Sunday, April 28, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Seventeen

First, some housekeeping: I’ve been having trouble getting to everyone’s blogs lately because I stopped being able to comment on some of them on my iPad. I finally figured out a work-around today (open the blog in Google, not Bloglovin or Safari), so I’ve mostly caught up. However, for some of you I didn’t go back & comment on posts that I’d already read. I’ll catch you next time!

Dr. M’s surgeon does recommend surgery - fusion from L4 to S1 to deal with the ruptured disks, etc. But for insurance reasons he will have to go through physical therapy first. We’re hopeful that the PT will at least strengthen his muscles so that his recovery from surgery is quicker – but it’s not going to be a lot of fun.

Now, on to the pictures, which are mostly of food and flowers – the two staples of life around here.

Sunday, April 21st – Easter Sunday                                      
We had a fabulous service at church, with a lot of good music. But before I got there I made myself a fancy breakfast. I’ve become obsessed with the concept of savory oatmeal, and found this recipe online that used a fried egg, avocado slices and cherry tomatoes – all of which I happened to have to hand. Mine is on the left & the picture from the recipe is on the right. I forgot the parmesan cheese, but it was really good! I sort of had to suspend the idea that it was oatmeal, but once I did that I was good to go.

Front yard flowers (or potential flowers, in the case of the wildflower bed).

Monday, April 22nd                  
The only picture we took today was the tree in the back yard (I’m getting ready to post a video of the transition from leafless to leaf-full).

Tuesday, April 23rd                                                 
Today was unexpectedly my last day at work! I had finished training my replacement so she kicked me to the curb. I did NOT argue – ha! Before I left I went to the post office and parked under my favorite tree for a bit. I probably won’t be in that part of town again any time soon.

I took my last furniture picture.

My coworkers gave me a beautiful purse made by the same company that supplies some of the leather for our furniture. And on the way home I got myself some celebratory cake (this is a tiny little cake – which is good because I ate most of it myself).

And even though I already have too many pictures in this post I had to share this one. I went to book club and took a photo of this bench when I left – Benchamin Franklin – ha!

Wednesday, April 24h                                                
Our Knockout Rose is going to be amazing soon!

Thursday, April 25th                                                    
Today we went to Dr. M’s dad’s house, where I ate a treasured food from my childhood: Bologna & cheese with Duke’s mayonnaise. Yum!

His azalea is winding down.

That evening I FINALLY finished crocheting this project – it has only taken me three months. I had to block it slightly (that’s two panels there & one was slightly shorter than the other one because of a difference in crochet tension). I’ve assembled it, but you’ll have to wait until next week to see what it is.

Friday, April 26th                                                  
A blue bunting on the feeder! So gorgeous!

More food – I put dill pickle flavored potato chips on my tuna salad. YUM!

Saturday, April 27th     
More flowers around the house – it’s such a lovely time of year.

It was Sue’s birthday so I took her present to her. I got her a necklace from my friend Becci at Feryl Designs (she has a sale going on for the next couple of days – check it out!). It was pretty wild that it matched Sue’s outfit so well!

I start my new job tomorrow. I’ve packed my lunch and picked out what I’m going to wear. I’m not as nervous as I thought I would be – hope that bodes well! It’s a REALLY busy time for my position so I’m sure I’ll have to jump in with both feet. I’ll tell you all about it next week!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Sixteen

Man this past week went by really fast! I had no problems training my replacement – she’s very bright, has lots of experience, and I think she’ll be really good for the company. Hard to believe that I just have one more week there. My new job is in the Human Resources department of the City of Hickory. I’m really excited about it! Oh, and my back issues have calmed down considerably. Still a bit tender, but nothing like it was last week. Glad to be off of the steroids.
Sunday, April 14th                                      
Apple blossoms in Dr. M’s father’s yard.

I had a struggle, but I prevailed!

Monday, April 15th                 
Our yard is so pretty now!

Tuesday, April 16th                                                
Today Dr. M went for an MRI. We’re really hopeful that the surgeon will decide that he can be helped because he’s in constant pain right now. At least with my hip, as long as I sat still I could be mostly comfortable. On his way home he passed some canola fields – lovely!

Wednesday, April 17th                                                
Dr. hanging around out back.

Also, goldfinch!

Thursday, April 18th                                                    

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail in flight.

It’s a Mom & Pop operation these days.

Friday, April 19th                                                  
Last week I shared a picture of Dr M.’s dad’s azalea. This one belongs to my dad. I hope our little azaleas grow up to be just like these!

Saturday, April 20th     
Mr. Gnomeland Security says “No seed for you!”

I’ve made this meal before without any issues, but this time it caught fire in the microwave! Yikes! We think that it might be because its “best buy” date was in February. I just bought it on Friday, so I went back to the grocery store & let them know. They gave me a refund.

I have one more week in the furniture industry & then I’m on to something new. I think I’m ready. Anything new going on with you?

Sunday, April 14, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Fifteen

This has been kind of a weird week. Health issues for Dr. M and me, plus some big changes coming soon. Also, April showers. And April flowers.
Sunday, April 7th                                      
Seen in our yard – lovely!

The Peace Lily that we got from Dr. M’s brother’s memorial service is blooming! That thing is ginormous! And a little risqué, in my opinion.

Monday, April 8th                 
Dr. M’s spinal issues have become quite severe in the last few months. He has constant burning pain up and down his right side, and then if he stands for too long his leg goes numb. He was referred to a spine specialist at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital and had his initial consultation & x-rays today. He is pessimistic that the surgeon will be able to help him, but I am holding out hope. He has an MRI scheduled for the 16th which will help the surgeon make a decision.

That evening we went out with the family for our monthly Mexican meal. I met a shady character and ate a Mexican “Chef” Salad. Delicious!

Tuesday, April 9th                                                
Dr. M got another hanging basket to complete the tableau out back by the swing. So pretty!

Wednesday, April 10th                                                
Our neighbors have the prettiest trees in their yard. And this picture doesn’t show the wisteria that’s blooming just to the left.

I’ve been having some back pain (due to idiocy like kicking a full copy paper box down the hall and carrying a computer in an awkward box) and this week it bloomed into VERY painful. I became paranoid that I’d done something to my hip (interesting how similar the pain is), so I had them work me in at my surgeon’s office. They took an x-ray & the hip is fabulous – yay! However, I do have some soft tissue and bursa pain in the lower back. She recommended ice. Of course, because ice is the answer to everything. The next day I had an appointment with my regular doctor & she decided that steroids might help. ANYWAY, this picture has nothing to do with any of that. This week was High Point Furniture Market week & so most of our folks were there. I had to stay to lock up the office & the last thing that I did each evening was lock this gate. On this day that was perfectly fine, but the day before it was POURING rain. Makes me appreciate Brad who usually does this chore!

Thursday, April 11th                                                    
A new hanging basket for the front, plus our Blue Moon phlox.

One of the couches at work. I believe it’s available if you’d like it – I can testify that it’s very comfortable!

Friday, April 12th                                                  
No picture today. On a whim last month I applied for a different job. Late Thursday they called to say that I was their final candidate and that they’d be calling my references, which meant that I had to tell my boss about it. I told him today, and by the end of the day he had someone scheduled to start on Monday for me to train. I still have to jump through a couple of hoops so I don’t want to announce anything officially, but if all goes well I start the new position on April 29th. And now I am totally overwhelmed with the idea of training someone. I’m a terrible teacher. And it feels like everything I do is so complicated (because I make it complicated, in my opinion). I try to remember that when I started I got a pretty basic training & then I just learned all this as I went along. It’s all gonna be just ok, right?

Saturday, April 13th     
Azaleas at Dr. M’s dad’s house. They’re just out of control. I hope ours look like that someday!

Just a bathroom mouthwash selfie. I was feeling silly.

So, basically, nothing much is going on around here. How about with you?

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Wherein the Bug Decides That She Needs New Glasses

I was doing dishes on Saturday & enjoying watching the birds under the feeder. Then I noticed that there was a cardinal sitting under the pine trees. It wasn't moving, which worried me.

So after I finished doing the dishes I trundled out the back door to see what was wrong with this poor bird.

What was wrong is that it wasn't a bird at all.

It was a red ribbon tied around a tree branch. Yes, I spent several minutes feeling concerned about a piece of red fabric.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Fourteen

We had some very lovely days this week. Also rain and snow. So, spring, right?
Sunday, March 31st                                     
I was pleased with my ingenious solution to the problem of my Fitbit not working when I push a shopping cart (I guess because my hands are still – but then I don’t understand why crocheting & typing doesn’t give me steps). Anyway, the dress I was wearing didn’t have any pockets so I just clipped that sucker to my boots.

Our azaleas are blooming!

Monday, April 1st                 
Our dining room is turning into a jungle! If you look closely you can see that the volunteer impatiens is still blooming.

Meanwhile, I was being irate about this weather notice. It did actually snow on Tuesday around 10:00, but I was too busy to look out the window so I missed it. Also, this prompted me to finally remember to bring my coat home from the office. Yay!

Tuesday, April 2nd                                                
Flutterby on the phlox!

Wednesday, April 3rd                                                
Ms. Pinky & Ms. Rita were released from tub prison today! Look at how much they sprawled over the winter – they’re a mess. We’re going to let them acclimate for a bit & then they’ll get a trim.

Thursday, April 4th                                                    
Lincoln County traffic jam. Dr. M took this picture, but I also was part of a similar traffic jam on Thursday.

Friday, April 5th                                                  
Dr. M saw bunnies out back. We don’t see rabbits as often as we did in Xenia, so this was a treat.

Saturday, April 6th     
Dr. M & I sat out under our tree for a couple of hours today – it was GLORIOUS! I was also amused that my crochet project matched my water bottle.

After sitting in the sun, Dr. M enjoyed this beer. I love the label.

This past week was really busy – I drove to High Point to do some stuff in our market space, and spent the rest of the week helping with last minute preparations. I’m not gonna lie – so glad I’m not on the team that has to work at market. Those folks work long hard hours & at heart I am a sloth.

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