Sunday, February 26, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Eight

This week was all about pre-spring. Other parts of the country were dealing with snow and/or torrential rain or hail, but we had super mild days and flowers. I wish I was the kind of person who could just enjoy that without worrying about the future of our planet (or at least worrying about what summer will be like).
Sunday, February 19th               
It was a nice day with church and lunch with Dad & Sue, but we didn’t remember to get a picture until the end of the day, so here are some daffodils in the gloaming.

Monday, February 20th          
I thought I’d have the last dab of leftover peas with my frozen meal at lunch but lordy – there were as many peas as there was meal! I only ate half of that plateful of food which meant I didn’t have to pack my lunch for the next day. Winning!

Tuesday, February 21st                
Dad & Sue are cleaning out the basement & they found this little pin which honestly seems more aspirational than actual fact. Am I motivated now? Magic 8 Ball says “mayyybbeee…”

Wednesday, February 22nd                       
It was such a gorgeous day that Dr. M took the geraniums out to the deck.

Thursday, February 23rd                  
Our forsythia is so gorgeous right now! We were talking about how it’s the prettiest it’s looked since we moved down here.

Meanwhile, I’m out here doing a public service for people. Eighty degrees or not, the world isn’t ready for my February legs.  (Although I did shave for the first time in three months the day before & no longer looked like a hobbit.)

Friday, February 24th              
I was sitting up in bed reading a book when I felt like someone was looking at me.

It was kind of spooky, but I ended up not yelling for Mike to come protect me.

Saturday, February 25th        
Today was the Braves first spring training game & I got to watch it! Woo hoo!

Meanwhile, Dr. M was checking out lambs.

I got a new Fitbit & spent a Great Deal of Time looking at all the possible Fitbit watch faces. There were fun ones, and classic ones, ones that looked like vintage watches, and ones with mandalas… But I ended up getting this one because it has yarn on it. Ha!

I’m going to leave you with this little ditty that Dr. M wrote after one stinkbug encounter too many:

Stinker in the house,
Freaky little pest!
Scares me when I'm cookin'
So's I makes a mess!
Buzzin' 'round the lights,
Climbin' up the walls...
I'd fling a Nerfie at 'm
But I got no balls!
He's why our pots are always covered,
He's even landed on my head!
Jezzuz what a sleezer,
Terror and a teaser,
I'll be hidin' in the freezer
'til he's DEAD!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Seven

I’ve been training someone new at work – she’s going to take over some of my current data entry. While I actually enjoy data entry, I’m excited to see what I can do with my extra time (I have some ideas). And she’s going to be a great addition to the team. But working closely with someone really brings out my introvert. Poor Dr. M – I’ve been a vegetable this past week.
Sunday, February 12th               
Lots of photos today! First of all, I thought I’d try stir fried oatmeal for breakfast, but it wasn’t really worth the effort. It was super tasty (especially because “the last bit of cheese” in the bag was probably 1/2 cup). But I can get the same results faster & with less mess in the microwave.

We had a potluck at church, and then afterward I went to Dad & Sue’s and FINISHED THE PUZZLE! HUZZAH! It looks innocent, but it was a bear. Pretty though.

After I got home I worked on a headband while we watched the Super Bowl. It was a good game, but my favorite part was Sheryl Lee Ralph singing the Black National Anthem (one of my favorites to sing myself, although I’m not as talented as she is).

Monday, February 13th          
Trying to use up the last of the gray yarn that I used for last week’s hat, I made a flower applique. I sent it with the hat along with a bit of yarn in case the recipient wants to attach it.

Tuesday, February 14th               
Took my car for a MUCH needed bath. It was a pretty psychedelic experience. Ha!

Wednesday, February 15th                       
Dr. M had cleaned the lens on the backup camera on my car. Never having had one before I just thought they sucked, but wow what a difference! Then I was looking at my parking job on Wednesday & told him I could really use a front camera as well. How can we make that happen?

Thursday, February 16th                 
My bestie got me a new bracelet with this year’s word of the year (walk – as in “in the light” and “move your ass” and “with the marginalized” etc.). Also, I took a jillion photos trying to get a selfie and landed on this one, which I captioned: "Get you someone who looks at you the way I look at my phone."  

Friday, February 17th              
Driving to work in the pouring rain, and this song came on. Indeed.

That evening Dr. M made mulligatawny soup! The recipe he used had apples in it and I feel like they made all the difference. Well, I also enjoyed the dollop of Greek yogurt & cilantro. Yum!

Saturday, February 18th        
Possibly (probably) none of you will care at all about this, but the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team played an outdoor game at NC State’s football field and it was AMAZING. So much fun. Lots of hoopla, and fun NC State tributes (the opening montage with Jimmy Valvano was excellent), and the Canes won handily. They have a great team this year. Will we win the Stanley Cup? We shall see!

I’m excited about my upcoming birthday (March 3) because that means we’re inching closer to spring and more light and warmer weather. However, I’m already having allergy issues, which is just rude. I might have to add to my current regimen (Claritin). Do any of you have allergies? What do you do that helps?

Saturday, February 11, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Six

February in North Carolina is so weird. It’s warm(ish). It’s cold. It’s brown brown brown and flashes of yellow. It’s the slow return of the light and yet spring seems eons away. And it’s when pitchers and catchers report to training camp.
Sunday, February 5th               
I did a little photo shoot of the new too-small hat so I could post it on the socials to see if anyone wanted it (someone did!).

Monday, February 6th          
Started out wearing a scarf & then turned it into a shawl because it was too warm.

Tuesday, February 7th               
Dr. M had his annual wellness check today & found out that he’s drifting closer to type 2 diabetes. It runs in his family, but it’s still a bummer. There will need to be some dietary changes in the Bug household. On the other hand, we have daffodils!

Meanwhile, Dad & Sue are ruthlessly cleaning out the basement (in advance of some mold remediation work). I came home with the Kenya bag I gave my mom (from when I was in Zambia), my high school cap & gown, and some old yearbooks. I did NOT bring home the trunk ‘o dolls – even though I could remember the name of the brunette on top (Linda McKay – she was the second doll I remember naming. The first one was Wagons. Don’t ask.).

Wednesday, February 8th                       
No photo.
Thursday, February 9th                 
I might have a Cheeto problem (found a 2nd half eaten bag when I went to put the 1st one away. Oops.).

Friday, February 10th              
It was just a bit foggy on my way to work.

Saturday, February 11th        
Valentine flowers! Made me smile when Dr. M brought them through the door.

Dr. M has continued to do genealogy work on my family tree & now we’re pretty sure that someone in my ancestry married someone in his. My dad says, seven degrees of Kevin Bacon! Ha! That’s what I get for marrying someone from the neighboring county. How about you? If you have a significant other, are you kin to them?  

Sunday, February 5, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Five

This has been a very quiet week on social media for me – a lovely poem by Maren Tirabassi that I shared yesterday was my first post since last Sunday. Fortunately, Dr. M posted a couple of things, and I did take a few photos. I don’t know what’s going on, but I think maybe I’m hibernating.
Sunday, January 29th               
My sister-in-law Door Dashed lunch to my dad’s house and we all had a lovely time visiting and working this puzzle. It looks innocent, but as is the way of most puzzles, it is, in fact, evil.

Monday, January 30th          
Pizza selfie.

Tuesday, January 31st              
No photo
Wednesday, February 1st                      
Yes, sheep do still stare at Dr. M.

Thursday, February 2nd                
No photo.
Friday, February 3rd             
Dr. M spent the day going down a genealogical rabbit hole, researching my Wallace family roots. He found a cemetery in eastern NC where my people are from (photos are from the internet). My great-grandfather is the one who moved his family to western NC when my grandfather was 7. He operated a dairy farm – probably serving the mill villages in the area. He also found a gravestone for two of my ancestors who fought in the Civil War. I especially note the middle name for one of them (Robert Chasten Wallace). Does this mean that I’m kin to Chasten Buttigieg?

Meanwhile, I stopped by my dad’s house after work and ate some of the most ginormous grapes I’ve ever seen. Man! And they were really good too.

Saturday, February 4th        
Finished another cabled hat. I wasn’t paying attention at the very beginning & this one is really too small for my head. I think I’m going to end up giving it away to some child. I’m slightly annoyed, because I wanted a hat in this color. On the other hand, we really only need headgear a handful of days around here, so how many hats do I actually need?

It’s Black History Month, and whereas last year I had a fairly ambitious project (for me), this year I’ve said nothing at all. That’s probably the root of why I haven’t posted on the socials. I don’t feel clever, or inspirational. I just mostly feel tired. I’m going to put some thought into it today and see if I can at least post something. We shall see.

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