Sunday, December 5, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Forty-nine

The first full week back at work after a holiday or vacation is the longest. I felt quite uninspired photographically, but still managed to take some (mostly silly) photos. Plus Dr. M was in fine form.
Sunday, November 28th    
I was using a cocktail fork to make the persimmon pudding my aunt made last longer. Alas, it’s all gone now…

Monday, November 29th     
Conversation in our house:
Him: Describing an announcer’s deep melodious voice.
Me: Oh like Al Green?
Him: Um no. Do you mean Barry White?
Him: At least you knew that the name had a color in it.
Me: laughs maniacally.

Tuesday, November 30th
Dr. M spending time with his Pop. He also changed out the flowers on his mother’s grave. He’s a good son.

Wednesday, December 1st    
Happy birthday to my baby brother! Here, Dr. M took this fabulous sunset photo for you…

Thursday, December 2nd
Dr. M started decorating the house (he put the tree up earlier in the week). I’m glad someone has some Christmas spirit!

The temperature blanket through November. I’m heading down the home stretch! I’m thinking about using the colors that I didn’t get to use to do a border. I have navy and deep purple for cold weather temps, and a lemon yellow for a high temp. We shall see.

Friday, December 3rd     
I felt extra fancy today.

Meanwhile, Dr. M was restocking the pantry. I requested chunky peanut butter and I am very excited about it.

Saturday, December 4th    
Dr. M put the tree up earlier in the week, and I finally had time to add the ornaments. It took me forever because I like to sit and rest periodically. This is how I do all tasks. I’m not even tired – I just have to stop & do something different for a bit. I don’t think I have ADHD, but maybe I shouldn’t rule it out. Anyway, the tree looks nice with all of our old familiar ornaments on it.

Yesterday we watched the University of Cincinnati complete their undefeated season by winning their conference championship (in football). Now they’re going to play in the national championship – the semifinal is on New Year’s Eve. They’ll be playing Alabama, so that will be an uphill battle. But wouldn’t it be cool if they won? And thus begins and ends my interest in college football. Stay tuned for my brief interest in college basketball in March. I feel like I know my blog audience and except for my IRL folks, none of you really care about any of this (except maybe Bruce? Oh - & Nance for fantasy purposes), but since my goal is to share all aspects of my life, here we are. You may talk amongst yourselves instead of reading this paragraph.


  1. Hee! The Houston Texans managed to lose again today, and my interest in the team is increasing. I predict mayhem, a few firings, and perhaps a last desperate attempt to get our morally-challenged quarterback out on the field again. On the other hand, I may not pay any more attention, because Christmas is coming.

    The tree and the sunset are gorgeous, but I'm really impressed by that fancy hair decoration!

    1. Thanks! I keep cutting my hair & then when it gets long enough I forget I own the thing.

      You've made me curious - I want to know what is morally challenged about the quarterback :)

  2. The blanket looks good. I'm amazed that the diagonal worked out. I would never have been able to keep straight how many stitches would be needed for every row to end up with a rectangle. And your tree is lovely.

    1. It was a bit of a guessing game for me, but basically I put it on the bed periodically & then decided that it was wide enough to start the rectangle part & then do the process again to see if it was long enough to start decreasing. What I did NOT do was make sure my last corner stitch would be on December 31st. I have no idea - will I be done this week? Epiphany? January 15th?

  3. Your tree is beautiful and I like the way the lights reflect in the window. I fear if I did a temp blanket here, it would be all yellow, orange, and red with, maybe one or two cool colors at each end!

    1. The trick is to have really small time increments :)

  4. I care deeply about the NBA for fantasy purposes, and I am THE ONLY UNDEFEATED TEAM IN OUR LEAGUE (and the only woman owner)! Hooray for me!

    And thank you for knowing (and remembering) this obscure fact about me. Wow!

    Your tree is lovely as usual, and you have a terrific spot for it. Mine is still awaiting its 2021 debut. Perhaps Sunday. Can you tell I'm feeling uninspired at present?

    1. I was uninspired too, but Dr. M basically said, "here, do this thing!" And for this one time I was amenable to being bossed. Ha!

  5. Your tree looks great, as does your temperature blanket! I can totally see getting Al Green and Barry White confused. In fact I feel like I've probably done it myself.

    1. Apparently Al Green has a really high pitched voice so that made it extra hilarious.

  6. I love your laughing face. As well as the rear hair treatment. Don't tell Mike.


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