimistic about how much banana two slices of bread could handle. I took one bite, banana (and mayo & peanut butter) squished out everywhere, & I got a fork. What a (delicious) mess.

Tomorrow we are heading to the beach! I’m very excited. You know there will be plenty of photos, so go ahead and block off some time next week to check out my post. I won’t ask what fun thing you have planned for the week because that seems like gloating. Ha!

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