Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"Wordless Wednesday" (You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.)

I am in Austin, Texas for work & I was going to do a post about my wonderful visit on Sunday with the fabulous Ellen Abbot of Stuff from Ellen's Head, but she beat me to it. You can read about the visit here. As is usual these days I didn't take very many pictures - and she has posted the best one that I took (the one of her). Ellen figured out that I first commented on her blog in August 2009, so we've known each other for quite a while. It was so good to meet in person!

Since Ellen took care of that post, I'm going to share some of what Dr. M has been up to since I've been away, plus a bonus moon. We get some of the strangest birds!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Love Your Spouse

The other week I participated in one of those Facebook memes where I had to post pictures of my spouse & me for seven days. (Note: I guess I didn't have to, but I did it anyway.) You've all seen these pictures before, but! These captions are totally new. So that's something. Also, I don't have to think about anything new to write here. Win win!

We've been married 25 years, so finding just 7 pictures was quite a challenge! This first one is one I've posted many many times before, but it might be my all time favorite picture of us, from our wedding, 12/15/90.

This picture is from the year after our wedding - 1991. We were at our friends Jay & Beth's wedding. I think Dr. M looks really swell in this picture!

This picture is from 1991/1992ish. We used to be camping fools. I'm not sure why I'm wearing a dress, but I AM sure that my perm is ridiculous. Ha! And isn't Dr. M the cutest thing?

This picture is pretty bittersweet. It was from the day of my mother's Celebration of Life service - Easter Sunday, 2005. I was determined to not wear anything that resembled mourning attire. It was a hard day. But looking back, this is another one of my favorite pictures of the two of us. I was so grateful to have Dr. M to lean on! 

This is another of my very favorite pictures of Dr. M and me. We went to Hilton Head for the new year, 2006. I love the beach in the middle of winter - it's just my speed. Of course, this isn't a picture of the beach - it's a picture of us in a restaurant. Very appropriate! Ha! 

Here's a beach picture :)

2007, this was the day that Dr. M received the hood for his Ph.D. I was SO PROUD of him! But once again, I question what was up with my hair (Note: in point of fact, my hair looks very similar today - ha!).

This picture is from our 25th anniversary cruise this past December. We had so much fun - we were trying to figure out ways to just live there. These past 25 years have been wonderful, hard, joyous, desperate, hilarious, so very married. I'm so glad I've spent them with my best friend.

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