Thursday, March 26, 2009

My First Post!

I've been following a lot of blogs lately & that has inspired me to join the fray. Not sure what I'm going to do with this space - but I'll try to visit pretty often. We'll see.

I'm in the midst of Lent right now. As a Southern Baptist, I was not really familiar with the concept. But now I'm an Episcopalian and it’s a fascinating part of the church calendar. I love how the sanctuary (nave?) and service are down to bare essentials. And every year my goal is to also be down to bare essentials (not Bare Escentuals – although I love their makeup!). And every year I don’t really succeed. Last night at Bible study I realized – perhaps – why that’s the case. I’m just not really into suffering all that much. Even the “suffering” involved in not eating chocolate, or getting up an hour early to do the Daily Office, much less the suffering of actually being present with people in pain or trying to do something constructive to ease the pain. What would it look like if I were to approach Lent as a way to be more Christ-like – in his suffering as well as in his ministry of love to other people? Giving up chocolate doesn’t really seem to fit the bill, does it?


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  2. How fun! I came over to your profile yesterday after I read your comment, and you had no blog. I thought oh! She follows them but doesn't write one. Now this morning - presto! - a blog! All the best to you as you start this venture. It's a wonder, isn't it, how easy it is, and fun, to design, tweak, write, etc. (Sometimes to easy, and addicting.)

    And yeah, I don't follow any religion now, but I grew up Baptist, with all the suffering - death to self - and all. I am still a spiritual person, and now to me, to seek suffering, just seems silly. I know people want to relate to Jesus, but why not in other ways? We can be like him - let's be divine!

  3. I found your blog via a comment you left elsewhere and lookit, I'm in the ground floor, you first post!

    I only started blogging this year myself and thought I would not have anything to say, but the more I write, the more I want to.

    I love the idea of being more Christ-like in Lent. I think there are other ways to "sacrifice". Instead of giving up something, give out something: time or resources to someone who needs it, maybe.

    Keep posting!

  4. Ruth & Argent - thanks for the support! I think I'll enjoy this, although I'm sure I'll be hit or miss on posting.

  5. Hi bug, I just discovered your blog this morning and I am so happy I did. Love your posts. We seem to have a lot in common even though we live an ocean apart. Please continue blogging, I'll be following faithfully. Love your humour.


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