Friday, March 27, 2009

I double-tie my shoes for my doctor’s appointment, even though it’s no biggie (a pulled muscle). Because somehow it’s important that my shoes don’t unravel while I’m out. I put on too much makeup & then wipe half of it off (I never was very good at painting my face). This is not for the doctor – it’s for the ladies at Victoria’s Secret. Because I’ve decided that nothing heals a pulled muscle faster than a new bra. Really!

And I really really really hope the doctor doesn’t tell me to just quit using that arm for a while because I’m NOT competent with my left hand. I’m enough of a klutz with my right hand. There would be mayhem. Maybe mayhem would be good for me – that would certainly tie in with the suffering thing!

P.S. Dr. M. (my hubby) has an interview in 17 minutes at a local university – maybe that’s why I double-tied my shoes!

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