Sunday, March 26, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Twelve

This is the week that I thought that maybe spring really was going to arrive – and also when I got overheated & started dreading summer. What can I say? I have about a three degree window of comfort.
Sunday, March 19th               
I didn’t take a real picture this this day. This one happened by accident while I was ordering KFC for the family after church. The food was good, and I had a nice time with my dad, Sue, my brother & sister-in-law. And the puzzle, who at this point is also a member of the family.

Monday, March 20th          
I got Dr. M a bunch of Baby Bels & thought I’d be cute putting them in a bowl in the fridge. (Instead of in the “cheese drawer” where we have to stand on our heads to fish them out from the bottom.)

Tuesday, March 21st                 
It was the 18th anniversary of my mom’s death and it hit me a little harder this year for some reason. But I came home from work & Dr. M & I made a really good dinner & watched hockey so that helped.

Wednesday, March 22nd                          
I had a fasting blood test in the morning & then as a treat I got myself a livermush & egg sandwich. It was so good!

Thursday, March 23rd                   
These are old things that I was thinking about waking up.

Friday, March 24th                
Dr. M, living his best life on our deck. It was a gorgeous day!

During lunch I walked at the YMCA track with a friend, got very hot and thought my legs would fall off, AND we saw this enormous beautiful cat with a little fish in its mouth! It insisted on sitting in the shade so these photos are over processed and you still can’t really see the fish (in the cat’s mouth in the photo on the right).

Saturday, March 25th        
One of Dr. M’s dad’s most steady friends and a huge support to us passed away last Saturday. They had his service today and afterward I saw this four leave clover in Dr. M’s dad’s yard. Boy, Danny will be sorely missed – not just because he regularly spent time with my father-in-law, but because he was an all-round great guy.

A couple of weeks ago I “tweaked” my right knee by turning in my kitchen. And it hasn’t really been getting any better because do you know how many times you turn your body but leave your knee facing the other way? It especially seems to happen a lot in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom, while getting dressed, at work… Oof. The good news is that bending my knee doesn’t hurt when it’s not twisted. Anyway, getting old is so much fun! How are you doing?

Sunday, March 19, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Eleven

I did a terrible job of making sure to have a photo every day. Fortunately Dr. M helped me out on a few days. Whew!
Sunday, March 12th               
I started out the day by falling sound asleep after my first alarm because I forgot to set my second alarm. Fixed that! Then I went to dad & Sue’s for lunch (tasty!), puzzle working (fun!), and an editorial comic that my dad cut out (inside joke). It was a good day!

Monday, March 13th          
We were watching a random hockey game and the crowd started singing the Star Spangled Banner once they realized that the microphone for the singer wasn’t working. Which was cool – but what made it cooler was the game was in Toronto. Could you sing the Canadian National Anthem? I can sing, “O Canada! Our home and native land…” and that’s about it.

Tuesday, March 14th                 
No photo.
Wednesday, March 15th                         
No photo.
Thursday, March 16th                  
Spent a little time very quickly completing my bracket. And if you’ve been paying attention you will note that it’s already trash. I’m not sure I’ve ever been quite this bad!

I was in the bathroom at work & realized that my necklace was having a disco ball effect. Ha!

And then The Roy came by for a visit! He’s having some health issues, so Dr. M did some extra loving on the old guy.

Friday, March 17th                
I didn’t get a photo of my green, but Dr. M got one of his.

Saturday, March 18th        
Dr. M brought in the last daffodil, but our phlox is just showing off these days!

I had a kind of blue week – not for any specific reason. Just didn’t feel quite like myself. But I plugged along and here we are on Sunday, ready to start a new week. Hopefully it’s a little more upbeat. How was your week?

Sunday, March 12, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Ten

This week was lovely! And maybe not so great. But then lovely again. And now it’s raining and 40 degrees & I had to pull out my winter coat again (the nerve!) so I’m having trouble remembering how nice the rest of the week was. OK, done talking about the weather now.
Sunday, March 5th               
Dr. M & I went to my dad & Sue’s house. My sister-in-law got lunch for us all & I ate a salad as big as my bum (I was going to say head, but actually, my head isn’t that big in terms of large salads). I took no photos of the meal, so here are a couple of jonquils from my dad’s yard.

Monday, March 6th          
Since I took the day off on my birthday, my coworkers celebrated me today. One of them found a gift that most accurately reflects my personality. Ha!

Tuesday, March 7th                 
Stayed home from work sick. Not a happy camper! But I looked great, so there’s that.

Wednesday, March 8th                         
Went by dad & Sue’s where they had left a little part of the latest puzzle for me to complete. Done!

Thursday, March 9th                  
Birthday gift from my best friend. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Friday, March 10th                
I’ve already got the growing my hair out blues. Guess I need to stock back up on hair pins & such.

Saturday, March 11th        
I had a pretty low key day – spent most of it reading my book and watching March Madness. Ate one of my “special” sandwiches for lunch (PB&J, Banana, Ham & Cheese).

Meanwhile, Dr. M spent some time with his Pop, and his Pop’s pet cat.

So the time changed last night. I’m firmly in the camp of hallelujah because I like more light later in the day. I feel like most of my readers are the opposite of me, because you guys actually get up and do things outside in the mornings. In any case, even though I accounted for the lost hour & went to bed early, I still missed church because I forgot to set my second alarm & so I fell back sound asleep after the first one. I had quite the stress dream after I fell back asleep, which I guess I deserved (I had somehow walked 100s of miles – hahahaha – & was trying to get back home, but I didn’t have a phone or a vehicle). ANYWAY, how has your day been?

Sunday, March 5, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Nine

Birthday Week! Old people Shenanigans! Surreal Servers! Keep reading for more sensational stories! (Note: the stories are not Sensational.)
Sunday, February 26th               
Assembly line breakfast, using the wax wraps my nephew & his wife gave us for Christmas. I put them in the freezer & then defrosted & toasted them for my breakfasts. They are pretty similar to Egg McMuffins (although mine had mushrooms & laughing cow cheese). PS. These wraps work GREAT, but are VERY STICKY. I’ve read that will diminish over time, but for now I’m just accepting that I’ll be one with the wax.
Monday, February 27th          
The only picture from today. I don’t know how Dr. M keeps a straight face around me. Oh wait, he doesn’t. Ha!

Tuesday, February 28th                 
Stopped by dad & Sue’s. They had finished their latest puzzle. I had to get it for them when I saw it because it made me cackle.

Wednesday, March 1st                        
Starting something new.

Thursday, March 2nd                   
Message I got on my phone vs. my view while I read it. Hmm…

Friday, March 3rd               
Happy birthday to me! Went out for a late lunch to Red Lobster with Dad & Sue. The service was…interesting. The server seemed to not be present in her physical body (seriously, I’m not sure where she was, but it wasn’t waiting tables), but the food was great and that cake was EXCELLENT.
Saturday, March 4th        
Dr. M sat on the deck for a bit and did some bird watching. Lots of activity in our back yard!

And speaking of spring, here is one of my early favorites. Won’t be long until there are carpets of them around.

Well, I started this post four hours ago & now I have no idea what I meant by old people shenanigans. Hmmm. I’ve got nothing. Did you do anything this week that could be described as a shenanigan (old or otherwise)?

Sunday, February 26, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Eight

This week was all about pre-spring. Other parts of the country were dealing with snow and/or torrential rain or hail, but we had super mild days and flowers. I wish I was the kind of person who could just enjoy that without worrying about the future of our planet (or at least worrying about what summer will be like).
Sunday, February 19th               
It was a nice day with church and lunch with Dad & Sue, but we didn’t remember to get a picture until the end of the day, so here are some daffodils in the gloaming.

Monday, February 20th          
I thought I’d have the last dab of leftover peas with my frozen meal at lunch but lordy – there were as many peas as there was meal! I only ate half of that plateful of food which meant I didn’t have to pack my lunch for the next day. Winning!

Tuesday, February 21st                
Dad & Sue are cleaning out the basement & they found this little pin which honestly seems more aspirational than actual fact. Am I motivated now? Magic 8 Ball says “mayyybbeee…”

Wednesday, February 22nd                       
It was such a gorgeous day that Dr. M took the geraniums out to the deck.

Thursday, February 23rd                  
Our forsythia is so gorgeous right now! We were talking about how it’s the prettiest it’s looked since we moved down here.

Meanwhile, I’m out here doing a public service for people. Eighty degrees or not, the world isn’t ready for my February legs.  (Although I did shave for the first time in three months the day before & no longer looked like a hobbit.)

Friday, February 24th              
I was sitting up in bed reading a book when I felt like someone was looking at me.

It was kind of spooky, but I ended up not yelling for Mike to come protect me.

Saturday, February 25th        
Today was the Braves first spring training game & I got to watch it! Woo hoo!

Meanwhile, Dr. M was checking out lambs.

I got a new Fitbit & spent a Great Deal of Time looking at all the possible Fitbit watch faces. There were fun ones, and classic ones, ones that looked like vintage watches, and ones with mandalas… But I ended up getting this one because it has yarn on it. Ha!

I’m going to leave you with this little ditty that Dr. M wrote after one stinkbug encounter too many:

Stinker in the house,
Freaky little pest!
Scares me when I'm cookin'
So's I makes a mess!
Buzzin' 'round the lights,
Climbin' up the walls...
I'd fling a Nerfie at 'm
But I got no balls!
He's why our pots are always covered,
He's even landed on my head!
Jezzuz what a sleezer,
Terror and a teaser,
I'll be hidin' in the freezer
'til he's DEAD!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Seven

I’ve been training someone new at work – she’s going to take over some of my current data entry. While I actually enjoy data entry, I’m excited to see what I can do with my extra time (I have some ideas). And she’s going to be a great addition to the team. But working closely with someone really brings out my introvert. Poor Dr. M – I’ve been a vegetable this past week.
Sunday, February 12th               
Lots of photos today! First of all, I thought I’d try stir fried oatmeal for breakfast, but it wasn’t really worth the effort. It was super tasty (especially because “the last bit of cheese” in the bag was probably 1/2 cup). But I can get the same results faster & with less mess in the microwave.

We had a potluck at church, and then afterward I went to Dad & Sue’s and FINISHED THE PUZZLE! HUZZAH! It looks innocent, but it was a bear. Pretty though.

After I got home I worked on a headband while we watched the Super Bowl. It was a good game, but my favorite part was Sheryl Lee Ralph singing the Black National Anthem (one of my favorites to sing myself, although I’m not as talented as she is).

Monday, February 13th          
Trying to use up the last of the gray yarn that I used for last week’s hat, I made a flower applique. I sent it with the hat along with a bit of yarn in case the recipient wants to attach it.

Tuesday, February 14th               
Took my car for a MUCH needed bath. It was a pretty psychedelic experience. Ha!

Wednesday, February 15th                       
Dr. M had cleaned the lens on the backup camera on my car. Never having had one before I just thought they sucked, but wow what a difference! Then I was looking at my parking job on Wednesday & told him I could really use a front camera as well. How can we make that happen?

Thursday, February 16th                 
My bestie got me a new bracelet with this year’s word of the year (walk – as in “in the light” and “move your ass” and “with the marginalized” etc.). Also, I took a jillion photos trying to get a selfie and landed on this one, which I captioned: "Get you someone who looks at you the way I look at my phone."  

Friday, February 17th              
Driving to work in the pouring rain, and this song came on. Indeed.

That evening Dr. M made mulligatawny soup! The recipe he used had apples in it and I feel like they made all the difference. Well, I also enjoyed the dollop of Greek yogurt & cilantro. Yum!

Saturday, February 18th        
Possibly (probably) none of you will care at all about this, but the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team played an outdoor game at NC State’s football field and it was AMAZING. So much fun. Lots of hoopla, and fun NC State tributes (the opening montage with Jimmy Valvano was excellent), and the Canes won handily. They have a great team this year. Will we win the Stanley Cup? We shall see!

I’m excited about my upcoming birthday (March 3) because that means we’re inching closer to spring and more light and warmer weather. However, I’m already having allergy issues, which is just rude. I might have to add to my current regimen (Claritin). Do any of you have allergies? What do you do that helps?

2023 Project 365 – Week Twelve

This is the week that I thought that maybe spring really was going to arrive – and also when I got overheated & started dreading summer....