Sunday, December 26, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Fifty-two

Merry Day After Christmas everyone! (Boxing Day for people who do that sort of thing.) We are almost done with our celebrations – just one more tomorrow. Well, just one more Christmas celebration – next week we’ll have New Year’s and my great-nephew’s first birthday party. Come January 2nd I’ll definitely be ready for a long winter’s nap!
Sunday, December 19th    
After church we went caroling to some of our homebound church members. It was a lot of fun! One of our ladies has been such a valuable member, and we’re all so sad that she can no longer attend. But it was great to see her and her whole family dressed in Christmas jammies.

The moon!

Monday, December 20th     
Dr. M has been a wrapping fool, and this is what he had to say about that: I am of the opinion that when one says, “these presents were wrapped with love,” what one means is that profanity was involved in the process.

Tuesday, December 21st
I was having a good hair day, so decided that this was a good “before” picture.

Wednesday, December 22nd    
No photo.
Thursday, December 23rd
Hair day!

On my way home I saw this license plate which made me laugh (this is a Schitt’s Creek reference).

Friday, December 24th     
I took the vacuum cleaner apart again. I think maybe I figured out the issue. Maybe.

That evening we went to Daddy & Sue’s house with my brother, sister-in-law, nephew, his wife, niece, her boyfriend, and GRAYSON. I mean, I’m pretty sure those other people where there, but really who noticed? Just kidding – we had a great time watching Gray being busy, playing Family Feud, and eating the wonderful meal that Sue made.
Saturday, December 25th    
We took lunch to Dr. M’s dad, and after visiting with him for a while we came home and each went to our separate rooms to have some much needed alone time.

Christmas Day Sunset… after which we watched three of our favorite Christmas shows – Olive the Other Reindeer, Claymation Christmas, and Charlie Brown. It was a very nice day.


Tomorrow is the last Christmas gathering – with my college friends. I think this is the 37th year? That seems crazypants – I think my math must be wrong (and as you know, math is not my strong suit). Speaking of which – here are a couple of bonus pictures for you! I finished my temperature blanket this morning! The last day was December 25th. It was actually supposed to be strawberry (it was warm yesterday!), but I ran out of that color, so we ended the year with chartreuse. I’m thinking about doing a border, and was planning on using the three colors that I didn’t use this year (navy, purple, yellow), and I scoped out potential borders in my 150 Border Book (<- not the actual name), but now that I’m looking at them, and the finished blanket, I think they might be too busy. What say you? 


  1. If you use any of those borders it should be top row far right. And I do like the hair cut.

    1. I was thinking that one might be best. We'll see!

  2. I think you should follow your instincts on the blanket, but for what it's worth, I think it looks great as is. Maybe you can use those three unused colors in NEXT year's blanket? (Because I'm sure there will be one!)

    The haircut looks great! Glad you got lots of family time. I love the "Schitt's Creek" license plate, but if it were mine I feel like I might get sick of it in fairly short order.

    1. I SHOULDN'T do another blanket, but I might...

  3. I like the idea of any border. It makes a more finished-looking product, especially if it's one colour or a different colour than what was used in the whole blanket.

    Your hair looks really good. Nice and refreshed.

    1. I agree - I think it will look better with some kind of border.

  4. The issue with your vacuum is that the carpet is already clean!!! Happy Christmas Bug, lovely to see your post as full of colour and joy as always and what a moon pic. x

    1. I wish that was the issue! It's good to see you here!

  5. The moon pic is impressive!
    Your hair cut so cute.
    Like the penguin wrapping paper.
    My first choice of border was top right, but on second thought, the one below it looked like a good stitch match.
    Happy New Year!


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