Sunday, May 16, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Twenty

It’s open enrollment time at work & it was really busy. I had to talk to many more employees than usual, plus had more new hires than usual. THEN my sister-in-law invited me to attend her company outing at our local baseball team’s game on Friday. All of that to say that this introvert slept until 11:00 yesterday and am just now feeling up to communicating with the outside world. You lucky guys!
Sunday, May 9th   
I’ve waited my whole life to be one of those people who knit at church.

I “took” Sue and Daddy out to lunch for Mother’s Day. By which I mean I met them there & Daddy paid. I’ve quit trying to argue. I did have a card for Sue, so I wasn’t a total slacko.

Meanwhile, Dr. M did a photo shoot of things around the yard. Here is our wildflower bed, which mainly has yellow flowers blooming. He has finally figured out what is filling up most of the rest of the bed, and if he’s right it will be quite lovely! It’s been fun how it’s different every year.

Monday, May 10th     
Dr. M’s body was crying out for vegetation, and he decided to oblige it.

Tuesday, May 11th  
Ironically, my car needed gas just as people in NC lost their minds & decided to hoard it. I didn’t have enough to make it back to work the next day & I was starting to be a little worried after I passed my fourth gas station with no gas, but this one close to home had quickly instituted a $20 limit so they still had some. Whew!

Meanwhile, my niece was at the cheerleading world championships in Orlando and won TWO trophies – a bronze for one team and a gold for another one. She is amazing.

Wednesday, May 12th       
I’ll spare you the photo of Dr. M’s toe, but I loved what he had to say about the situation: “So I kinda stubbed my toe and fell into the dirty clothes sorter...can a brother get a gentle wash and a tumble dry low?” P.S. I went in there to see what all the racket was about & found him huddling by the bin on the floor and he was ADORABLE. I should have taken a picture. P.P.S. I just realized this happened on Monday, but this is the day without a photo so the story is staying here.

Thursday, May 13th     
I was unstapling my gazillionth open enrollment packet & wondered how long after the invention of the stapler did someone decide to invent the staple remover. Seventy years! That’s crazypants. (Although I have not fact checked this history nugget, so take it with a grain of salt).

Dr. M helped mow his dad’s yard, except this ditch. He liked the look of the wildflowers.

Friday, May 14th    
Our peonies finally decided to bloom – so gorgeous! Plus Peaches the knockout rose is going gangbusters.

Photos from the baseball event. Yes, I took my knitting. Ha!

And speaking of my sister-in-law, my nephew graduated summa cum laude with his associate degree in mechatronics. So proud! He’s heading onto Old Dominion for his next degree.

Saturday, May 15th    
After I finally woke up yesterday I sat on the deck and crocheted for a while with the bolting basil and prehistoric looking geraniums. My temperature blanket is now resembling Wild Berry Skittles.

Later on we had a visit from Roy!

Well, the CDC and our governor have now told us that we can be mask free except in certain circumstances. So I’ve done a few maskless things, but it FEELS VERY WEIRD. I’m going to be playing this by ear. Will definitely still wear a mask when I go into a store. How are things where you are – are you going to stop wearing masks?

Saturday, May 8, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Nineteen

It’s Saturday night and I’m watching hockey & trying to write this post, but I’m leaned back in my chair squinting at the laptop because I’m this | | close to falling asleep. So this will be interesting!
Sunday, May 2nd  
Packaged up a gift.

These guys! So adorably ugly. As you can tell they are literally on the edge of the nest ready to fly away. Which they did the next day – right over Dr. M’s head!

Monday, May 3rd    
Finished! My very first knitting project. This picture isn’t the best – it’s actually more rectangular than it appears here.

Tuesday, May 4th  
This is what I saw when I left the office to walk to my car. I had to basically walk around the whole block to get to my car – in the rain. I was not amused!

Wednesday, May 5th       
The Dr. Van Fleet rose at Dr. M’s dad’s house – it’s always so faithful to bloom around Mother’s Day. It’s a cutting from Dr. M’s grandmother’s rose.

Thursday, May 6th     
I had a headache, which is a rare enough occurrence these days that I decided to be a drama queen about it. I found myself sitting at my desk with my hand pressed to my forehead & had to document it.

Seen around the house – it’s so pretty here right now!

Friday, May 7th    
I finished my second dishcloth! I ended up purling a few rows on this one, but I actually like the texture of just knitting the whole thing. I also started on my next project, using scrubby yarn. I’m not addicted to knitting. Nope. Not me.

That evening I went to a party celebrating my cousin’s daughter – K graduated from PA school! We’re very proud of her – she’s worked hard. She takes her boards next week (I think) and then she’ll be ready to find a job as a physician’s assistant.

Saturday, May 8th    
Weekly temperature blanket sighting. I went outside to do the photo shoot, but suddenly there was Free Range Roy & I decided that Roy and crochet do NOT mix. I gave him some treats & came back inside.

Wrapped a couple of more presents. Then smooshed them into an envelope for mailing – at least they looked cute for a few minutes.

Well, I’m still half asleep, but I’ve reached the end of this post. I could wait until tomorrow to look it over and make sure I’ve made sense, but why would I do that? So I shall publish this and then sleep like a baby that actually sleeps through the night. How exciting was your Saturday night?

Sunday, May 2, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Eighteen

This is the week of the temperature blanket (at least according to my photos). Plus birds and flowers. You know, the usual.
Sunday, April 25th  
I’ve been enjoying this book! I listened to it this Sunday too.

I washed The Monster (my 2016 temperature blanket for those who might not remember) & prior to folding it to put away for the summer I decided to “try it on.” Man that thing is huge!

Monday, April 26th   
My current temperature blanket is starting to look like an explosion of My Little Ponies.

Tuesday, April 27th  
Cardinals always look so ANNOYED! I love the photo that Dr. M got of Papa in flight.

Wednesday, April 28th       
Look ma – I’m knitting! This is a dishcloth, which is the perfect full circle thing for me to knit. The whole reason I started crochet was that the person who used to give us knitted dishcloths left the family (she was a girlfriend) so I decided to give it a shot but I was intimidated by knitting needles & had crocheted long ago. Will I start handing out knitted dishcloths on some distant Christmas? We shall see!

Our azaleas, showing off.

Thursday, April 29th     
Well, the My Little Pony phase didn’t last long – today I messed that whole vibe up with the introduction of RED.

Friday, April 30th    
Phoebe babies!!

Dr. M got his second jab today. So so grateful.

It’s Ms. Rita the Vermillion geranium’s gotcha day! I got her at a church conference five years ago. She’s still waking up from her winter slumber and giving off a serious bonsai tree vibe. 

Saturday, May 1st    
It’s May! It was GORGOUS and I spent a great deal of time crocheting and knitting on the deck. And I have a wee bit of sunburn to show for it (plus a finished crochet project – photo shoot after it dries). Anyway, here is my temperature blanket through April. It’s interesting seeing the gradual change from the cool weather colors to the warmer ones. Just wait until we get to orange and yellow!

We had a council meeting after church today – the first “real” one since last February (we’ve been zooming, but it’s not really the same). We even talked about starting the choir back (the CDC says that we can if we’re vaccinated – our choir is usually only 8 or 9 people). Things are starting to feel a little more normal. Yay! But really we’re only as safe as the rest of the world is, so I hope that India is able to come out of its crisis SOON. How are things where you are? Feeling a little closer to normal? Or are you a “nope not ready yet” person (this is where I fall, but I guess I don’t have any say in the matter).

Sunday, April 25, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Seventeen

All this week I thought, man we are not taking pictures like last week! It’s going to be a boring P365 post. Darn. I just finished editing, and well, it might be boring, but I guess I just forgot about all these pictures. There was only one day without one, but I took a screenshot that I thought was worth sharing.
Sunday, April 18th  
Our little azalea bushes decided to get in on all the splashy fun.

I did some “knitting” & then cleansed my palate with something that I knew how to do.

My book was getting intense, so I decided to work a jigsaw puzzle WHILE I WAS READING IT. This is similar to how I often have to leave the room during movies.

Monday, April 19th   
No photo – just this screenshot.

Tuesday, April 20th  
First time eating in a restaurant in over a year and I got a burrito as big as my head! I only ate half. It was REALLY good!

Wednesday, April 21st       
Freeze warning, so Mandy the Mandevilla & Sir Basil, Duke of Pesto came inside for a couple of nights.

Thursday, April 22nd    
This is apparently a problem with these Fitbit bands. This is the second one that has come loose like this. I took it to a jeweler, but since this is considered “fast fashion” it’s not something they handle. So in addition to knitting I shall now start trying to figure out jewelry making. Fun!

Friday, April 23rd   
Dr. M got a new Hurricane’s t-shirt. This thing is huge! I should do a photo shoot – I could wear it with leggings & be very fashionable. Or maybe not.

Saturday, April 24th   
Dr. M looked out the window & saw a flash of blue. We’ve been getting blue jays & bluebirds, but this time it was an Indigo Blue Bunting! They come through around this time every year.

I was watching my Bicrafty Bootcamp video where the instructor was teaching me how to knit, but I was behind on my temperature blanket so I crocheted that while I was watching. That’s bicrafty, right?

Weekly blanket update – indoors because it was pouring rain all day. Things definitely took a cold turn at the end of the week – brrr!

Today has been gorgeous – a nice break after the cold and the rain. Unfortunately the rain didn’t really take all the pollen away so I can’t sit out on the deck. Good thing we have windows! How are you doing with spring allergies? Or are you one of those lucky folks who aren’t affected?

2021 Project 365 – Week Twenty

It’s open enrollment time at work & it was really busy. I had to talk to many more employees than usual, plus had more new hires than u...