Saturday, August 31, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Thirty-five

I’m not sure what I’m going to say here. If it still says this then sorry folks – I forgot to come back & change it! (I didn’t forget – I just never thought of anything to say.)
Sunday, August 25th                                             
Morning glories!

Monday, August 26th             
Dr. M had his follow up appointment today. He is apparently proceeding as expected. The nerves will take a while to calm down, and he still needs to heal from the surgery, but as you will see later in the week he is doing very well. We picked up pictures of the hardware in his back. Also pictured: the sopapillas we had at dinner after the appointment. Yum!

Tuesday, August 27th                                                
The wildflowers are in full fall mode now – the perfect date spot for Mr. & Mrs. Goldfinch.

New hairs! As I told my stylist (my cousin Kim’s daughter Abbey, who is interning at a local salon), “this is the beginning of me growing my bangs out again.” Ha!

Wednesday, August 28th                                                         
I can still pull my hair back – yay!

Thursday, August 29th                                                            
This is my most used emoji list. Drama queen? What drama queen?

Friday, August 30th                                                           
Another fine example of The Bug Parking Badly. I am actually within the lines on both sides, but it ain’t pretty!

Dr. M cleaning up the mess I made while mowing. Look at him go!

Saturday, August 31st           
I bought some caramel corn for my niece’s fundraiser. It’s called Sweetie You Salty & it is the devil.

My dad gave me a Moon & Stars watermelon this week. I guess I should cut it up, but it’s so pretty that right now I’m just using it as a table decoration.

This is a long weekend & I am so ready for it! I love my job & actually don’t mind working at all. On the other hand, any time I get to sleep in & putter around the house is a bonus. Any of you have plans for the long weekend?

Saturday, August 24, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Thirty-four

Dr. M must be feeling some better this week because we have flower pictures! He actually still has a lot of nerve pain – plus the regular aches & pains that usually get handled by the Aleve that he’s not allowed to take right now. But he is forging ahead & trying to feel a little more normal.
Sunday, August 18th                                             
We are pretty much ready for any broccoli situation.

I finally finished this wall hanging. I think it’s going to live in our living room, but that’s still TBD.

I was brushing my teeth & had some sort of mishap when I moved the toothbrush from my top teeth to my bottom teeth & flang toothpaste all over the mirror. Which I had just cleaned the day before. VERY ANNOYING.

Monday, August 19th             
I forgot to bring my “office” glasses to work, so I had to wear my driving glasses which have this very tiny reading/computer section. I spent the day with my head tilted back trying to read things on my computer. VERY ANNOYING.

Tuesday, August 20th                                                
I was trying to work on a shawl during a webinar at work, but my yarn was not cooperating. VERY ANNOYING. (Don’t worry, the rest of the week was less annoying.)

Dr. M caught this butterfly on the wildflowers – he just had his cell phone with him, but stay tuned for a more in focus butterfly.

Wednesday, August 21st                                                        
Dr. M took some pictures of our back yard flowers – they seem to be thriving despite temps in the 90s every day.

Thursday, August 22nd                                                           
More wildflowers (with a guest azalea appearance) – still making me smile. I can’t wait to see what they look like next year.

Friday, August 23rd                                                          
One of my coworkers has been on vacation this week & I DECIMATED her candy basket so I had to replenish it & then I had to put this sign in there.

Butterfly! Dr. M says: "See the dog and the butterfly...up in the air he likes to fly. The dog and the butterfly...below she had to try! And she rolled back down to the warm soft ground, laughing...she don't know why, but she had to try, she had to try...the dog and the butterfly"

Saturday, August 24th          
Went to get groceries today & saw one of my very top pet peeves. No, I did not move the small card to another section – there were too many large carts behind it & I had a car full of groceries. But I was VERY TEMPTED!

Monday is Dr. M’s first follow-up appointment with his surgeon. We’re both a little nervous – hoping that all still looks well & that the pain he feels is just a normal part of the healing process. I remember from my hip surgery (two years ago this week!) that every twinge I felt during those first few months was magnified & turned into “I’ve screwed up my hip” in my brain. Wish us well, won’t you?

Saturday, August 17, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Thirty-three

Remember how last week was boring? This week I apparently was mostly intent on document my descent into hair purgatory. It starts out a little out of control & ends up with some disciplinary action. You know what that means don’t you? I am headed for a change. Pixie? Bangs? Shag? A boring trim? Stay tuned! But it’s not happening any time soon because my hairstylist is on a cruise. Rude!
Sunday, August 11th                                             
The UCC church likes to change the lyrics to all the old familiar hymns, but I still love this one.

Monday, August 12th             
Exhibit A of Hair Madness. I was taking this picture because I changed the makeup I’m using & I wanted to see how it looked. 

Tuesday, August 13th                                                
Exhibit B of Hair Madness. I used my old makeup today & was taking a comparison picture. Um, they look exactly alike, right?

I made open faced meatloaf sandwiches for dinner – yum! My cousin Josh said that the gravy looked suspiciously like peas.

Wednesday, August 14th                                                         
Forgot to eat my blueberries at work today so I had a snack on my way home. Note the corralling of the hair with my glasses.

Thursday, August 15th                                                           
No picture!

Friday, August 16th                                                         
I had HAD it with my hair. I put it on top of my head where it could think about the error of its ways.

Sigh. I had really been doing a great job of parking lately.

Saturday, August 17th         
The State of the Bug Estate: Status, August.

Bonus: The Forsythia that Ate Plateau!

Dr. M continues to heal. Every day he seems to get a little bit better - although there is still a good bit of pain. Which is to be expected just shy of three weeks out of surgery. He even went to see his Pop this week! He also got an unexpected card from our good friend Catalyst - thank you so much! He was tickled. 

Last week I said I was going back to WW. Well, I did not (it was our Monday Mexican Family Meal). It’s really going to be a rude awakening when I finally get back there! On the other hand, I did treadmill (or mow) every day this past week, so I accomplished one of my health goals. Do you have any goals for this week? 

Saturday, August 10, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Thirty-two

I just edited the pictures from this week & they’re pretty darned boring. But that means that our week was low key – Dr. M has been healing, and I’ve been going to work.
Sunday, August 4th                                             
I didn’t go to church because I didn’t want to leave Dr. M alone too long, but I did go to Brian Center to help sing. I saw this bunny in the parking lot – so cute! It’s a terrible picture, but it’s all I got for today.

Monday, August 5th             
The folks at work sent a card to Dr. M. I work with a great team of folks!

Tuesday, August 6th                                                
Went on an emergency Diet Sun Drop run at work. On FB I called this the “strength for today, bright hope for tomorrow” edition. I’m not sure how many evangelicals read my blog so you guys might not know that’s a reference to the hymn Great is Thy Faithfulness – and that I planned to save one of the drinks for tomorrow. That evening my brother & his wife brought us dinner (yum!), but I didn’t take a picture.

Wednesday, August 7th                                                         
I came home from work and mowed. I push mowed the trim & thought I’d record my route. For some reason I think this picture looks a little fallopian. Ha!

Thursday, August 8th                                                           
This plant looks pretty pitiful these days. We used to have a neighbor who would have tossed it weeks ago. Not happening here! I’m trying to decide whether I’m slothful or just distracted by the tiny purple flowers that are little bits of perfection.

Friday, August 9th                                                         
I AM AN IDIOT! On Wednesday I took leftovers to work from the food Joe & Bren brought us Tuesday evening, but I didn’t eat them. I did, however, look in the fridge before I left for work & didn’t get the door closed all the way. So it was open all night until a coworker discovered it Thursday morning (so sorry coworkers!). A smart person would have tossed the leftovers (chicken, veggies, & rice with shrimp sauce). But NOooo – I had to eat them. So Thursday night was a little rough. Not as rough as I deserved, but I did have a mild case of food poisoning, and a low-grade fever, so I put this overly dramatic sign on my office door. Whew! That was a lotta words to explain a piece of paper!

Saturday, August 10th         
Dr. M is feeling a lot better & steadier on his feet, but wasn’t sure that he was up to going to visit his dad. So I went by myself to make sure his weekly meds were filled up & see if he needed any groceries (no). I got him some lunch & then we sat on his porch for a while. It’s one of my favorite places.

Next week I’m planning to add back in my extra-curricular activities. Going back to WW will NOT be pretty. In addition to my crazy sweet tooth, I haven’t feel like planning healthy meals. Time to get back on track!

Saturday, August 3, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Thirty-one

Man what a week! The long anticipated surgery is finally behind us, and grueling months of recovery are ahead. Hopefully Dr. M’s screaming nerve pain will subside so he can start working on strengthening his back.
Sunday, July 28th                                            
Before we drove to the hotel, we stopped for lunch with Dr. M’s Pop. This is corn (HEAVENLY), squash, zucchini, and potatoes from my dad’s garden.

Monday, July 29th             
LONG day, which you can read about on my last post. This is Dr. M’s picture from his room that night. We watched the Braves game together for a bit & then I headed to the hotel where I slept like a LOG.

Tuesday, July 30th                                                
Look who was up & about! He was feeling pretty fine since the lidocaine they used during surgery hadn’t worn off yet.

He even had me take him out for Mexican food after we checked out of the hospital. He looks a little stoned – ha! P.S. that was the BEST veggie quesadilla I’ve ever had. YUM.

For this trip I put my mouthwash in the container I usually use for salad dressing. And guess what? Italian flavored mouthwash should never be a thing. Just no. #imprettysureiwashedit

Wednesday, July 31st                                                        
After a pretty rough night, we headed home today. Dr. M tried to get comfortable and I mowed!

My pastor brought us a meal for dinner. Here is what I said on Facebook: If you know me, you know that cooking isn’t my thing. I can clean the house (grudgingly), mow the lawn (willingly), water the plants (capably), and refill the bird feeders (precariously). But it has been a struggle to feed us! I mean, we eat every darn day! Who can come up with that many meals? This long preface is just so you can understand my gratitude when someone else feeds us. Thank you SO MUCH L & P! I’m a little ashamed to take food from folks with four month old twins, but not too ashamed to eat it. You guys rock!

Thursday, August 1st                                                          
I went back to work for a half day today (I had a first of the month task that I wanted to take care of). That evening I got inspired to wind my new hank of yarn – so pretty!

Friday, August 2nd                                                         
Dr. M has really been struggling with a lot of nerve pain. It’s exponentially worse than before surgery (the nerves didn’t appreciated being awakened). He’s been trying all kinds of things to get comfortable. Here he has moved to the futon to get a new perspective, while I worked another half day.

Saturday, August 3rd        
Daddy & Sue brought lunch today. We had a nice time talking with them. Of course I did not take a picture. Here’s what you get instead. I filled both bird feeders today. Our bird feed vessel amuses me.

I’m going back to work full time this week & I’m a little worried about my stubborn hubs – here’s hoping he spends the days chilling – and here’s hoping that his nerve pain abates exponentially. What are you hoping happens this week?

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