Sunday, February 5, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Five

This has been a very quiet week on social media for me – a lovely poem by Maren Tirabassi that I shared yesterday was my first post since last Sunday. Fortunately, Dr. M posted a couple of things, and I did take a few photos. I don’t know what’s going on, but I think maybe I’m hibernating.
Sunday, January 29th               
My sister-in-law Door Dashed lunch to my dad’s house and we all had a lovely time visiting and working this puzzle. It looks innocent, but as is the way of most puzzles, it is, in fact, evil.

Monday, January 30th          
Pizza selfie.

Tuesday, January 31st              
No photo
Wednesday, February 1st                      
Yes, sheep do still stare at Dr. M.

Thursday, February 2nd                
No photo.
Friday, February 3rd             
Dr. M spent the day going down a genealogical rabbit hole, researching my Wallace family roots. He found a cemetery in eastern NC where my people are from (photos are from the internet). My great-grandfather is the one who moved his family to western NC when my grandfather was 7. He operated a dairy farm – probably serving the mill villages in the area. He also found a gravestone for two of my ancestors who fought in the Civil War. I especially note the middle name for one of them (Robert Chasten Wallace). Does this mean that I’m kin to Chasten Buttigieg?

Meanwhile, I stopped by my dad’s house after work and ate some of the most ginormous grapes I’ve ever seen. Man! And they were really good too.

Saturday, February 4th        
Finished another cabled hat. I wasn’t paying attention at the very beginning & this one is really too small for my head. I think I’m going to end up giving it away to some child. I’m slightly annoyed, because I wanted a hat in this color. On the other hand, we really only need headgear a handful of days around here, so how many hats do I actually need?

It’s Black History Month, and whereas last year I had a fairly ambitious project (for me), this year I’ve said nothing at all. That’s probably the root of why I haven’t posted on the socials. I don’t feel clever, or inspirational. I just mostly feel tired. I’m going to put some thought into it today and see if I can at least post something. We shall see.


  1. You're not hibernating. You're getting smart. One of these days, you'll go a week without posting to social media and not even think about it! That pizza sure looks good. I haven't had my favorite pizza in a couple of years (black olives, onion, mushroom, bell pepper, sausage). Maybe I ought to do that. My task this week is making a pot of Cuban black beans for a potluck this weekend. I found a new recipe, and I'm eager to give it a go.

    Your grapes look good. My favorite grocery store has started offering small cartons of prepared-in-store fruit: pineapple, strawberries, peeled tangerines and such. For the same cost as a whole pineapple, I get about 2/3 as much fruit -- but no hassle! I love no hassle.

    1. I'll bet I'd love those black beans! I'm a big fan of black beans in general. And yes - sometimes I'll buy the cut-up fruit as a treat. Also, you get a nice variety - I might not be able to eat an entire watermelon AND pineapple AND quart of blueberries, but I can definitely eat a whole container with all of them in it.

  2. Perhaps it's the Winter Doldrums.
    I've never seen the name Precilla before. Is it a variant of the name Priscilla?
    I'm sorry you feel so tired. Are you taking Vitamin D?

    1. I am taking Vitamin D - and an iron supplement. I'm probably not moving my body enough.

      My aunt told me that Precilla's daughter-in-law (my great grandmother) called her Ma'am Puss. Ha!

  3. I love the look of that pizza. And those grapes!


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