Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This and That

I'm not feeling witty today. Could be arm pain, although I had a cortisone shot today which helped a lot (I'll tell the story of how I injured myself another time when I'm feeling witty again - it's a typical Bug maneuver).

I think I feel weighed down by the needs of all the folks I've been praying for lately. There's Barry. And Heather. And, breaking my heart on a daily basis, Stellan. And the Hispanic family in our parish being torn apart by ICE - they're here to get medical care for their Down's Syndrome daughter and now her father is being deported.

I know that God is there. Although my mother died despite my fervant prayers, I know that God is there. And there is comfort in being in that presence. But it still weighs me down.

So I'll pray for my list of folks tonight, and then I'll lay me down to rest... Which will guarantee a better night's sleep than that Dean Koontz book I read last night!

P.S. Dr. M has a followup interview next Thursday (the 9th)! We are pretty dern excited around here.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Let's just add insult to injury, shall we?

So I go to the doctor for my sore arm, he refers me to an orthopedic specialist because he thinks it might be a rotator cuff injury (oh joy – shouldn’t that happen to someone who actually rotates her cuff occasionally?), and then, then, he gives me a tetanus shot in the sore arm! What? I go to the doctor for comfort & leave with no new drugs, a referral and MORE pain in my arm?

I’m telling you, there’s no justice in the world. To salve my wounds I decided to go to Victoria’s Secret to torture my arm further by trying on bras. I got fitted by some skinny chick (really cute & nice though) who said that I’m a 36D! D? I used to go without wearing a bra back in the day & now I’m a D? I’m not fooled though – the ginormous bras I got at Pennys are 38B, so obviously Vic is just crazy these days. In any case I spent a ridiculous amount of money for two bras that actually fit, so that’s something. We just won’t tell anyone what size they are – our little secret, ok?

P.S. Dr. M's interview went well - hopefully he'll get called back for a 2nd!

Friday, March 27, 2009

I double-tie my shoes for my doctor’s appointment, even though it’s no biggie (a pulled muscle). Because somehow it’s important that my shoes don’t unravel while I’m out. I put on too much makeup & then wipe half of it off (I never was very good at painting my face). This is not for the doctor – it’s for the ladies at Victoria’s Secret. Because I’ve decided that nothing heals a pulled muscle faster than a new bra. Really!

And I really really really hope the doctor doesn’t tell me to just quit using that arm for a while because I’m NOT competent with my left hand. I’m enough of a klutz with my right hand. There would be mayhem. Maybe mayhem would be good for me – that would certainly tie in with the suffering thing!

P.S. Dr. M. (my hubby) has an interview in 17 minutes at a local university – maybe that’s why I double-tied my shoes!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My First Post!

I've been following a lot of blogs lately & that has inspired me to join the fray. Not sure what I'm going to do with this space - but I'll try to visit pretty often. We'll see.

I'm in the midst of Lent right now. As a Southern Baptist, I was not really familiar with the concept. But now I'm an Episcopalian and it’s a fascinating part of the church calendar. I love how the sanctuary (nave?) and service are down to bare essentials. And every year my goal is to also be down to bare essentials (not Bare Escentuals – although I love their makeup!). And every year I don’t really succeed. Last night at Bible study I realized – perhaps – why that’s the case. I’m just not really into suffering all that much. Even the “suffering” involved in not eating chocolate, or getting up an hour early to do the Daily Office, much less the suffering of actually being present with people in pain or trying to do something constructive to ease the pain. What would it look like if I were to approach Lent as a way to be more Christ-like – in his suffering as well as in his ministry of love to other people? Giving up chocolate doesn’t really seem to fit the bill, does it?

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