Sunday, May 28, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Twenty-one

This past week was another crazy one with long hours. Fortunately I didn’t have to talk to quite as many people as the week before, but there was a lot of data entry. This coming week will be less crazy (here’s hoping). But you never know. What you do know is I will tell you all about it.

P.S. Thank you for all the comments on my post about Roy. We're still pretty sad. 

Sunday, May 21st  
Dr. M & I went on a ramble, got lunch, and a banana milkshake for me afterward. It was a nice break.

Monday, May 22nd             
No photo.
Tuesday, May 23rd                  
Even though I got to the office at 7:00, the morning was spent mostly twiddling my thumbs because we couldn’t start data entry until after payroll closed. Here are the things I did to keep myself busy: ate Angelfood cake that had crushed pineapple in it (Delicious! Coworker made it for another coworker’s birthday); noted a maniacal gleam in my eye during one of my trips to the bathroom; went to CVS for a prescription (I laughed that my car knew I was going there without being told); ate a chicken salad sandwich with Cheetos on it.

Meanwhile, Dr. M was taking photos of daylilies!

Wednesday, May 24th                             
Got to work at 7:00 a.m. and around 9:00 mentioned to a coworker that my breakfast had worn off. She Grub-Hubbed second breakfast for me! I ate the pancakes on Wednesday, and the eggs, biscuit, & sausage for lunch on Thursday.

Thursday, May 25th                  
Headed to work at 6:00 a.m. & saw the sunrise for a change!

Friday, May 26th                  
I stopped to get gas on my way into the office & felt like something might be awry with my hair. And I was right. It matched how I felt all week.  

Went by Dad & Sue’s on my way home from work (I left early due to feeling too surly to be polite to employees), and saw that they’d planted her Mother’s Day hydrangeas. Made me smile.

Saturday, May 27th          
From the Socials: These last few weeks have been HARD for me. It was open enrollment time at work & I was in charge & I was NOT my best self. Cranky, imperious, staring vacantly at the piles of paper on my desk (& under my desk & on the card table I brought into my office). And I had to interact with so many people! My introverted enneagram 9 self was struggling. But I think we made it through. Hopefully. So shout out to my coworkers who were all angels, to Dr. M who mostly let me be when I came home completely depleted, and to my dad’s wife Sue who gave me the Phish Food I’m about to eat with my “healthy” lunch (Cheetos & Nekots). Full disclosure: she got me two pints - I ate the other one last night .

And now for something completely different, I shall complain about the weather. It’s been pouring rain since last night and in the 50s for most of the day, and even though I hadn’t planned any outdoor activities, I’m offended. What’s it been like where you are?

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

He Was a Good Boi

Roy left us last Friday. He'd been sick with a brain tumor for a few months, and had a seizure Friday night that he couldn't recover from. Dr. M & I knew we hadn't seen him in a few days, but were afraid to ask his person if he was gone (I had a secret fantasy that he was at a doggy spa). I finally got the courage to ask last night & she let me know. We're so sad - he was a most excellent neighbor. Always so happy and excited to see us. He lived a long life (almost 16 years) and his last years with his person were definitely full of love. We're all going to miss him. 

Saturday, May 20, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Twenty

Man. What a week! Open enrollment packets started streaming in on Monday and by Wednesday we were drowning in paper. I worked 10-12 hour days and had to talk to MANY more people than I usually do. Frankly, I’m amazed that I’m being coherent right now. (I am being coherent, right?)
Sunday, May 14th
A new to me snack – peach yogurt with cottage cheese in it. Yum!

Monday, May 15th              
Dr. M had a doctor’s appointment this morning – his A1C is down and so is his weight – go Dr. M!

I wore a new outfit today – I thought I was cute. Ha!

Tuesday, May 16th                  
Paper paper paper… This is maybe 1/6th of the paper we saw. Next year we’ll be doing all this online (fingers crossed).

Wednesday, May 17th                             
I was headed to bed & knew I hadn’t taken a photo, so here are my tulips which are sliding into Morticia Addams territory. I love them!

Thursday, May 18th                  

And here is evidence that someone in our house eats oatmeal the usual way (it was Dr. M).

It was the first game of this round of the hockey playoffs, but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stay awake for the whole thing. Turns out I was right – the game was almost six hours long. They had four overtimes. That’s a whole second game. And they lost. But what an epic battle! I went to bed at the end of the first overtime.

Friday, May 19th                  
I talked to So. Many. People. this week. My little introvert self was WHUPPED.

Here I am at the end of the day...

Saturday, May 20th          
Ellen Abbott sent me some oatmeal that had “Seasonal Flavor” on the packets. She wondered what the heck seasonal flavor was & you know I volunteered to find out.

Meanwhile, Dr. M was out getting groceries for his dad. One of the cats was enjoying the day.

Last week I said that I thought this week would be the last of the really intense busy days at work. I was wrong – we have another week of pretty hard work (entering all the benefit changes for almost 600 employees), then it should calm down. I’m looking forward to being able to hide in my office for a while. Ha! How about you – are you drained or energized by people?

Sunday, May 14, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Nineteen

It’s Mother’s Day! I’m not sad (much anyway) like I used to be. Well actually, for the longest time I was MAD. But it’s still a bittersweet day & I’ve spent it hibernating in my home avoiding (mostly) social media. I’m beginning to wonder if I just use it as an excuse to be a hermit. Heh.
Sunday, May 7th
Since I think we all need it, you’re getting a double dose of peonies this week. Here’s dose number one, and it’s a beaut.

Monday, May 8th              
I stopped by dad & Sue’s after work & they showed me this photo of my grandfather’s 5th grade class. I was sure I knew which one was him (the boy in the overalls on the far right on the front row). I mean, look at this photo of Papaw & Mamaw – dead ringer, right? But oh my goodness the hue & cry from my aunts! My great-grandmother would never have let her son go to picture day looking like that! And since I remember that she used to sell Mary Kay cosmetics, that’s probably true. So, bowing to their collective wisdom, I’ll agree that my grandfather is the 3rd from the right on the back row. Cute kid!

Tuesday, May 9th                  
After a long work day (that started at 7 a.m.), here is my after dinner snack – the brownie from one of Dr. M’s frozen dinners with pudding, banana, & cool whip. Delish!

Wednesday, May 10th                             
The Roy came by for a treat!

Thursday, May 11th                  
I ate sushi in the car for lunch – it was pretty tasty!

Friday, May 12th                  
I ordered Dr. M to do a photo shoot of our yard. Look at all this pretty in pinkness! I’m especially impressed with how much peaches has thrived.

Saturday, May 13th          
I took Daddy & Sue out for Mother’s day. We got some excellent flounder & popcorn shrimp & then enjoyed some cupcakes (mine had cookie dough on it) while I worked the puzzle. I also got Sue pink hydrangeas, which perfectly matched the dishes she keeps out on their table. Sweet!

I made it through week one of work craziness. I have about another week of intense work, then it will just be extra (not extremely) busy for another few weeks after that. The good thing about this time of year is that the work I do for the City is highlighted – hopefully in a good way. Ha! What are your extra busy times of the year?

Sunday, May 7, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Eighteen

I am happy to report that work WAS crazy last week, and will be crazy for the next two weeks, and then things should calm down. But first I have to go to meetings at 7:00 a.m. two days in a row and I could use some thoughts and prayers in that regard.
Sunday, April 30th
I was trying to get a video of this wind chime going crazy (Sunday was just a bit breezy). I wasn’t very successful, but the sky looks nice.

Monday, May 1st             
I saw a meme about “things from the 70s” & had to post this photo of 15 year old me with several of those ancient items featured: paneling, rotary phone, photo taken with a Polaroid camera, grown out Dorothy Hamill haircut. Good times!

Meanwhile, Dr. M was doing a photo shoot with our drift rose, Peaches.

Tuesday, May 2nd                  
I have a little white board on my desk where I jot notes to myself. This particular one has been on there for a couple of weeks & I am at a total loss. There were some great ideas from friends on FB (my favorite was related to ovulation, which has not been an issue for me for about 10 years).  

Wednesday, May 3rd                            
Today’s only photo - I sent Dr. M this picture of my ridiculous egg sandwich – I did try to fold it so it would fit on the bread, but it was out of control.

Thursday, May 4th                  
Another food photo – I had an open faced ham & lima bean sandwich. It was good!

Friday, May 5th                  
Dr. M & I spent some quality time on the deck after I got home from work.

Saturday, May 6th          
Dr. M’s dad’s Dr. Van Fleet rose continues to be lovely!

These tulips Dr. M brought home for me have their arms wide open, all exuberance. They’re saying YES when I so often want to say no. I think I’ll try to listen to them this week.

Well, we just finished watching a 12 inning baseball game (Braves win!), and we’re getting ready to watch the Hurricanes play their 3rd game in the 2nd round of the playoffs (they won the first two games). Frankly, we’re a nervous wreck. How are you doing?

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