Sunday, June 4, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Twenty-two

Things are slowly getting back to normal back at work – just in time to ramp up a new project (we’re upgrading our computer system). Fortunately, although I have to participate, I am not in charge.
Sunday, May 28th   
I tried out two different looks for Pentecost Sunday. Ended up going with the second one. Then I got to church and we had cake! (It says Happy Birthday Church, not Chicken – I got the photo right after they started slicing. Ha!)

After church I went to Dad & Sue’s & we finished their latest puzzle. You can’t tell, but it had a sort of holographic effect & was a little dizzy-making to work.

Monday, May 29th             
Memorial Day breakfast (me!) and dinner (Dr. M!).
Tuesday, May 30th                   
I finally threw out my Morticia Addams tulips, but forgot these were still on the mantel. I love them!    

Wednesday, May 31st                              
No photo.
Thursday, June 1st                   
Dr. M had a lovely ramble with his Pop, but after he got home his dad called with sad news. Another one of his good friends had passed away. This friend would pretty regularly take Dr. M’s dad out for lunch after church – and in fact they just went this past Sunday. Dr. M’s dad turned 91 not too long ago & I think outliving his friends has been one of the hardest parts of aging.

Friday, June 2nd                   
Spent my lunch hour in my car finishing up a book from the library. Also, remembered to switch out my watch band for Pride Month (completely forgot I even owned the band until this morning).

Saturday, June 3rd           
Dr. M says that he’s finally gotten the hang of this marriage business. He meant that he was living the life while I mowed, but the other part of it is that he took that long shot photo of me on the mower, because it would have been a breach of the Marriage Rules to get a close up. Ha!

Dr. M went this afternoon to take his dad to his friend’s funeral. Such a hard thing. Makes me feel grateful for the friends and family that I still have around me. What are you grateful for?


  1. That's how you know you are MANY years in, if you can utter the words, I think I'm getting the hang of this. :) Library books are my favorite!

  2. I can't think of anything more ghastly than being in charge of a computer system upgrade. I have a hard enough time upgrading the programs on my home computer. My mother often said that one reason she was ready to move on was that all of her friends were dead. It's one thing to have them move to Connecticut or Illinois, but moving on to a place with no zip code or area code is a different deal entirely!

    1. Yeah - I'm VERY glad that I just have to provide input (how our current system works vs. how we'd like the new one to work). It's long overdue - the current system was "new" in 1995!

  3. I can't understand why you didn't choose the first look for church.

    My three gratitudes while Abby is ending our yoga session with a Jesus prayer (they are all religious believers and it really surprises me that they are at this point in their lives, I just want to ask them...really?) but back to my three gratitudes... grateful I'm not homeless, grateful I'm not sick, grateful I'm not hungry. When I lead the class I end with pausing to consider things we are grateful for.

    1. Those are excellent gratitudes. I am also very grateful to not be homelesss!

  4. You look vastly more prayerful in the first look.

    Perhaps if our church services had included cake, I'd have remained a believer, but oh well. The Catholics prefer to serve up guilt and shame.

    My mother--age 93--still goes to class reunions. Each time, she says, "Well, I wonder how many are left this year?" I think this year there were about 14.

    1. I think my 82 year old dad's reunions are even smaller - but I might be thinking of his UPS employee breakfasts that he has periodically (he retired from UPS).

  5. I'm grateful for all the friends I've made on Blogger. That photo of your dead tulips is ART!


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