Sunday, February 27, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Eight

Man what a week! It’s not a good time to be a trans youth (when is it ever a good time?), a Ukrainian, or especially a black or brown person in Ukraine. It makes me want to burrow back into my blankets and ignore the world. But of course we can’t really do that, or not for long. Instead, let’s look at some photos that have nothing to do with world drama.
Sunday, February 20th      
Another one bites the dust…

(Continuing my Black History Month project…) Meet Osheta Moore!
Monday, February 21st    
This morning I saw the biggest most beautiful snowflake drift down right in front of me. Which was confusing because although it’s cold enough to snow, it was sunny. Well reader, it was not snow. It was a feather. 

Another Monday, another bowl of fruit.

Meet Alexis Nikole, the Black Forager!

Tuesday, February 22nd  
I can’t believe I didn’t document Twosday! But alas, no photo.
Meet Patricia Taylor!
Wednesday, February 23rd     
No photo today either. What the heck.
Meet Natalie!
Thursday, February 24th  
It was a wee bit foggy on the way to work. I was thinking that it was actually pretty & not all that dangerous – you could see pretty far down the road. I’ve been in fog in Ohio that was much more scary!

Meet Luvvie! 
Friday, February 25th     
Daffodils after the rain.

The sky as I was leaving my dad’s house.

Meet GG Made It!
Saturday, February 26th       
The making of a Bugwood! At the end is a terribly unflattering video of me trying this sandwich. Two thumbs up - adding the Cheetos was genius! 

Playing with the macro setting on my phone – phlox & forsythia!

I spent a lot of time crocheting today. I blocked this shawl (a gift for the retiring director of my department), and made this potholder for a coworker (it’s a bit wonky – I need to work on my technique). I also started working on my 12th (I think it’s 12th) Moogly afghan. No photo yet, but you guys have been on all my other journeys so I’ll definitely share this one. I’m using some Irish wool that a parishioner gave me in Ohio. I have so much & have never figured out what to use it for. We’ll see how this goes.

Meet Lyneezy!
Well, it’s time to head into another week. I wonder what the hell will happen this time. Any guesses?

Sunday, February 20, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Seven

I feel like I was just working on a post five minutes ago, but I guess it’s been a week. Let’s see what happened!
Sunday, February 13th      
Before and after. I was lector at church today & instead of concentrating on the “as for me & my household, we will serve the Lord” part of the passage, I concentrated on the “we’re on this land we stole from the Amorites” part. I also mentioned that we were sitting in a church on stolen land. I know it’s always a pleasure when I speak in church!

Stopped by Daddy & Sue’s house and finished another puzzle. As I mentioned last week, we really enjoyed this one!

(Continuing my Black History Month project…) Meet Ally Henny!
Monday, February 14th    
I was making this very healthy bowl of fruit and somehow these cookies and chocolate covered strawberries jumped in there.

Meet Esther Odekunle!

Tuesday, February 15th  
Family Mexican night. This picture in no way shows how ginormous that burrito was. I ate half & still felt overfull. So delicious though.

Meet Darci! Also check out this post.
Wednesday, February 16th    
The Roy stopped by for some treats. Dr. M always makes him sit because he gets SO EXCITED OMG A TREAT A TREAT!!!

Meet Amena Bee!
Thursday, February 17th  
Dropped off the temperature blanket. I think the recipient was pleased.

Meet Marcie Alvis-Walker at Black Coffee with White Friends!
Friday, February 18th     
We’ve got daffodils! Yay!

Another Friday night puzzle fest at Daddy & Sue’s house. This is a Thomas Kincaid, but only 500 pieces (spoiler alert – we’ve already finished it).

Meet Naomi Ekperigin!
Saturday, February 19th       
Brunch! It’s sort of an Indian/Mexican fusion situation – fried egg on naan with guacamole & sour cream on top (as well as three kinds of cheese – Laughing Cow, shredded Mexican, and parm). It was GOOD ya’ll.

I love how Dr. M always makes sure that the flowers on his mother’s grave are fresh looking and seasonally appropriate. And it’s a bonus when he buys them early so I get to enjoy them at our house for a bit. These have a bit of a Mardi Gras flavor don’t they?

Meet Britt Hawthorne!
Once again, I’ve been getting really mad at how things are going in the world. This sums up my latest outrage quite well.

What have you been getting up in arms about?

Sunday, February 13, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Six

This weekend has been a microcosm of the craziness that is February weather. Yesterday was a GORGEOUS day, with a high of 70 degrees. This morning it was pouring rain and it’s been in the 40s all day. I was a wee bit annoyed that I had to leave the house today, but really that’s how I feel most days & I don’t know why I’m blaming the weather.
Sunday, February 6th      
We finally took Christmas down. It’s been lighter for longer in the evenings so I was ok with it.

I also finished one of my WIPs that I “have” to finish before I can start on my new scarf (and a cardigan, and a secret blanket project that I haven’t talked about). It's a super cozy lap blanket for my cousin. 

(Continuing my Black History Month project…) Meet Black Liturgies!
Monday, February 7th    
Stopped by Daddy & Sue’s house to work the puzzle visit, but they had ALREADY FINISHED THE PUZZLE. Man. I had sit and actually talk to them.

Meet Nedra Tawwab!

Tuesday, February 8th  
When Dr. M went to his dad’s house on Saturday his dad was having a lot of trouble hearing. After determining that it wasn’t a problem with his hearing aid battery, Dr. M scheduled an appointment with his audiologist. While he was there they did a new hearing test (the first in 2 years due to the pandemic), and figured out that his hearing aid needed adjusted. What a huge difference! Dr. M said that his dad kept commenting on how loud things were.

Meet Deidra Riggs!
Wednesday, February 9th    
I got tulips for an early Valentine present!

Also, here is a sampling of our recent bird action.

Meet Adiaha at Ancestral Fiber!
Thursday, February 10th  
I was pretty pleased with my tuna salad on a saltine hors d’oeuvres until I dropped it on the floor. Oops!

Meet Dayo at the Black Enneagram!
Friday, February 11th     
New puzzle at my dad’s house! We like this one a lot – it has some funky shapes and the quality of the puzzle is A+. Yes, we are now puzzle snobs.

Meet Queenbe Monyai!

Saturday, February 12th       
My cousin’s granddaughter had a first birthday party & I decided to go – partly because there would be cake, but also to confab with my cousin about a project I’m going to work on for her. As a bonus, I got to see this cutie patootie, who was definitely NOT in smash cake mode. She kept sticking her finger into the icing very delicately. So adorable.

Meanwhile, Dr. M had a welcoming committee when he got home from his dad’s.

And my tulips are opening up! I always think they look so alien & cool in this stage.

Finally, remember when I cut open my eye cream to get the “last dab” out? That was almost four weeks ago, and I just finished using the last drop.

Meet KnotBadBritt!
Well, today there is some sort of football game going on. We’re actually going to tune in for a change. I really hope the Bengals do well. Are you planning to (or did you) watch the game? I usually only care about the commercials, but I guess this time I’ll try to pay attention!

Sunday, February 6, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Five

Well, it is now February and I am HERE FOR IT. Because that means we’re that much closer to spring and warmer weather, which I will enjoy briefly and then go back to complaining. The Circle of Life!
Sunday, January 30th      
Stopped by the ‘rents house to work a puzzle. And visit with them, of course. Of course!

I…. can’t believe I’m saying this. The Bungles Bengals are going to the Super Bowl!

Monday, January 31st    
No photo.
Tuesday, February 1st  
This isn’t a new photo, but since I didn’t have one for today I thought I would share it. I’m doing a project on Instagram & Facebook for Black History Month. I won’t share pictures each day here (I’ll put a link instead if you’d like to check it out), but here’s my caption for the first day:
I wanted to do something to mark Black History Month, but I’m not an educator or a person who feels confident in sharing knowledge about black history. So I came up with an idea that may or may not actually work. I’m a little nervous about it, but here goes!
To honor Black History Month I’m going to introduce you to accounts of some of the fabulous black women that I follow. They’re creators, scientists, therapists, comedians, educators, and women who are just trying to live their lives and making me smile in the process. Some of them tell hard truths (most of them LIVE hard truths), but I think it’s important to listen.
For day 1, I’m sharing my gorgeous niece who recently turned 20 years old (WHAT IN THE ACTUAL HECK) and whose birthday card is sitting right beside me because that’s who I am as a person. She’s an athlete who amazes me with her talent. She’s driven to do the best she can, and her best is amazing. I’m so proud of her! 

Wednesday, February 2nd     
Dr. M brought his dad to our house for a telehealth visit.

Meet Cosmic Creations here!
Thursday, February 3rd  
Same audiobook, new extra dramatic reaction to someone being shot.

Meet Hood Naturalist here!
Friday, February 4th     
We did our heart at work again for National Wear Red Day.

Meet Jessica Addickson here!
Saturday, February 5th       
I did the (this time I promise) final photo shoot for the temperature blanket. I added a row of navy & I do like it better. It could maybe benefit from an even wider border but I AM DONE. Now I just have to arrange to meet up with the person who I’m giving it to.

I stayed up way too late last night going through the materials for last Thursday’s anti racism class (oops). What was eerie is that the case study they discussed in one of the lectures was about Trayvon Martin, whose 27th birthday would have been yesterday. So since I was slack, I was hearing an analysis of his murder case on his birthday. Cue Twilight Zone music. I also finished weaving in the ends on this mini-shawl/scarf situation (it’s the shawl I was trying to make last summer where I used the wrong weight of black yarn so it ended up being too small. I didn’t frog it – figured I could find someone who would like it as a scarf.).

Meet Lou Pruett here!
I went to church today for the second Sunday in a row and I have to go again next week (I’m the lector). I’m in danger of harkening back to my 8 days a week and twice on Sundays youth. Did you grow up as a churchy child? If not, what did you do on Sunday mornings? I really applaud my parents for getting us out the door because if I were in charge now we’d be watching it on the telly in our jammies!

2024 Project 365 – Week Sixteen

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