Sunday, July 30, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Thirty

The photos for five of seven days this week are food related and I regret nothing.
Sunday, July 23rd     
Twins? (Cartoon from here)

Monday, July 24th             

Tuesday, July 25th                   
 I guess that settles that. But I’m still going to call them stobbers.

Wednesday, July 26th                              
Another Dr. M salad. It looks so good I think I’ll have the same thing for dinner tonight!

Thursday, July 27th                      
I was driving to work & saw this little dog running around. I’d seen a post from a friend that her papillon mix was missing & this pup sort of matched the photo – but it turns out her dog had come home. So hopefully this guy was just taking a stroll and not lost.

Friday, July 28th                        
We were in a training all week for our new software system & by Friday we were just in a total stupor. So when my coworker offered to pick up some lunch for me I was very grateful!

Saturday, July 29th              
My Pennsylvania cousin was driving through & visited with my dad for a few minutes. She left a bag of goodies for Dr. M and me and I have thoroughly enjoyed the apple butter. Yum!

I went to see the Barbie movie yesterday and I have some thoughts which I may or may not share at some point. It was a lot of fun, and I also felt like I was being bashed over the head by the points it was trying to make. It was not particularly subtle. Ha! But it was a fun diversion with my cousin and her daughters. It was good to take a break from my hermit ways. Did you do anything out of the ordinary this week?

Sunday, July 23, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Twenty-nine

I am writing to you from my air conditioned home hallelujah!
Sunday, July 16th     
For a few days this week there isn’t a “real” photo – I’m using my Be Real photo of the day (it’s an app where once per day you randomly get a notification & have two minutes to take a photo – I only have two friends on the app, but it’s fun to see what other people are doing at the same time you are). ANYWAY, this is the Be Real photo for Sunday. Not pictured: thermometer showing a living room temp in the high 80s.

Monday, July 17th             
Woo hoo! We have air!

Also, my feet got cold. Ha!    

Tuesday, July 18th                   
Dr. M had a “tall” salad (his grandmother Flossie's term for tossed salad) for lunch.

And then I dove into this giant chocolate covered caramel apple.

Wednesday, July 19th                              
Here we have Dr. M preparing healthy food for me to eat.

And here I am finishing that apple. I had the genius idea to put a corn stobber on one end. (Apparently I just made up the phrase “corn stobber?” What do you call them?)

Thursday, July 20th                      
Today’s Be Real photo. The title is “Is It Time To Go Home Yet?” Also, the view from my office isn’t bad.

Friday, July 21st                        
And this is the Be Real gem of the week. I got the notification while I was in the bathroom at work. And, really, I had to take the photo, right? At least it’s a little more discreet than this one (scroll down to Thursday). Ha!

Saturday, July 22nd             
Went out to eat with Dad & Sue, my brother & his wife. On the way to the restaurant I started wondering why my bum was getting hot. Ha!

My sister-in-law has joined the Pair Eyewear cult – the glasses where you can get different tops to change up your look. I’m considering getting in on the action, so I tried on her glasses. I think I’m in love (although I’m leaning toward a different frame design). 

I don’t have anything to say here, so you guys can talk amongst yourselves. But seriously, what do you call those things you stick into the ends of your corn?

Sunday, July 16, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Twenty-eight

Reader, they had to order a part.
Sunday, July 9th     
Family. Also, Grayson was enamored of the "giant ball" – he spent a lot of time rolling it around. Ha!

I got Dr. M this GINORMOUS muffaletta sandwich from Jason’s Deli. Stay tuned for the creative ways he consumed it this week.

Monday, July 10th             
More squares. I think the acorns look like kidney beans with hats.

Dr. M had a muffaletta snack.          

Tuesday, July 11th                   
Morning glorious!

We finished the second puzzle I gave Dad for father’s day. It was supposed to be a lighthouse, but as you can see, they sent the wrong puzzle. This one was pretty challenging.


Wednesday, July 12th                              
Another muffaletta snack.

Thoughts while mowing:
1. I miss the Roy (he hated the mower).
2. Hurry up little toad & get out of my way!
3. Whee! (I like to drive fast)
4. I am FILTHY.

Thursday, July 13th                      
I really do have the weirdest dreams. Also, I’ve joined Threads, the Twitter alternative from Meta. Like I needed another social media situation.

Friday, July 14th                        
I sit like this while I’m working and then wonder why my nose is red all the time.

Saturday, July 15th            
I went to Dad & Sue’s to do some laundry (they were at Sue’s Christmas in July family gathering). I had a grand old time hanging out, and then came home to the inferno. It got up to 88 degrees before it started going back down again. It’s pretty rough between around 4:00 and 9:00.

The part for the air conditioner is supposed to arrive tomorrow morning & they’ll come to fix it in the afternoon. I REALLY hope that it happens as planned. Especially for Dr. M, who hasn’t been sleeping well and who doesn’t have an air conditioned office to escape to. (Please note that we’ve had multiple offers to go stay with family, but we are stubborn and pig headed.)

Sunday, July 9, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Twenty-seven

This was a week of heat management. Our landlords brought over a small window unit air conditioner, and it helped a LOT, but our house is biggish and it was in the 90s most days, so… The repair folks are coming on Tuesday & let us all offer up a prayer to the god of household appliances that they don’t have to order a part. Amen.

Sunday, July 2nd    
I stopped by dad & Sue’s after church and got to hold (and feed!) baby Elliott. I don’t know what I think about his epic side eye though.

Monday, July 3rd              
Dr. M enjoyed that a cloud covered the sun for a bit while he sat on the deck.

Tuesday, July 4th                   
Things we did to beat the heat: Took lunch to Dr. M’s dad & watched a Reds/Nationals game (the Reds are amazing this year!).

Took the leftovers home and then drove around in the car for a while before heading to my dad’s house (they weren’t there – it was their 6th wedding anniversary & they were out celebrating). Dr. M ate a snack & I worked the puzzle.

Then we went to the grocery store and headed home, where I did a little photo shoot of all the animal squares. The other squares will have non-animal things on them.

Wednesday, July 5th                              
I came home from work and we sat on the deck until 9:00. We ate dinner, watched the ballgame on Dr. M’s iPad, and each had our own fan. It was actually a really good evening!

We came in to watch the rest of the game & I had to take a picture of this hotdog the sideline reporter tried. Here’s a description: The Slider Dog is topped with pimento mac and cheese, bacon and fruit loops, making it popular with kids and people who aren't afraid to combine breakfast and soul food. You can see why I might be interested – ha! The reporter said that she ate the fruit loops off the top, but couldn’t face the rest.

Thursday, July 6th                      
Dr. M sent me a picture of his breakfast. I think it has a bit of a maniacal grin.

We reached temperature equilibrium!

Friday, July 7th                        
My lunch – that was a REALLY good salad!

Saturday, July 8th            
Your weekly flower photos. So lovely!

It has been exhausting for Dr. M to figure out each day the best placement of fans, which doors & windows should be open and when, and just generally managing our comfort level. I’m really hoping that the coming week will bring blessed relief for him! What are you hoping for?

Sunday, July 2, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Twenty-six

Remember how I complained about it being too cool last week? Well today it’s 90 degrees & our air conditioner isn’t working. It’s not too bad in the house though – just means I’m going to eat ice cream instead of clean the bathrooms. Oh darn.
Sunday, June 25th   
The only photo today – me showing Dr. M that the windshield cover he ordered for me fit perfectly (which was unsurprising to him because he ordered the one that was made for my car model).

Monday, June 26th             
Went by dad & Sue’s and helped work the puzzle. This is the first of FOUR pictures of me this week.   (Insert hand hitting head emoji here)

Tuesday, June 27th                   
This dress is so long that I decided to knot the bottom. I was checking to see how it looked but got distracted by how WHITE my legs are. Oof.

Wednesday, June 28th                              
No I’m not stress eating. Why do you ask?

Thursday, June 29th                     
Stopped by to see Dad & Sue during lunch & they had finished the puzzle!

And then I did a little photo shoot of the square I finished yesterday. My sister-in-law says it fits in perfectly with the Woodland Jungle theme.

Friday, June 30th                       
Baby snuggles!

Saturday, July 1st           
The July version of the wildflower bed. The bee balm has finally decided to bloom!

This week was rather challenging on a national level. I’ve been keeping one eye on it while I read books I’ve already read before (since I can trust the ending). But no matter how I feel about things, Dr. M “wins” the week with this stress dream: one night this week he dreamed that he had to write an essay on the Bill of Rights for Professor Donald Trump. Analyze that!

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