Saturday, November 27, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Forty-eight

I have been LAZY for the last couple of days. Well, not entirely lazy, but pretty lazy. In fact, there are clean sheets waiting to be put on my bed - guess I should take care of that at some point this evening...
Sunday, November 21st    
I was still feeling puny from my vaccine booster so I stayed home from church. Later in the afternoon I worked on this dishcloth - pretty pleased with how it turned out! This will be a gift for a coworker. Too bad this might be the only Christmas color I have left - the other coworkers will just have to accept some odd colored Christmas trees. 

Monday, November 22nd  
I had the brilliant idea to add sliced avocado and mushrooms to my frozen breakfast sandwich. Once again, I created a sandwich that I couldn’t actually eat with my hands. Another Knife and Forker! But it was delicious.

Ms. Rita and Miss Pinky say hello from the tub. 

Tuesday, November 23rd   
A dad concoction - weenie soup! The secret ingredient isn’t the peas or cut up hotdogs - it’s the biscuits he tears up & drops in. It’s like weenies and dumplings! 

Wednesday, November 24th   
No photo.

Thursday, November 25th - Thanksgiving!     
We had a very nice meal with my dad’s side of the family. There were over 40 of us (and we were missing some folks so it would be closer to 50 if we were all there). My cousin graciously hosted us, and somehow Dr. M & I ended up not having to cook anything (I did take a cake that I had purchased). Dr. M was the photographer this year, and it was a little bit like herding cats to get us all organized. 

Friday, November 26th   
I spent most of the day reading a book. I had planned to do some housework, but ah well - what can you do when you’re deep in the pages of a book? Anyway, we did eat leftovers later, but for brunch I made that weird naan egg parmesan thing, but this time I air fried it. GAME CHANGER. Man. 

Saturday, November 27th    
This morning I went to church to help decorate, which is hilarious to me because figuring out where to put what on a tree is NOT my spiritual gift. But it felt nice to participate. 

Dr. M & I discussed how our family gathering seemed extra sweet this year - and my dad’s wife mentioned it too. No drama, no undercurrents, just fellowship and entirely too much food. It was nice. What did you do for Thanksgiving? 


  1. We spent the day with his family, ate heartily, and laughed a lot. Sounds like our days were much alike.

  2. My mother used to knit those cotton dishcloths. I still have a few, but none is as fancy as yours. That's really neat! It's good to see Miss Rita and Miss Pinky, too. They're looking quite spiffy, as a matter of fact. They must be happy.

    I spent Thanksgiving with friends, and we had so much fun we're getting together for lunch again today before two of them head back to California. All Thanksgiving day we told jokes, swapped recipes, remembered stories from our childhoods, and so on and so forth. There wasn't a mask in sight, and not a single mention of any politician, the pandemic, Covid variants, or political parties. It was unbelievably refreshing; afterward, all of us were like characters out of Dickens, saying "May I have more?"

  3. Thanksgiving was at my house, with family. It was lovely, and after prepping and cooking all that stuff, I couldn't eat but a teensy bit of it. As usual.

    I have to say, the gravy and the stuffing were stellar this year. My herb garden provided me with fresh parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme this year, and it made the difference.

    I'm envious of your warm, sunny weather. Currently, we have almost an inch of snow on the ground. I am resentful.

  4. We had a nice drama free day for Thanksgiving but apparently it went south over at my daughter's house the next day. Glad I wasn't there.

  5. I'm glad you showed us the completed family photo. In the shots taken as you were getting everyone organized, it looks like there's a tennis match going on -- look this way, then look that way...

    Avocado on the breakfast sandwich sounds yummy. I'm not convinced about "weenie soup," though.

    Our geraniums are indoors too, but they're not blooming.

  6. The lack of face masks in those Thanksgiving photos terrifies me. Even if they are all vaccinated.

  7. Great coworker gift.
    Love Miss Rita's color.
    Wonderful thanksgiving gathering!
    I was so caught up listening to a Francine Rivers series: Her Mother's Hope and Her Daughter's Dream, that I had to find mindless things to do and keep on listening.

  8. Like the final outcome of the 40 in the picture (it is really difficult to photograph a group)


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