Sunday, September 12, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Thirty-seven

Remember how last week I said the week before was crazy? This week said “hold my beer!” I guess it’s good that my job isn’t boring.
Sunday, September 5th   
It was a lovely day so we did some deck sittin’. The neighborhood cat, Callie, likes to hang out on our deck – she gives us the evil eye when we go out there.

Monday, September 6th     
I finished this groovy bag for my niece. I made a matching (rather lumpy) coin purse for her.

Tuesday, September 7th        
Lunch! My text to Dr. M: Mount Chicken & Potato Hill are surrounded by Bean Lake!

Wednesday, September 8th    
I finally picked which of Dr. M’s paintings to take to work. It’s Marblehead Lighthouse up at Lake Erie – a place we used to love to visit. Makes me smile to have a bit of Ohio in my NC office.

Thursday, September 9th    
One of my dad’s friends gave him some jigsaw puzzles for an early birthday gift. I stopped by & we got the edges done.

Friday, September 10th    
I finally frogged this monstrosity and started a whole new version of that shawl I was working on a couple of months ago.

Saturday, September 11th  
Progress on the updated version. I got new black(ish) yarn that is the correct weight & I think this one will end up being the right size. We shall see. I’ve said before that this is my last attempt at this, and this is attempt #4 (I think?). So never say never? But also, never.

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and I tried to stay off of social media because I’m uncomfortable with so many of the types of remembrances we have – and heaven forbid I be uncomfortable on the anniversary of a national tragedy. Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of this tragedy with the current one that has (inexplicably) torn the country apart instead of bringing it together. So I crocheted, and finished an Armand Gamache book, and changed the sheets on the bed (and dropped off a birthday gift for my cousin K – Happy Birthday K!). How did you spend the day? 

Sunday, September 5, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Thirty-six

Was there ever a Bug as excited as this one about a three day weekend? I think not. What a crazy week! Which is not reflected at all in our photos because how do you photograph crazy politics, crazy weather in other states, and crazy work issues?
Sunday, August 29th   
I don’t know if you remember when I made this wall hanging, but Dr. M found the perfect stick in his dad’s yard oh, about 2 months ago. I finally decided to attach the hanging to the stick. Check out Friday below to see it in its new location. Also, I had this to say about my fortune cookie fortune: What is it that I hold so closely that I can’t give away? Well, the time I spend on my iPad comes to mind. I do jealously guard my “me time.” But the other thing I was thinking about is the structures that are in place that make my life easier. What can I give away that will make life more fair for BIPOC and others? Probably my time, for one thing. Crochet & thoughts about systemic racism - just a normal Sunday afternoon around here. Oh, and baseball.

Speaking of, Dr. M watched baseball with his Pop.

Monday, August 30th     
Pretty pretty…

Tuesday, August 31st       
Morning glories!

Wednesday, September 1st      
My friend Becci at Feryl Designs is running a fundraiser for her local YWCA (in Walla Walla). I took these photos to show some of my favorite pieces, but forgot to post them to my socials (BRB).

Thursday, September 2nd   
Temperature blanket update – this is through August. We have actually had a smidge cooler weather in September – three red days and one fuchsia. Woo hoo!

Friday, September 3rd   
Here’s the aforementioned wall hanging, along with some photos of the rest of my office. I have one more section of wall to fill in. I was thinking about more mandalas, but I think I’ll use one of Dr. M’s paintings too. I just have to decide which one! The problem is that I have a favorite, but if I take it to the office then it won’t be at home for me to look at. Decisions, decisions.

Saturday, September 4th  
What a nice day! I actually did a smidge of housework, and then spend a nice long stretch of time on the deck working on my niece’s purse. I finished the strap – just have to attach it & then crochet around the edges for a more finished look. And I might make a little matching bag for the inside. We shall see.

I was listening to a podcast today about humanizing politics (Sharon Says So Podcast, episode 20 – an interview with the Pantsuit Politics podcast hosts) & one of the big takeaways for me was about preserving relationships with people that you disagree with. One of the hosts said that her line in the sand is to remember the humanity of all the people in the discussion. “Othering” people is so destructive – and both sides are very good at that. We can still hold the people in power accountable, but we can still love and have relationships with people who disagree with us. Sounds easy right? Ha! Yeah, I’ll be thinking about this concept for a while (not about my actual relatives & friends – it’s easy to love them even though we disagree – I’m thinking about Facebook & Instagram). Have you had anything challenge your way of thinking lately?

Sunday, August 29, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Thirty-five

The world continues to be a hard and heavy place, but we found comfort in some things around us…
Sunday, August 22nd  
Our mum is lovely!

I went to visit Daddy & Sue & had the most fabulous brownie ever. It’s my dad’s invention – take a regular box of brownie mix and fix it according to directions, replacing the water with a jar of maraschino cherries – juice & all. Oh my merciful heavens.

Monday, August 23rd    
There is a lot of brown out there, but Dr. M still found some color in the yard. I love that the Encore Azaleas have a second blooming season (thus the name, duh).

Tuesday, August 24th      
Dr. M’s alma mater journey continues with this Wake Forest University t-shirt. He got his undergrad degree there.

The Roy came by for a treat!

Wednesday, August 25th     
Our coneflowers might look brown and ugly to us, but to the goldfinches they are the finest restaurant in town.

Thursday, August 26th  
Our mandevilla apparently loves this hot weather (especially since Dr. M is the Watering Man).

I updated my Facebook profile pic to the one on the left (taken after my most recent cut & color). Then I posted a photo of how I actually looked that evening – “Woman Whose Hair Has Been in a Topknot for Two Days.”

Friday, August 27th    
I’m still not sure I like this scarf, but I do like how it matches my Amanda Gorman mask and the earrings a friend gave me ages ago (I just spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out when I got the earrings – it was eight years ago almost to the day! Thanks Kim!).

Saturday, August 28th  
Temperature blanket update. I was washing the sheets so decided to put the blanket on the bed to see what it looks like. It’s almost a perfect fit for our double bed. And yes, I did stock up on more Autumn Red yarn, which is a good thing since I had to use it this week (and there was one pumpkin day. It was hot.).

Dr. M has been keeping an eye on Ida as it bears down on New Orleans on the 16th anniversary of Katrina. Although it looks like New Orleans won't take a direct hit, it is still a VERY scary storm.   

I could have just copied & pasted the same closing sentiment as last week, but it’s too depressing. Instead I’ll just say I hope you are all vaccinated, masked in public, and finding joy in the beauty you can see around you.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Thirty-four

This week is the Dr. M show! You can tell it’s high summer – it’s just too dang hot to be taking pictures outside.

Sunday, August 15th
I was listening to Lonely Girls by Lucinda Williams the other day & had an epiphany. I have always struggled with my weight, and I realized that I’ve thought this song was about girls who also struggle with their weight. It’s not. I just read that into the song. What kind of messed up world is it when a person would think that fat = lonely? But also, I do like a heavy blanket, so there’s that.

We were menaced by a goldfish!

Monday, August 16th   
Dr. M’s t-shirts have been getting more & more raggedy, so he’s been replacing them with new ones (and his wife said glory hallelujah!). This week he got shirts from some of his alma maters. This one is Western Carolina University where he got his master’s degree.

Tuesday, August 17th      
Dr. M’s weather command center – keeping an eye on Not Dead Fred. We got a LOT of rain and some thunderstorms from Fred, but were otherwise not inconvenienced.

Here’s Dr. M’s next alma mater – University of Cincinnati where he got his Ph.D. You’ll have to wait until next week to see the Wake Forest University one (undergrad degree).

Wednesday, August 18th     
I decided to use my glasses as a headband. I don’t know why they look better than an actual headband, but they do.

Thursday, August 19th  
The Braves weren’t playing, so Dr. M & I had a personal space evening. I have no memory of what I did (Crochet? Instagram? Played a game on my iPad? Listened to a podcast?), but he had a Star Trek marathon.

Friday, August 20th    
No photo.
Saturday, August 21st    
Temperature blanket update. I’m almost out of red and autumn red. This is the same problem I had with the orange temperature range in my last blanket. There are just long stretches of hot right now.   
Did you notice that the world got much better and less crazy this past week? Me either. Sometimes it feels like we’re circling the drain, but my own personal life is so comfortable that there’s a disconnect for me. I used to just not read the news so I didn’t have to worry about stuff. Now I obsessively check the news and feel helpless and depressed. How do you keep from living in despair?

Sunday, August 15, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Thirty-three

Well we are definitely in the summer doldrums – we just don’t remember to take photos every day. I think that the photos we DID take will make up for that, but seriously we are getting slack.
Sunday, August 8th
No photo.
Monday, August 9th   
Dr. M’s shopping list. On Saturday when Dr. M was at his dad’s house he found a yellow jacket nest in the ground out by the muscadine vine. While he was preparing the gasoline to pour on the nest, he disturbed a wasp nest & was stung a dozen times on his legs. OUCH. Anyway, he took care of the yellow jackets & this list is making sure that he takes care of the wasps.

Tuesday, August 10th      
I was hanging out at Daddy & Sue’s house when I found out that my great-nephew was over at my brother’s house. It was nice to see you Daddy & Sue – bye!

 Wednesday, August 11th     
I WAS ABLE TO GIVE BLOOD! My iron was finally high enough. So I got to get my apple juice & oreos (the main reason I give blood).

Thursday, August 12th  
This isn’t our photo, but it’s what we were doing tonight – watching the “Field of Dreams” game between the Yankees and the White Sox. It was pretty darned special – Kevin Costner & then the players walking out of the corn onto the field, and the bottom of the 9th walk off homer by the White Sox… I was impressed.

Friday, August 13th    
Stopped by to see Daddy & Sue again. Daddy was showing me the recipe that he said reminded him of some of my concoctions. I think it looks amazing and I shall definitely be trying it. I mean, you can’t go wrong with naan can you?

Saturday, August 14th   
A final visit with the baby before they head back to Oklahoma on Tuesday. We even facetimed his dad (who was in training back at home). I’m just now realizing that I didn’t get a photo of his mom on this trip – sorry Britt!

He is SO CLOSE to crawling. But given how much he likes to bounce & keeps his legs so stiff, I think he’ll be walking in no time at all.

Temperature blanket update. It looks kind of pretty all laid out like that, but up close those warm weather color combos are U.G.L.Y. Also, I’m about to run out of red and harvest red. But we’re in the home stretch – I started my first decrease row this week.  

I was glad to be able to give blood, although I felt kind of depleted (see what I did there?) for a couple of days afterward. In fact I didn’t start feeling more energetic until today. So maybe I won’t try to give again right away when I’m allowed. But it’s hard because my blood type is desirable (O+) and there’s such a shortage right now. And it’s one thing I can do when it feels like the world is falling apart around me. I’m talking about world events, not my personal world – although a cousin of Dr. M’s died after a bicycle accident this week. So sad. I guess I was giving blood for Chad. And the people in Myanmar, and Afghanistan, and Haiti… What do you do when the world is too much?

Sunday, August 8, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Thirty-two

This week we have flowers and crochet and babies – a trifecta of lovely!
Sunday, August 1st  
No photo. What is up with that?
Monday, August 2nd   
I’m working on a project for my niece. It’s going rather slowly, but it sure is groovy man…

Tuesday, August 3rd     
Surprise baby attack! I was at my dad’s house working a jigsaw puzzle and we had a little visitor! My great-nephew is just the MOST ADORABLE BABY EVER. Really – don’t you agree? The second photo is my brother playing his favorite game with him – apparently he can bounce until the cows come home.

Dr. M says, the wildflower “overstory” of bee balm and coneflowers is all but spent, but we still have a bit of rudbeckia in one corner. We do have sulfur cosmos making an appearance, along with lovely aster.

Wednesday, August 4th     
The only picture is one I sent to an absent coworker showing her that I was wearing yellow (we had been talking about how I never wear that color). Thanks Sue for the yellow blouse!

Thursday, August 5th  
Tiny little wildflowers…

Friday, August 6th    
In addition to our more traditional morning glories, we have this Ivy-Leaved variety. It’s a little more blue than purple. So lovely!

I was getting ready to make peach banana bread & realized I was out of vanilla. Dr. M was rooting around in the cabinet & found Louisiana hot sauce. I said, “you know actually …” I decided to go with almond flavoring instead. But if you know me, you won’t be surprised that I thought about it for a hot second. I’m going to start a new hashtag called #thebugcookingbadly P.S. the bread is EXCELLENT. P.P.S. I had a slight mishap with the cinnamon.
Saturday, August 7th   
No temperature blanket update – I just plain forgot to take a picture. Just add an extra row of red to last week’s photo & you will see what it looks like. In the meantime, enjoy these lovely photos of Dr. M’s dad’s muscadine vines. 

I felt really checked out (or more than usual) this past week. I went through the motions & got things done, but I haven’t felt actually present. Very weird. Here’s hoping that I “wake up” this week! Have you ever had periods of feeling like you’re not really inside your body? Or am I the only weirdo here?  

2021 Project 365 – Week Thirty-seven

Remember how last week I said the week before was crazy? This week said “hold my beer!” I guess it’s good that my job isn’t boring. Sunday,...