Sunday, April 28, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Seventeen

First, some housekeeping: I’ve been having trouble getting to everyone’s blogs lately because I stopped being able to comment on some of them on my iPad. I finally figured out a work-around today (open the blog in Google, not Bloglovin or Safari), so I’ve mostly caught up. However, for some of you I didn’t go back & comment on posts that I’d already read. I’ll catch you next time!

Dr. M’s surgeon does recommend surgery - fusion from L4 to S1 to deal with the ruptured disks, etc. But for insurance reasons he will have to go through physical therapy first. We’re hopeful that the PT will at least strengthen his muscles so that his recovery from surgery is quicker – but it’s not going to be a lot of fun.

Now, on to the pictures, which are mostly of food and flowers – the two staples of life around here.

Sunday, April 21st – Easter Sunday                                      
We had a fabulous service at church, with a lot of good music. But before I got there I made myself a fancy breakfast. I’ve become obsessed with the concept of savory oatmeal, and found this recipe online that used a fried egg, avocado slices and cherry tomatoes – all of which I happened to have to hand. Mine is on the left & the picture from the recipe is on the right. I forgot the parmesan cheese, but it was really good! I sort of had to suspend the idea that it was oatmeal, but once I did that I was good to go.

Front yard flowers (or potential flowers, in the case of the wildflower bed).

Monday, April 22nd                  
The only picture we took today was the tree in the back yard (I’m getting ready to post a video of the transition from leafless to leaf-full).

Tuesday, April 23rd                                                 
Today was unexpectedly my last day at work! I had finished training my replacement so she kicked me to the curb. I did NOT argue – ha! Before I left I went to the post office and parked under my favorite tree for a bit. I probably won’t be in that part of town again any time soon.

I took my last furniture picture.

My coworkers gave me a beautiful purse made by the same company that supplies some of the leather for our furniture. And on the way home I got myself some celebratory cake (this is a tiny little cake – which is good because I ate most of it myself).

And even though I already have too many pictures in this post I had to share this one. I went to book club and took a photo of this bench when I left – Benchamin Franklin – ha!

Wednesday, April 24h                                                
Our Knockout Rose is going to be amazing soon!

Thursday, April 25th                                                    
Today we went to Dr. M’s dad’s house, where I ate a treasured food from my childhood: Bologna & cheese with Duke’s mayonnaise. Yum!

His azalea is winding down.

That evening I FINALLY finished crocheting this project – it has only taken me three months. I had to block it slightly (that’s two panels there & one was slightly shorter than the other one because of a difference in crochet tension). I’ve assembled it, but you’ll have to wait until next week to see what it is.

Friday, April 26th                                                  
A blue bunting on the feeder! So gorgeous!

More food – I put dill pickle flavored potato chips on my tuna salad. YUM!

Saturday, April 27th     
More flowers around the house – it’s such a lovely time of year.

It was Sue’s birthday so I took her present to her. I got her a necklace from my friend Becci at Feryl Designs (she has a sale going on for the next couple of days – check it out!). It was pretty wild that it matched Sue’s outfit so well!

I start my new job tomorrow. I’ve packed my lunch and picked out what I’m going to wear. I’m not as nervous as I thought I would be – hope that bodes well! It’s a REALLY busy time for my position so I’m sure I’ll have to jump in with both feet. I’ll tell you all about it next week!


  1. The first and most important thing a person with an orthopedic problem should do is to try and lose weight. The body can heal itself given the chance, but people go for the quick solution of meds and surgery.
    Anyway, I wish him well whatever he decides.

  2. Rick had to have a spinal fusion--he has arthritis, spinal stenosis, and several bulging and herniated disks, all inherited conditions. He has a very active job and is in very good health, optimum weight, etc. It went quite well, and his surgeon said that his quick recovery was due in large measure to his activity and strength before surgery. Tell The Professor to lean into his PT with gusto--it will only help him on the other side.

    1. Thanks, Nance! I have two age-related desiccated, herniated disks, stenosis, and more in L4-S1. My surgeon is head of the department of neurosurgery at Wake Forest of the top three hospitals in the state. I’ve avoided surgery for 14 years. I’ll work my ass off in PT, but yeah, I do need surgery and I hope for success and recovery despite my rather large body. And no, desiccated disks do not heal themselves.

  3. I hope you like your new job but I am going to miss all that crazy furniture!

  4. Best wishes on your new job. I hope you love it.

  5. Congrats on your new job - hope it all goes well!!!!
    Love they gave you a leather purse too - that's a fun gift... but I'd be all about that cake too!

  6. Fabulous picture of the bunting! I only saw blue buntings once, in Florida, during migration season. They are breathtaking. Nice of your co-workers to give you the leather bag. I know the new job will go GREAT -- can't wait to hear about it!

  7. That first pic of your tree is beautiful.

    When I saw your oatmeal./egg/avocado meal, it was so pretty that I thought you'd bought one of those fancy meals that deliver all the ingredients and you cook it, like Blue Apron. Looks delish.

    The blue bunting is adorable. They are so pretty.

    Can't wait to hear about the new job.

    Sure do hope things go well for Dr. M. Back troubles are tricky. I'm keeping good thoughts for both of you.

  8. I told SWMBO about your sandwich and she winced and said "that really sounds like a kid's sandwich"! Actually I thought it sounded pretty good. Ha!

  9. I love the looks of your Easter breakfast!

    I've never been able to comment on blogs on my iPad. I'll have to try your suggestion - thanks for the tip!

  10. I'm still trying to get my mind around the concept of savory oatmeal. You have reminded me of a favorite sandwich from childhood, though -- fried bologna with mayo on white. It's basic, but gosh, it's good. It seems as though everything worked out perfectly for your new job. I hope the same's true for Dr. M's therapy, surgery, and etc. The prep and the rehab are key, say those who've gone through it.


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