Monday, February 26, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Eight

I’ve been stress-eating like crazy this week, but amazingly, there are no pictures of food! Not sure how that happened…
Sunday, February 18th              
Note to self.

Monday, February 19th                         
Ms. Pinky and Ms. Rita got moved to the porch! They’re pretty happy out there.

Tuesday, February 20th                                            
My caption for this photo: Just over here flirting with disaster. And don’t mind General Sherman there - he’s no help at all with the vacuuming. #livingontheedge

When I got to round 11 I discovered that I’d made a mistake on round 4 (you can see I’m missing a blue V stitch where the arrow is pointing – there are supposed to be 16). Heavy sigh. I was going to try to make it work, but it seemed easier just to frog the mess & start over at round 4.

We’ve started cleaning out our spare room (which is still full of the things we haven’t unpacked yet). Dr. M moved some of his musical instruments into the office/craft/music room.

Wednesday, February 21st                                    
It was a lovely day! Dr. M did some deck sitting.

Thursday, February 22nd                                  
Worked on a hat, but I ran out of yarn. I need about another half of a skein to make it work.

We have daffodils!!

Friday, February 23rd                          
Pattern number three in my four different colorways.

I got to see this sweet child (and her sisters) again this evening. We had a great time!

Saturday, February 24th                            
The moon!

I took Friday off, and spent that day & Saturday firmly planted in my easy chair playing on my iPad. Saturday I also slept until 10:30!! Today I skipped church & went walking with my dad after we sang at the nursing home (I did do some laundry & cleaning after I got home). So I am well rested and ready for what the week throws at me. How about you?

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Welcome Home Harper Tess!

This post is really just for family members - all of my other regular blog readers can feel free to skip it!

Last Sunday we had a shower for my cousin Holly & her family. They recently had their third daughter, so we all gathered to welcome her to the craziness that is my dad's side of the family. I took a lot of (not very good) pictures & decided this was the easiest way to share them with family members who weren't there. Enjoy!

Monday, February 19, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Seven

We had another hard week – things at work are a bit tumultuous. There is a possible end in sight, but the next few weeks will continue to be tough.
Sunday, February 11th              
My only picture from the day – sometimes you just need to take a Sunday afternoon nap with a furry friend.

Monday, February 12th                         
Mexican food Monday with Daddy & Sue & family. It may not be lovely, but this is my new favorite thing – a chicken quesadilla with zucchini, mushrooms, black beans & cilantro. And just a bit of cheese. Ha!           

Tuesday, February 13th                                            
Another fascinating picture – this is a game I’ve been playing incessantly on my iPad. If I were you I would not get started on Seeker’s Notes. Just say no!

Wednesday, February 14th                                   
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thursday, February 15th                                 
Oh the blanket business is just getting out of control. I decided to make another afghan with the aran yarn I was given the other week. So I’m making four blankets now. Here are the first two square patterns in my four colorways.

Friday, February 16th                         
It was WARM today! Dr. M sat out on the deck & worked on his tan. Ha!

Saturday, February 17th                            
I had the bright idea to make a baby cocoon to match the Fruity Pebbles hat I made last week, but I kept running out of yarn, so it’s sort of a (very soft) Frankencocoon. However, my 50 year old doll Wagons makes a fine model (I’d love to go back in time & ask my 3 year old self why I chose that name). I also made a pompom to use instead of a bow on the package. I may never buy another bow again – heaven knows I have enough yarn!

I drank the Facebook Kool-Aid & let this app show me what I would look like as a man. Well, I would look just like my brother! Pretty cool.

I’m hoping this week is a little easier. Do you have anything special going on?

Sunday, February 11, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Six

I’m not gonna lie – last week was rough. And I don’t expect this coming week to be much better. However, I was able to find small pleasures along the way.
Sunday, February 4th              
We had an icy morning!

 So instead of going to church, I colored my hair. Ha!

Monday, February 5th                         
The hair in question…

Tuesday, February 6th                                            
I came home sick from work & spent a lot of the day crocheting. Fortunately I did not have the flu and I was much better by the next day.

Wednesday, February 7th                                   
I ordered a Mary Engeldark calendar for myself (but I ended up giving it away because it was much too large for the space where I was planning to use it).

Thursday, February 8th                                 
I spent this evening crocheting & watching curling.

Meanwhile, Dr. M was playing Snack Jenga in the kitchen.

Friday, February 9th                         

Saturday, February 10th                            
I went to a birthday party for a friend. That right there is homemade lemon cheesecake & it was The Bomb. Yum! Oh, and the Engeldark calendar was a big hit. Fun!

I’ve spent a lot of time this past month stressing about things beyond my control (mainly job-related worries). Which is very annoying because my anxiety isn’t fixing anything. I would like to “Let Go and Let God,” but so far it isn’t happening. To boost my mood, why don’t you guys tell me some good things happening in your lives?

Sunday, February 4, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Five

Well here we are in February. I am so ready for spring when I can start complaining about rain or being hot.
Sunday, January 28th              
A friend gave me all this yarn that his mother had. My yarn larder runneth over!

Squirrel on the feeder. Imagine that!

Monday, January 29th                         

Tuesday, January 30th                                            
I got a wild hair & decided to wear red socks to work, and had a CRAZY day. And then I realized that I had left my wallet and my Fitbit at home. Not wearing red socks again anytime soon! 

The moon!

Wednesday, January 31st                                  
The moon!

Thursday, February 1st                                
I have been increasingly disgusted by my toothpaste cap. Have I done anything about it? No I have not.

Friday, February 2nd                        
Yarn problem? What yarn problem? But I needed all this yarn for new projects! Including this newborn cap (someone on Facebook said it looked like Fruity Pebbles – ha!).

Birds in our yard (including one that’s not quite a bird).

Saturday, February 3rd                            
We finally took down the Christmas tree! We still keep some of our ornaments these antique boxes that UPS used for my dad’s annual holiday turkey.

I know I said that I was making a crochet along blanket this year, but surprise! I’m making three. Here are the first three squares. Maybe I do have a yarn problem.  

I had a really crazy week at work, and I’ve enjoyed a lazy weekend at home. I’m not sure I’m ready for Monday yet. How about you?

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