Saturday, April 25, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Seventeen

Things continue to be weird. This week had a little added grief to it. But you’ll be glad to know that my bangs are still intact (note: it was a close call on Thursday).
Sunday, April 19th                                                          
I planted both of these boxes at the same time. The one on the right was a packet of seeds. The one on the left was one of those bookmarks with seeds embedded that you are supposed to be able to plant. I was convinced that it was a dud, but (and you’ll have to just take my word for it) now there are tiny little sprouts in there! It’s sort of like watching fraternal twins grow up. Ha!

Monday, April 20th                         
It was highly appropriate that Dr. M ate Funyuns on 420 day J

Eggplant & chunky pasta sauce on spaghetti noodles. Yum!

Tuesday, April 21st                                                             
Dr. M ventured out to get some groceries, and then he came home & gave Roy some scritches.

We found out today that the university where he taught is closing its doors. Very sad. Here he is with one of his students on graduation day a few years ago.

Wednesday, April 22nd                                                       
Another completed square. This one was a lot of fun!

Thursday, April 23rd    
Nothing to see here - just a Bug being a drama queen about her bangs.

Seen at City Hall. Made me smile.

Friday, April 24th                                                                    
I made some peace with my bangs (wearing my bigger glasses helped keep them out of my eyes. Sort of).

Someone at work had a birthday & I loved this very clever cake. It was tasty too!

Saturday, April 25th                  
The bromeliad that we brought home from Daddy & Sue’s marriage reception in 2017 is finally blooming again! Is that what you call it? It sort of looks like a flower… It really needs a bigger pot, but we don’t have space for anything larger.

Our Governor has said that we will (possibly) start to “reopen” the state on May 8th. Large gatherings will still be restricted – it’s sort of a soft reboot. I like that he’s being cautious, but I’m nervous too. Apparently, as a nation, we have no sense, so who knows what insanity will ensue once we’re allowed to move about again. I’m crossing my fingers. How are you feeling about things where you are?

Sunday, April 19, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Sixteen

Another week of a pretty much regular routine splashed with anxiety and random mask wearing. And lots of handwashing & sanitizer!
Sunday, April 12th                                                          
Zoom church on Easter Sunday. VERY WEIRD! But we had communion (I didn’t have wine OR juice, so I drank a grapefruit LaCroix). It was nice to see some of our usual church suspects!

I worked on a stash-buster project. The flower is about 9 ½ inches across. I’m not too sure what I think about it. That’s how stash-busters are to me – the colors are not ones that I would have chosen. And the amount of yarn dictated the order in which I used them. Just weird. But it kept me out of trouble for an hour or so.

Monday, April 13th                         
Miss Rita the red geranium is blooming!

Tuesday, April 14th                                                            
Your weekly Roy.

I worked from home & it was so nice to sit on the deck during my lunch hour & crochet.

Wednesday, April 15th                                                      
Thought my hair was kind of cute today.

They gave us a couple of different masks at work. I gave one of them to Dr. M & he was trying it on. I also made one of those ear savers, but I’m not too sure about it. We’ll see if it really works.

Thursday, April 16th      
Here we are, right in the middle of Bang Grow-Out Central. I look at this picture & think, oh come on – a little trim never hurt anyone! I just have never liked how I look with my bangs pulled back, which is why this phase is so dangerous.

Flowers! This is blue phlox, our knockout rose, azalea, and our little peach colored rose.

Friday, April 17th                                                                    
So when I get on the elevator at work I always try to punch the 3 button with my elbow. Lately I apparently can’t aim so I’m hitting 2 and 3 simultaneously. So I’ve had some nice leisurely rides.

Speaking of not being able to aim… Fortunately, the parking lot was mostly empty (it’s never full, and now lots of employees are working from home).

Date night dinner! Dr. M fixed some delicious salmon. Yum!

Saturday, April 18th                  
It was a lovely day! No planes in the sky, finished the square I’d been working on, Roy came by for a visit, and a cowbird checked out the bee waterer!

Just when I’d started feeling hopeful that we have all come together to fight a common enemy, the almighty dollar has raised its ugly head again in the form of demonstrations (at least some of them organized by right wing groups) to open the economy back up. What good is the economy if we kill even more people? And like I read someone else saying, it feels like interesting timing, coming just after we heard how devastating this virus is to people of color and the poorest among us. “Oh we don’t care about those people – we just want our money” I don’t feel like I’m articulating this very well. I’m mostly just sad.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Fifteen

I would like to blame the excess of pictures these last couple of weeks on the ‘rona, but we know that it’s always like this in spring. So just hunker down – you might be here a minute. And I didn’t even post the photos that Dr. M took of the Dr. Van Fleet rose blooming at his dad’s house! You can go here to look at what it looked like last year if you haven’t had enough pictures.
Sunday, April 5th                                                          
It was a lovely day. I did Zoom church in the morning and then sat outside and read and crocheted. It was  nice! Dr. M took this picture. Is it just me, or does it look like Jesus in the temple overturning the money changer's tables? No? I was hoping that someone was coming to our aid to address the inequities that this virus is bringing into stark relief. Although I know that most of my readers were very familiar with those inequities before all of this. 

Monday, April 6th                         
I asked the internet whether my coworkers would notice if I just left my slippers on. The results were inconclusive – but I changed to real shoes just in case.


Tuesday, April 7th                                                            
The moon!

Wednesday, April 8th                                                      
We’re trying to minimize the total number of people in the office at one time, so some of us are working from home a day or two a week. This past week I worked from home one day. It was nice to slip into a familiar routine. And skip wearing make up for one day. And, let’s be honest, skip wearing a bra. Ha! I didn’t take a picture of my very exciting work, so instead you get Roy!

Thursday, April 9th      
Once a week the City Manager’s Office at work has been feeding us breakfast from local restaurants. Today I had one of my favorites – livermush & egg sandwich. So good!

Dr. M had a nice afternoon of deck sitting. My little seedlings are sprouting!

Seen around the house.

Friday, April 10th                                                                    
I had the day off from work (yippee!). I got a little carried away with my seasonings on my brunch (fried egg, cheese, sweet potato). I used black pepper, cayenne pepper, and ancho chili. It was good!

Getting ready to wash my face & very nearly reached for the scissors. I had to post this picture on the web and ask folks to talk me down. Again, results were inconclusive, but so far I’m leaving the bangs alone.

Saturday, April 11th                  
Lunch! It wasn’t pretty, but it was delicious. That’s kale mixed in with the black beans. I was trying to be healthy.

Dr. M says: Wren, wren, pretty little wren, fly right up and jump right in! Carolina wren bathing in our bee watering dish.

I’ve finished two squares to be added to the blanket pictured on December 20th in this post. I’m adding two rows down the sides (12 squares) so it will fit a bigger bed. I love making these squares. Too bad I’ve pretty much run out of people to give blankets to. Ha!

Date night! Salmon, asparagus, potatoes, & carrots, and a hockey game that first aired in December.

Finally, Dr. M & I participated in that thing where people were posting their high school pictures in solidarity with the class of 2020 (I’m sure that none of my friends includes anyone in that category – ha!). Dr. M couldn’t quickly find his high school picture, so here he is with his Doctoral hood shortly before his hooding ceremony. What strikes me about my picture is I remember thinking I was fat. Oh young lady, it’s too bad you didn’t know how cute you were at the time!

Today is Easter Sunday. I’ve been a little frustrated by all the extra content that the people I follow on social media have been compelled to provide. I don’t have time to listen to an hour long daily Instagram Live – or even 15 minutes if more than two of them are doing one. And these are people who I feel are saying important things – things I’d like to hear. So today I gave myself permission to wallow in all the things people offered up for consideration today. Nadia Bolz Weber, Sarah Bessey, Kate Bowler, our transition pastor at our church…. It was really nice to just sink into all of these fine words. I feel a little more ready to face the week ahead. How did you spend your day?

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