Sunday, June 25, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Twenty-five

While folks in Texas have been baking, we’ve had lots of rain and high temps in the 60s. Frankly, it was rude (although I think we needed the rain).
Sunday, June 18th   
Father’s Day! I went mall walking with this dude & we talked about all the important things.

Monday, June 19th             
Dr. M spent some time doing a photo shoot with the wildflower bed. Makes my heart happy.

Tuesday, June 20th                   
I was intrigued by these little flips in my hair today. I kind of like them, but will I be able to create this look again? Magic Eight Ball says not likely. Ha!

Wednesday, June 21st                             
Today at lunch I got to hang out with this squishmallow! He is so tiny and adorable. And his older brother is still the cutest thing ever. Smooches for everyone!

Thursday, June 22nd                    
Dr. M & I bought this calendar at Dollywood AGES ago. Twenty years? I can’t remember, but I know we had it when we lived in our first home in Ohio. Dr. M painted squares and scenes to use in it & I loved it, but I got tired of switching it over to the new month, so it’s been packed away for a long time. Anyway, I thought it might be fun to have in my office at work. I used the Valentine square to mark the anniversary of our first kiss. Ha!

Friday, June 23rd                      
A coworker complimented me on my terrible parking job (he knows about my hashtag #thebugparkingbadly). I didn’t believe him, so I looked out the bathroom window and well… I did go & move it later.

Dr. M got a last photo of the phoebe babies before they fledged. Also, Rita and Ms. Pinky had a little photo shoot, but the neighborhood cat was disinclined.

Saturday, June 24th           
Dr. M picked blueberries at his dad’s house. This has been a weird weather year, so this might be all we get.

Progress so far on a woodland animals blanket for the squishmallow up there (yes I know I’m stretching the definition of “woodland” by including a penguin). I’m terrible at embroidering so you probably can’t tell, but the fox is labeled Nean. That was my mom’s grandma name, and her maiden name was Fox, so I had to, right?

This week was really quiet at work, but the next four weeks in a row are going to be BUSY again. Lots of data entry in compressed amounts of time. Should be fun! Wait – I just remembered that the fifth week will involve four days of training on our new software system. Yay for July? How about you – is your summer going to be nice and meandering as it should be?

Sunday, June 18, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Twenty-four

Lots of pictures this week and I have no regrets. Well, I might have a few regrets, but not as regards photos.
Sunday, June 11th   
I was listening to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (I’d never read it!) and it got to the part about Babel Fish and that’s all I have to say about that. (Is this is most unflattering photo I’ve ever posted of myself? I say maaaayyyybbbeee…)

Monday, June 12th             
Coneflowers (heart emoji, heart emoji, heart emoji)

Tuesday, June 13th                   
No photo.
Wednesday, June 14th                               
Dr. M says: Danabug and I are well into our 15th season of living in farm country. Sharing the country roads (or even city streets in Xenia) with farmers and their equipment requires vigilance, patience, and respect. Don’t be afraid to slow down, hit the emergency blinkers, and tail a tractor pulling an impressive trailer of hay. Trust me: there are rewards, like easing through a shady hollow at tractor speed or the sheer beauty of a ripe field of wheat. And sometimes there are sheep!

Then when he got home he got an earful from the latest phoebe.

And then when I got home I got a special delivery!

Thursday, June 15th                   
Dr. M says: Singles, doubles, grand slams…you would think I’m obsessed with baseball. (To be fair, I’m also obsessed. A bit.)

Squish City!

When I got home I had another special delivery. I don’t know why I hadn’t gotten this light sooner – it’s a crochet game changer! (Also, Dr. M said something about headlights. Rude.)

Friday, June 16th                    
Dr. M had “fun” updating two ancient laptops and one semi-ancient iPad.

Meanwhile I made an owl!

Saturday, June 17th           
Lovely Lincoln County…

Two newcomers to the yard – asters and Ms. Pinky has deigned to send up a bloom.

My brother & I took Dad & Sue out for dinner (for Father’s Day). We had a lovely time. I amused myself by printing out a copy of the card I made him back in 2004, from when I used to belong to the Stampin’ Up cult. Ha!

Today is Father’s day, and I walked with my dad at the mall. We had a nice amble and discussed many important things. I hope my dad readers had a nice day. And my non-dad readers as well. Now I’m off to make a bear!

Sunday, June 11, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Twenty-three

It was an exciting week in BugLandia, but you’ll have to wait until Thursday to hear about it.
Sunday, June 4th   
I was looking at my hands in my lap on Sunday, thinking about how I sort of wear my heart on my sleeve (or on my wrists) and wondering what it is about people that they can’t just let other people live.

Monday, June 5th             
No photo.
Tuesday, June 6th                   
Fit check!

Wednesday, June 7th                               
It was after noon before I noticed that I’d put my watch on upside down.

Thursday, June 8th                   
Ta da! Our second great-nephew was born today! We’ve known since January that he has Down Syndrome, so there will be some challenges ahead – but right now we’re just very excited and I can’t wait to snuggle him!

Friday, June 9th                    
A blog friend turned IRL friend sent me this jersey that her mother had! Her mother was a huge Braves fan. She doesn’t know where the jersey came from, but I am so thrilled to get it. And it has Hank Aaron’s number on it!

Our daylilies have been going like gangbusters, but the wildflower bed is just now waking up.

Saturday, June 10th           
We had to move the boxes where I planted some wildflower seeds a few years ago, and they apparently aren’t fazed at all. I’ve been enjoyed this Sweet William quite a bit.

I took Friday off from work and it was glorious! I did little to nothing - sat on the deck and read my book - and had a wonderful day. And guess what? I took TOMORROW off too! I’m not sure I can even handle the luxury of another day with nothing I have to do. I’ll probably be well and truly ready to get back to work on Tuesday. What does your week look like?

Sunday, June 4, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Twenty-two

Things are slowly getting back to normal back at work – just in time to ramp up a new project (we’re upgrading our computer system). Fortunately, although I have to participate, I am not in charge.
Sunday, May 28th   
I tried out two different looks for Pentecost Sunday. Ended up going with the second one. Then I got to church and we had cake! (It says Happy Birthday Church, not Chicken – I got the photo right after they started slicing. Ha!)

After church I went to Dad & Sue’s & we finished their latest puzzle. You can’t tell, but it had a sort of holographic effect & was a little dizzy-making to work.

Monday, May 29th             
Memorial Day breakfast (me!) and dinner (Dr. M!).
Tuesday, May 30th                   
I finally threw out my Morticia Addams tulips, but forgot these were still on the mantel. I love them!    

Wednesday, May 31st                              
No photo.
Thursday, June 1st                   
Dr. M had a lovely ramble with his Pop, but after he got home his dad called with sad news. Another one of his good friends had passed away. This friend would pretty regularly take Dr. M’s dad out for lunch after church – and in fact they just went this past Sunday. Dr. M’s dad turned 91 not too long ago & I think outliving his friends has been one of the hardest parts of aging.

Friday, June 2nd                   
Spent my lunch hour in my car finishing up a book from the library. Also, remembered to switch out my watch band for Pride Month (completely forgot I even owned the band until this morning).

Saturday, June 3rd           
Dr. M says that he’s finally gotten the hang of this marriage business. He meant that he was living the life while I mowed, but the other part of it is that he took that long shot photo of me on the mower, because it would have been a breach of the Marriage Rules to get a close up. Ha!

Dr. M went this afternoon to take his dad to his friend’s funeral. Such a hard thing. Makes me feel grateful for the friends and family that I still have around me. What are you grateful for?

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