Sunday, July 27, 2014

2014 Project 365 – Week Thirty

Flowers, walking, walking, flowers…

Sunday, July 20th
Hot flash in church = emergency braid!


When I pulled into the garage after church I was intrigued by the double image of our daylilies in my side view mirror.

From Around The Yard.

I turned 50 & you know what that means! I got this lovely packet Saturday, but didn’t open it until Sunday. I still haven’t read it. My appointment is in a couple of weeks. Oh joy!

My Daily Walk.
 We’ve started putting daisies in jars to enjoy in the house. 

 Monday, July 21st
The Rose of Sharon that peeks over our fence.

My Daily Walk Mow.

Tuesday, July 22nd            
Dr. M took these pictures & I thought they were so lovely that I didn’t want to do a collage AND I couldn’t pick which ones to share.

I chose an entirely DIFFERENT button for my bag. That lovely pink one wouldn’t stay clasped, so I went to the store & found one that would.

My Daily Walk.

Wednesday, July 23rd
Rosie :)

My Daily Walk – the I Got Lost Edition. It was traumatic ya’ll. I was walking during my lunch hour & I strayed from the paved path & hadn’t pulled my hair back so I was melting. I should have followed the shortcut. Ha!

That evening I relaxed with baseball and crochet.

Thursday, July 24th
My Daily Walk.

Lunch! Spinach, chicken, peaches, blueberries, almonds...

Dr. M found some corn – it was taller than the Bugly!

And then he found some sunflowers. Love them.

I painted some flowers on my toes.

Friday, July 25th
Daylily and the promise of tomatoes.

My Daily Walk – went back to the same park, but DIDN’T get lost this time. Oh, and yes, I climbed the hill :)

Saturday, July 26th  
My Daily Walk. Went to a new park near the house & thoroughly enjoyed myself!

I'm not a perfectionist (I would go insane), but when I make the decision to frog I go all out - that's an entire skein of yarn there! (Go ahead & click the link – if you don’t know what frog means it will make you laugh.)

Have a great week!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Ode to a Grapefruit

I wrote this around 1987 or so, and posted it on this blog about 4 years ago, but I couldn't resist dusting it off & posting it again with this Magpie prompt :)

Ode to a Grapefruit
Ah! Humble Fruit – I sing to Thee
With perfect past'ral Modesty.
I sing Your Virtues – clear to Me
In Moments of Senility.

When on Thy rounded perfect Orb
My Eyes alight, They do absorb
An unparagoned Creation of Our Lord –
Which leaves Me quite without a Word.

Thy sly ambrosial Juice that squirts
Into My Eye in vicious spurts –
That hidden sour Taste that lurks –
Are just, indeed, but trifling Quirks.

And so in Moments of Repose
Fancy flies and I compose
A lilting Ode that fairly glows
With Love for that "Most Precious Rose"…

The Grapefruit!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

2014 Project 365 – Week Twenty-nine

I’m trying to come up with something pithy to say here, but I’ve got nothing. So let’s head straight to the pictures…

Sunday, July 13th
Rainbow! It was so lovely…

My daily walk. I waited until I thought the rain was over…

Monday, July 14th
My daily walk. It looked pretty threatening, but this time I didn’t get rained on.

Our day lilies are still going strong!

Daisy Nation.

Tuesday, July 15th            
My daily walk. After two rainy (or near-rainy) walks, today was beautiful! I took a couple of pictures in our yard too. The watermelon is blooming!


Wednesday, July 16th
Lunch! It was pretty darn tasty…

My daily walk. It was pretty chilly ya’ll!

I cut some daisies to enjoy inside.

Thursday, July 17th
Flowers in the yard.

Morning moon!

My lunch – another salad. This one was HUMONGOUS! Chicken, spinach, cucumber, apple, blueberries, sunflower seeds, almonds…

My daily walk.

Friday, July 18th
Dr. M took these photos around our yard.

My daily walk. I went to a local park near the office – it was really nice & I’ll definitely be back. I might even climb that hill!

Critters at the Bug Household Diner.

Saturday, July 19th  
Went to my church’s Heart & Hands group today (renamed from Knitwits since I crochet instead). I worked on a couple of projects & somehow came home with more yarn. I don’t think it’s supposed to work that way!

Dinner – turkey burger cooked on the grill by The Grilling Man. I love when he grills because there’s a lot less cleanup for me afterward – ha!

My daily walk. Not pictured: the toddler who yelled at me ("Hey! Hey!") until I turned around & noticed her following me. (I didn't try to keep her.) Also, my neighbor helping his wife do her daily physical therapy. And the squirrel crossing the road in front of me. And numerous flowers. And, and...

I got inspired at the Heart & Hands meeting & decided to stay up & finish this one project. It was nearly 11:00 at night & I was taking pictures to decide which button to use – ha! I took it to church today & got their vote. Do any of you have an opinion? I’ll show you what I decided next week.

Have a great week!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

2014 Project 365 – Week Twenty-eight

Have you noticed that each week I have more & more pictures? I blame summer, darn it. If it were uglier we wouldn’t have as many pictures. As it is, Dr. M has two posts of pictures that I mostly don’t include here. Check them out, here and here.

Sunday, July 6th
Still in NC today. I sang patriotic songs with my dad and two of my aunts at the senior center. My dad has been doing this almost every Sunday for years. I love how his sisters have joined him in this ministry – my aunt V play the piano, my aunt E sings alto & daddy takes the melody. Beautiful music!

Dr. M found some more barn swallows to photograph. I think these are hilarious :)

He took some gorgeous pictures while he was out & about.

Yes, NC has livestock – ha!

My daily walk.

Monday, July 7th
My daily walk. We drove back to Ohio today & for the first time actually stopped at the Jackson Ferry Shot Tower in Virginia. We walked up the tower (75 steps!) & then went a little ways down a trail they had. It was a lot of fun, even though both of us could barely walk the next day – ha! You can see more pictures on Dr. M’s blog.

Tuesday, July 8th            
Dr. M took pictures of our day lilies (let’s face it – he takes pictures of them every day – ha!). He also got a picture of a snapping turtle that he assisted across the road. Yes, he used his cane instead of trying to pick it up. What’s funny is that this picture is on his way back by the turtle – it had turned around as if it was going to go back across the road it had just crossed. Silly turtle.

My daily walk. Yes, I took a picture of our day lilies too.

Wednesday, July 9th
My daily walk, at work. I was just going to go outside for a minute to warm up (my office is cold), but then I saw the flowers and just decided to keep going.

Look who moved outside! We decided that she’s probably safe out there – especially after her photo shoot the other week. One of our neighbors called another one to talk about the sheep in our yard, and then after we brought her back inside he called the other neighbor again to report that she was missing. Gotta love the informal neighborhood watch around here – and I mean that sincerely!

Spent a lovely evening sitting outside looking at the sky.

The moon!

Thursday, July 10th
I worked from home today & was going to try to do a 10 on 10 post today, but this is as far as I got: a picture at the dentist office, an afternoon snack (cream cheese, peppers & cucumber on a tortilla), and my lap full of the beans I was stringing while I was on a conference call.

Meanwhile, Dr. M took pictures of a squirrel.

My daily walk. I fake collapsed on Heather the sheep just for the photo op.

Dr. M took a picture of the back of my shirt. Neither of us care for the NBA all that much, but Dr. M went to Wake Forest & we’ve followed Tim Duncan ever since he played basketball there.

Friday, July 11th
My daily walk – lovely day!

Daisy nation – and a couple of day lilies.

The almost full super-ish moon!

Saturday, July 12th  
My daily walk. I LOVE this yard in our neighborhood – so many fun flowers. It’s the same yard that had the bank of overflowing phlox in the spring. Sigh.

Not that our yard is devoid of flowery loveliness. It’s been a good summer at the Bug household.

It was cloudy, so Dr. M sat outside hoping to catch the Super Moon between the clouds.

Success! Sort of... Silly moon… seems to think it’s already Halloween!

Have a great week!

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