Saturday, September 10, 2016

Stupid rules...


  1. they wouldn't accept 'spork' either. pissed me off because 1. it IS a word and 2. I would have gotten a huge amount of points!

  2. I'm terrible at games, Scrabble in particular although there was a time when I was fairly good at chess.

  3. Yet they accept some proper nouns and a slew of "words" that, when you ask for the definition, WWF tells you "sorry, that word is an acceptable WWF word but has no definition." Do NOT get me started.

    Yet, I still play it religiously. Yes, I do.

  4. What..."Okay" is the only option you can click on? That's just so wrong!

  5. Even I know that Jedi should be an acceptable word. I love Scrabble -- at least, I did. I haven't played in forever, but it's one of the games that I always enjoy. I had no idea you could play online. Poor, old analog me!


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