Sunday, November 27, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Forty-seven

Boy, this week was full of food! I guess you might expect it, but still…
Sunday, November 20th             
As I mentioned last week, Dr. M replaced his dad’s hot water heater. He’s still got a little carpentry work to do (the new heater is taller than the old one, so the shelving that was in the same space has to be adjusted), but at least his dad has hot water. Dr. M is a little wild-eyed in the picture below – ha!

I made myself an open faced livermush sandwich for dinner – toast with Laughing Cow cheese, livermush, and peas on top. It was SO GOOD!

Monday, November 21st    
I went by Daddy & Sue’s during my lunch hour to work on the puzzle. I thought they’d be gone, but I caught them right before they left to sing with their group. Aren’t they snazzy?

Tuesday, November 22nd          
We had a meal at work. It was really good (chili, with some random side items), but for me the star was this homemade carrot cake. I kept telling the coworker who made it “it’s SO GOOD!” It got kind of embarrassing. Ha!

Wednesday, November 23rd                    
Dr. M was in a store buying flowers for his mother’s grave & they were in full Christmas inflatable mode. This is my favorite.

Thursday, November 24th            
Thanksgiving! Here are some random photos of the day (plus the “official” photo of all of us). I had to laugh – I went back into my cousin’s office to eat and NO-ONE JOINED ME. I ate my whole meal by myself, reading my book. It was bliss. I wasn’t an entire hermit. I did go out & mingle with folks after I finished eating.

The best part of the day – the blanket in its new home!

Friday, November 25th           
Dr. M says, “It’s not easy being green…”

Saturday, November 26th       
I finally pulled out a new crochet project (I had joked & told Dr. M that I might start crocheting again in February). I started this one in 2016, and then we moved and I kept pulling it out & doing a smidge & putting it back away again. Well. I actually finished it last night! I’ll do a photo shoot with it before I send it to the recipient. It’s sort of a shawl/wrap situation – and is fifteen feet long. I don’t know why – I think the original pattern called for it to be oversized.

I told Dr. M that we needed some vegetables in our lives and he delivered! He called it a sort of a spinach tomato corn vegetarian chili vibe. It’s really tasty – and I plan to have it for dinner again tonight.

It was so nice to be off of work for a couple of days. I had a handful of projects in mind to do, but of course did none of them. I might do one of them this evening – for some reason I can’t find any black socks so I need to dump out my sock drawer to see what the heck. Wish me luck. Did you do anything productive over the holiday, or were you a lump like I was? (Note: I did do laundry & some housework, so not a total lump.)

Sunday, November 20, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Forty-six

A VERY momentous thing happened this week, and basically that’s all I’ll be talking about. Well, other things also happened, but this one was the best.
Sunday, November 13th             
You would think that Dr. M’s birthday would be the momentous thing. And it was pretty excellent given that I got a fancy brownie (or three) out of the deal. I gave him a little sheep painting that I found at the Pride Festival. But no, that’s not it.

Also a big deal – the girls being brought in for the winter. Ms. Pinky & Ms. Rita think they’re the most important, but they’re not it either.

Monday, November 14th   
This cute dog has been stopping by Dr. M’s dad’s house.

Tuesday, November 15th         
Here is the big deal! I finished weaving in the ends on the monster blanket! Huzzah!

Wednesday, November 16th                   
I took the blanket to work to try to get a photo of it. Two coworkers hung it off the balcony, but it was actually too long to be able to see the whole thing (some of it was hidden behind the lobby furniture).

Thursday, November 17th            
I continue to put my socks on the wrong feet.

Friday, November 18th           
I was half asleep during lunch playing a game on my phone when I realized that my hair seemed to be staying put when I took my hand off of my head. Made me laugh.

Saturday, November 19th       
I took the blanket to my cousin’s house so she could play around with “staging” it on her king sized bed. We tried folding it in various ways to see how that changed the look. It’s still pretty darned big, but not TOO outrageous on that bed. I think my other cousin (the one who commissioned it) will be happy with the end result. I know I’m happy that it’s finished, but also pretty darned proud of it too.

Dr. M has spent two days at his dad’s house replacing the hot water heater, so even though I’ve been out & about both days I’ve felt like a single lady. I don’t like it. I’m used to him being around when I’m at home. It’s like we’re an old married couple or something – ha! How about you – do you crave more alone time, or are you happy with your people around you?

Sunday, November 13, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Forty-five

Today is Dr. M’s birthday! We masked up & went to the local Honey’s IGA & got lunch and a cookies & cream brownie situation & now I’m in a sort of sugar coma so we shall see how coherent I can be. I will say that we were still COVIDing in our household, so things were pretty quiet this week.
Sunday, November 6th             
No photo.
Monday, November 7th   
Somebody came by for a treat!

Tuesday, November 8th         
Dr. M was still feeling pretty crappy, but he put on a mask & did his civic duty. NC was, as expected, a disappointment, but my goodness was this election a nice surprise!

The moon!

Wednesday, November 9th                   
The back deck cosmos still looking lovely.

Thursday, November 10th            
I feel like my cough drop wrapper was being a little aggressive with its affirmations.

We were still feeling congested & yucky, so Dr. M made his world-famous chicken soup with quinoa (ok, maybe it’s just Bug Household famous). It was so good!

Friday, November 11th           
I stayed home from work, hoping that a long weekend would help me feel better. I spent the day crocheting and playing on my iPad, and not taking pictures.
Saturday, November 12th       
Went to my dad’s today where chaos reigned! I’m sure we’ll whip this puzzle into shape in no time. And then after I got home I FINISHED THE FREAKING GINORMOUS BLANKET!!! Well, I still have a jillion ends to weave in, but the crocheting is done. Can’t wait to get it totally finished & do a photoshoot. And give it to the recipient. And forget it exists. (Just kidding – I’m pretty stoked about this project.)

Today, finally, I actually feel like I’m on the mend. Minimal coughing, no sneezing, no congestion, my energy level is more normal. I’m ready to get back to a more normal schedule, with a bit of exercise, clear-headed work, and visiting with family. Hopefully Dr. M will soon be feeling 100% too! How about you? You feeling ok these days?

Sunday, November 6, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Forty-four

It’s just all COVID all the time here in the Bug household – it made for an exciting week of photos! <= Insert sarcasm font here.
Sunday, October 30th             
Just making official what I already suspected (although for real I thought I was just having an allergic reaction to dust).

Dr. M masked up & went on a supply run. His travelling companion had an over-inflated view of himself.

Monday, October 31st  
Not feeling great, but also not a napper.
Tuesday, November 1st        
I guess this was inevitable, especially since I was contagious for a few days before I even had symptoms.

Wednesday, November 2nd                  
I put my socks on the wrong feet. Some sort of commentary on my life?

Thursday, November 3rd            
My CDC mandated 5 days of quarantine were over (and I had been fever free for 24 hours). I was still pretty congested, but happy to be out of the house doing something different than sitting on my butt. Also, my coworkers were happy to see me. Ha!

Meanwhile, Dr. M was having a weird day. “Covid-19 does strange things: “delivered” Amazon packages vanish before your very eyes, sheep frolic about nude in the light of day, you feel like you’re being watched, perfectly functional documents from your laptop refuse to function when loaded to Google Drive. Mostly, you just get sick and tired of being sick and tired…” (Note, the packages showed up on Saturday – I guess the neighbor who got them by accident didn’t have time to mess with them before that.)

Friday, November 4th           
Who wore it better?

Saturday, November 5th       
What a weird week, capped off by this lovely bloom from the deck planter.

We both are fever free, but still full of phlegm and fatigue. Meanwhile, the time has changed (ugh – I’m one of the “hate it gets dark so early” people), and tomorrow it’s supposed to get up to 80 degrees. What the heck – my toes are not ready for public consumption, but my feet are hot just thinking about wearing shoes with socks. Life is so weird. How are you doing in your neck of the woods? 

Sunday, October 30, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Forty-three

For reasons you will hear all about a little further down, my brain does not want to brain. So let’s just get started, shall we?
Sunday, October 23rd            
Temperature blanket through August – we’re getting there! Close-up of Samuel Spaniel and Carolina Cow being yarn bombed.   

Monday, October 24th
I had brought a half an avocado to eat with my lunch, forgetting that we were going to have pizza at work. I’ve got to say, this was really tasty!

Tuesday, October 25th       
The Roy came to visit Dr. M! He got plenty of scritches and a treat (or three).

Wednesday, October 26th                 
Autumn scenes from around the neighborhood.

Thursday, October 27th           
A moody bowl of McIntosh apples… (They are so good!)

Friday, October 28th           
Even though I came home early from work (because I thought I was catching a cold), I still spent some time getting ready for some dinosaur shenanigans!

Saturday, October 29th       
Our church had trunk or treat today. I was still feeling bad (had a low grade fever in the morning), but I decided to go ahead & go because that dinosaur costume is its own hazmat suit – the “windows” kept fogging up because it got so steamy in there. I stayed away from people when it was unzipped (see the photo of me on my phone – ha!). The kids really love the dinosaur and it’s a lot of fun to see how excited they are. I’m going to try to upload a couple of videos too.

Well reader, I finally got got by Covid. I started feeling bad on Friday, and then today I tested positive. So far it’s been mainly a snot event – charming! So I’m going to be hanging out at home for the next several days. Dr. M hasn’t tested yet, but he’s pretty sure he has it too. Here’s hoping our symptoms remain mild!

Sunday, October 23, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Forty-two

Hoo boy – we had QUITE the week here in Bugland! Buckle up – it’s a lot!
Sunday, October 16th             
After church I went to Dad & Sue’s for lunch & we had a special visitor. He’s just the most adorable (not biased at all here). Speaking of “biased” – that’s the correct usage, right? I’ve seen a surge of people saying, “I’m bias, but…” Wouldn’t that mean they’re calling themselves diagonal? Or am I crazy?

Monday, October 17th
I did that thing where I crocheted during lunch and got 1500 steps. Woot!

Tuesday, October 18th       
It’s been a minute since I wore this shrug because it just feels so extra. But it was cold, and I was bored with my other options.

Dr. M has been concerned about getting his dad’s gas fireplace serviced so that the pilot light would work. The guy who usually does it has been very sick, so Dr. M went to Google Trade School and figured it out himself. I’m pretty proud of him!

Wednesday, October 19th                 
My status from FB: This is not going to turn into a fashion account, but for the second day in a row I’m wearing something weird that I made. And I’m sharing it here so I can tell you that when I went to go to bed last night I straight up walked right into the bedroom door and sloshed water all over me and my phone and laughed like a loon. I was innocently scrolling Instagram and carrying a glass of water & forgot that the door was shut (because I like to live in Hawaii and sleep in Siberia). I thought it was SO FUNNY. I don’t know why. Dr. M just shook his head at me.

Dr. M found a great deal on a 2017 Ford Escape! And he’s letting making me drive it at least through the winter (it’s 4WD!). Oh my goodness – I feel like I’ve dropped into the lap of luxury. This is a huge leap forward from Daisy (2012). I think the features I’m most excited about are the dual temperature controls (marriage saver!) and heated seats. (Also, I am very short.)

Thursday, October 20th           
The only picture I took was of the magnet Dr. M snuck and put on the back of the new car. I had brought it home to put on Daisy & kept forgetting.

Friday, October 21st           
My nephew’s wife threw a surprise birthday party for him. It was a lot of fun. I especially liked the double-decker cookie cake. Yum!

Saturday, October 22nd       
Hart Square Village is a little over a mile from our house, and yet for some reason we had never attended the living history day that they have each year. Well, I had hip surgery, and then Dr. M had back surgery. Anyway we decided that this was the year. They have 103 structures, built between roughly 1760 and 1893, and artisans and docents spread over a pretty large area. We were pretty proud of how well we did walking up and down the trails over some rough terrain. We had a good day and both of us took a lot of pictures. I’m just going to share a “few” (ha!) here.

Of course I had to go into the little Episcopal church. The guy in there was actually playing the organ!

Dr. M had to have his photo taken at the Rhyne barn. Not sure exactly when it was built, but the name associated with it is George Pinkney Rhyne (1821-1948). He was Dr. M’s 1st cousin, 4x removed on his mom’s side, but he is also kin to Dr. M on his father’s side (Dr. M’s family tree goes straight up). George’s father, William Lawson Rhyne, was Dr. M’s 3rd great-granduncle.  William Lawson Rhyne's father, Jonas, is both Dr. M’s 4th great-granduncle (on the Rhyne side) and his 4th great-grandfather (on the Friday side)! Confused? So are we!

I’m sorry Nance – I did pull for Cleveland but to no avail. In fact, it sort of feels like me pulling for someone sounds the death knell on their season. Because I’m all powerful that way. What successes or lack thereof did you have this week?

2022 Project 365 – Week Forty-seven

Boy, this week was full of food! I guess you might expect it, but still… Sunday, November 20 th                         As I mentioned last...