Sunday, January 29, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Four

This week was another blur, but things are looking up around here!
Sunday, January 22nd                
Dad was definitely feeling better! Here he is singing some songs that his grandfather used to sing to the kids.

Meanwhile, Dr. M was having lunch in his office.

Monday, January 23rd        
I have no idea. I was feeling really (really really) drowsy, so maybe I was taking a picture to see what that looked like?

Tuesday, January 24th             
I’m not a coffee drinker, but I thought maybe I should try because I’m so lethargic in the winter. Well, that’s just disgusting & now I plan to lean into the lethargy. I can work with just one eye open can’t I?

Wednesday, January 25th                     
I give blood for the snacks.

Thursday, January 26th               
Harbingers of spring…

Friday, January 27th            
Sheep, lambs, and their guardian who was looking at Dr. M with a good bit of suspicion.

He’s home! And he walked Sue & me through making waffles (which is usually his job & full disclosure, the man recently released from the hospital had to come over and help us. Twice.).

Saturday, January 28th        
I got labels for my crochet items. The font is a little hard to read (it says DANABUG YARN HUG), but I still feel all professional-like.

I forgot to do a photo shoot of the second stocking cap, so this will have to do – I took photos of both hats with the labels on.     

After two weeks of mostly sitting at work or in the hospital, I’ve had two days of being on my feet doing things. Oof. Definitely ready to be more back to normal & build my stamina back up! What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. Those tags for your yarn stuff are really cool. They do look professional: very nice. And isn't it great that your dad's home! Before long, he'll be back to making waffles for you. Is that white herding dog a Great Pyrenees? A friend has one -- maybe I told you. Her dog has a few goats to keep an eye on, but he mostly herds the cats. And tell Dr. M. that I still like him, despite the Brussels Sprouts. They're my version of your coffee.

    1. The waffles turned out pretty good after he showed us how to get started - but I don't know that that's a skill I really need. Ha! And yes - Great Pyrenees!

  2. Yikes! I did it again. But your blog will let me use my Google account, while others don't/won't. Weird.

  3. Just getting through another week. As I commented to a friend "Keep Calm and Carry On."

  4. The google account doesn't like me either. I have to always check to see if I am the one commenting. I love the colors of your yarn.

  5. I do not understand not liking coffee. I would die without it. (I don't drink it black, though. Maybe you need to add just a bit of cream & sugar?)

    So glad your dad is home! It's nice to see bluebirds, even just pictures of them. :)

    1. It's just so bitter to me - and I have a very low tolerance for bitter things (it's why I don't like cabbage either). But I've never even liked mocha flavored things so I'm probably just not ever going to be a coffee drinker.

  6. You should have added some cream and sugar to your coffee. That helps a lot.

    Glad your father is home. That takes a lot of stress away. And those tags are great. Much nicer than the fabric ones that everyone else has.

    1. That's what I've been told, but I didn't want to create a new bad habit (I'm thinking I would require LOTS of cream & sugar - ha!). But I might try again. I was also told that drinking it out of styrofoam was absolutely wrong.


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