Sunday, September 27, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Thirty-nine

This week was a good bit calmer than last week – although of course I still have too many pictures. Dr. M helped me out by posting some on his page – you definitely want to go check it out, here. You especially don’t want to miss the silly cardinal pictures.
Sunday, September 20th     
I went to the Wool Gathering today – a local fiber arts festival. Here's my first purchase. Don’t you think the sheep on this t-shirt looks a little maniacal?

This hat was VERY impressive!!

I didn’t count my meandering at the festival as a walk, so I took my real walk after my nearly 2 hour nap when I got home :)

Monday, September 21st     
Our Knock-Out Rose, Miss Scarlett.

I needed a change purse to match my new shoulder bag, so I made one. It’s a little lumpy & odd, but it does the job. Although it doesn’t actually match my new bag. Hmm…

Dr. M fixed the lawn mower – both handles had broken, so he reinforced it with some spare parts and about a gallon of duct tape. (Oh, you didn’t know duct tape comes in gallons?) It works better than ever now!

The moon!

Tuesday, September 22nd                   
I had a meeting at the local library. As I was leaving I saw this bulletin board in the lobby. Made me pause for a second…

Dr. M knows I love a field of hay rolls!

Wednesday, September 23rd            
My daily walk.

I thought my salad was so pretty that I had to take a picture (there’s spinach somewhere under there).

The moon!

Thursday, September 24th       
Square #1 of Pattern #19. Fun!

I took a brief walk around the building at work, being a typical person with my head in my phone playing a word game. When I got back to my office I dropped my phone on my desk & then noticed this message – ha!

I needed to scan in Dr. M’s passport photo & decided to do mine too. We are both agreed – mug shots!

Friday, September 25th   
My daily walk.

My one Black Eyed Susan is doing so well – so much fun!

Square #2 of Pattern #19.

Saturday, September 26th    
Around the yard – so pretty around here these days!

Square #3 of Pattern #20 (Yep – I sat around & crocheted all day. No cleaning, no laundry – just left the house once, to take my walk. It was bliss!)

My daily walk – the tiny little toad edition. I must have seen 20 (no exaggeration!). I had to turn on my phone flashlight to make sure I didn’t step on any of them.

When I got back I started a new project (a pocket for my new purse). I used the wooden crochet hook I bought at the Wool Gathering on Sunday. I love it! So smooth & lovely…

Hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, September 21, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Thirty-eight

What a crazy weekend! I came home both days & took long naps – which is why I’m just now posting this. Dr. M also has a post today – go here to check it out (there’s just a bit of overlap).
Sunday, September 13th     
Around the yard…

I started & finished square #4 of pattern #17.

Monday, September 14th     
Square #1 of pattern #18.

Tuesday, September 15th                  
Hello there!

The moon!

Wednesday, September 16th           
My daily walk – I’m walking in the dark most evenings.

Square #2 of pattern #18 (this one whipped up pretty quickly).

Thursday, September 17th       
My daddy’s birthday! Here he is looking nerdly handsome in his high school senior picture.

Our Ohio – soybean field and late sunflower crop. This field will be glorious in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, my odd little flower is starting to look like the Black-Eyed Susan that it is…

The moon!

Square #3 of pattern #18.

Friday, September 18th   
I finished my bag! Well, it’s mostly done – after carrying it for a few days I’ve decided I want to shorten the strap (I want to wear it as a messenger bag, but it’s still too long for that). And I want to add at least one inside pocket. Once I figure out how. I’m not lining it because I don’t sew.

Look – it’s a real Black-Eyed Susan now! (Sorry for the crappy iPhone photo)

The moon!

Saturday, September 19th    
I had anti-racism training at our local Episcopal retreat center. I walked the labyrinth during a break.

Driving home. It was a beautiful day!


The moon!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Thirty-seven

It was nice to have a couple of days off at the beginning of the week, but I think that made it seem like the rest of the week was extra long! Maybe it’s because no one does my work when I’m gone? Hmm – need to work on that!
Sunday, September 6th     
Dr. M saw a Gulf Fritillary!

After church I went with Dr. M to his dad’s house. We had a nice visit – and I made enough progress on my project that I could use it to hold my yarn.

That evening we went out to eat with Daddy & Amy.

Then we played corn hole. They’re pretty good. Dr. M & me? Not so much. Ha!

Monday, September 7th     
Before we left to head back to Ohio I wandered around the yard taking pictures.

Then we headed out. Yup – this is Ohio :)         

Tuesday, September 8th                  
I mowed the grass in the morning. It was STEAMY! Also, I broke the other mower handle. Duct tape is just the best stuff ever.

Squirrel gymnastics.

Little hummer surveying her kingdom.

Wednesday, September 9th           
I bought some REEEDDDD lipstick. Whew! Unfortunately it looks like I’m still allergic to regular lipstick – it seems to chap my lips. So I’ll be going back to my Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm.

Thursday, September 10th       
My project is shaping up nicely. I ran out of yarn, so now I’m waiting for more to get here.

Ms. Pinky Petunia Verbena is still being her outrageous self.

We had the most pitiful little sunflower come up under the tomato vines – so cute!

One of our neighbors gave us 8 new flags! We put this one up right away.

Friday, September 11th   
9/11 memorial…

Dr. M saw this little fellow. We think it’s a juvenile male cardinal, but we’re not sure.

Saturday, September 12th    
Remember in the spring when I planted those ancient seeds? We had one plant come up. The flower looks like something out of science fiction to me. Ha!

The hummingbirds are getting FAT these days. They’ll need it!

My daily walk – I spent the lovely afternoon working on reports for church so I walked after dark.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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